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  • They should let us worship have you been to Walmart it's two hundred people in there any given time in the markets you have all these people delivering groceries they're coming in to contact you have Amazon workers did 200-300 deep at work you're being ridiculous about worship

  • Keldas LushLife says:

    Why are the to burying bodies in NY parks? I think it would be more organized, less time consuming, efficient and economical to cremate at this time!

  • Samsng Device says:

    RE: Religious gatherings.
    In Iran everybody ignored and ran to the mosque; all of them died. 1774 total deaths in a country about the size of Texas.

  • No ppeople working at the zoo had cov19 someone darted the cat you git fack newz ❤️vets over the world say no nir dogs there are people out there that want to band pets ♥️

  • Your report about the UK is not accurate. Although people have gone outside with people in their household social distancing is practised by everyone and our infection rate is slowing. In addition, the UK government has done a great job in preparing for covid, far better than the US! A field hospital with 4000 beds in London was set up in 9 days and similar in other cities around the UK. If your going to report news at least make sure it's accurate!

  • Death rate will be way over 3%. Expert told the nation it was supposed to be 1%. Those are faked expert. FAuci included

  • Terry Campbell says:

    All the reporters are uneducated about wearing their masks under their chin…you never do that…droplets from the virus can land on your neck and then they will breath them in…shameful the network does not properly care for their workers by educating them…

  • Orang3 Monkey says:

    How much U wanna bet #pussyassbitch has a lot of stocks bought in from the makers of that drug that's why he's pushing for it so hard. He probably stands to make billions on it. Don't forget he is a business man first and a human being, well never.



  • Stay safe everyone. Stay home and be cautious. More news on using zoom software below.

  • Melissa McCleary says:

    So sorry that you have to isolate yourself to you space that looks greatly larger than my living quarters. Must be nice to be rich.

  • That old lady going to church "what they're doing is ridiculous",no what your doing is ridiculous.No medical resources should be wasted on those church goers.



  • @3:22 So now what the health professionals must figure out is how long this virus lives in the body before they start sending folk back to work!??‍♀️

  • Official Rosaila Magnolia says:

    Lives you mourn you don't give a s*** about these people you don't even know them as long as you're not affectedyour news is so negative

  • God help Louisiana… for real. There is no help for them. Stupid. VEGAS closes down but literally Mardis Gra needs to happen? Why? I Don't believe people can REALLY be that stupid. Even if the governor claims he didn't know that Mardi Gras could frickin cause an outbreak, you cannot tell me ALL those idiots AT Mardi Gras, didn't know.

  • Karl Rico Bowen says:

    This is a bit of Fake news…the prime minister of England is not in intensive care…stop putting fear in the masses!

  • automaticchic says:

    I'm from India.I can't believe people in America are still going out.Nevermind India you know how people here are. In my hometown we have only one case who returned from Amsterdam.So far so good.My prayers for America and around the world??????

  • Cuban doctors are going to many countries now to help like they always did. For the first time also to Europe. In China Cuban medical teams helped very successful with a certain medicine . So now would be the time to ask Cuba for help ( and let your people know how advanced Cuban medicine is ) Why a time of crisis ??? But we all know : your president would rather put up with more victims than turn to Cuba for help.
    For those of you interested : start searching the web of how Cuba is helping.

  • I am Sick of this Country MONOPOLY Board GAmEs!!? you Order US to stay Home and Shut Down Businss Mid March! Rent DUE April 1st, then ONLY Send Us $1200 to pay Water bill, Gas, Food Utilities.. RENT for MOST is $1000 or MORE, Millions dont have a bank Acct and NOW I heard checks will be SEnt out from End Of ApriL to SEPTEMBER!! ANOTHER 2 months before receiving a Check. Then Rent will be Due May 1st and June. Millions of Americans living check to check! And YOU ONLY send $1200 so It will be Hard NEXT 2 months for Millions! ALOT of Anxiety will Billed UP. Nobody will Not be shopping at American businesses, Stock Market could crash. You Should have sent about $2000 to be safe. This YEAR will be TRAGIC FOR Sending ONLY $1200 now we have to wait end of April to SEPTEMBER! —OMG…this is CRAZY!!!!

  • The churches are full there not afraid GD. The holy spirit with them there pray warriors. GD. The holy spirit going to touch everyone who has been touch by this adversity. Including the unbeliever. The spirit is omnipotent.

  • Tony Spell is operating a cult (not a church) in Loooosiana much like Jim Jones did & none of the local authorities or Demoncrat gov will stop him because they are too afraid of him

  • It's killing couples? This virus is going to leave orphaned kids…. Not everyone has the space to be able to quarantine at home like that. Countries and regions with tight living quarters will suffer catastrophic spread. Home quarantine is dangerous! Use the hotels to isolate and quarantine!

  • jameel kuthubdeen says:

    These money worshipping Pastors Must be charged with mass murder.
    Quarentine was mentioned by a desert dwelling Prophet 1400 years ago.
    He said do not leave the affected area or enter from the outside.
    One word Quarentine!!!

  • Its time for you to know that time isn't with us anymore….
    Put your pride down and order for facial masks, anti corona virus sprays….

    Via WhatsApp..+17708354707

  • 80000 people a year die from the flu in the USA 10000 so far and its April time that by 4 and we are still no where close to the 80000 so your lying this is not about a virus its about the new world order and the collapse of the dollar

  • Where our American patriotic spirit, We the people for the people we are Americans this will soon past. My fellow American we get through this like I know we will I love you all. We are one nation under God so that's why all hope isn't lost stayed prayed up he will make a way for us. God bless America❤??????

  • Thank you governor Cuomo you could have save many lives. Your good friend Michael Bloomberg closed many hospitals for your rich real estate friends. Mayor Di Blasio attempted to save them but he suffered with adversity. Now President Trump trying to save lives with hard working administration. You made a serious mistake governor Cuomo. And Michael Bloomberg.

  • I am living in my bunker who’s laughing now?cant say where eating game commission officers not all just the good parts. They are tracking my transmission out.

  • Kerry Pay-Mann says:

    Homeless California Gov press conference lied hotel rooms purchased for homeless die away from press so numbers hidden

  • TheFraudwatch says:

    Since 18 Years i never returned to the US… Now I know remember WHY!!! The NEWS was so annoying and cruel… 😀
    and the worst crisis actors…

  • The Queen stated, "in the years to come everyone will be able to take PRIDE…". MMMMMM I don't think so queen. I will NOT ACCEPT PRIDE years from now… being PRIDEFUL after this Pendamic should NOT be our gesture or behavior. It should be REMEMBERING those who fought the battle and pray for the them always. I am a Nurse. This is NOT something to be PRIDE or PROUD about after. This not a GOOD SPEECH. I'm NOT sure she is a good Queen!!!

  • President Trump a businessman with vision . He trying to save this country including the world community. He not afraid to take a chance with pharmaceutical companies. Let pray for his success. The nurses and doctors are suffering.

  • Can you do a story on the PPE items sent to Italy from China that are falling apart as the people put their protection on? Ie…the arms coming apart as a nurse puts the PPE gown on.

  • okay… PETS ARE… carriers…. Why is NBC … a huge money News org Behind on this??? It was first confirmed in China… then in Belgium. Keep your pets away and safe as,,, wait… He did say keep your pets safe as well..??? Geez people… Your pets can get this too!!!

  • Would be nice if you guys showed everything he said instead of pushing a narrative because I'm pretty sure he specifically said hes not promoting it hes promoting solutions for pts who are dying

  • Yasmani Reyes says:

    The national guard genius stop using military, there are part of the military but there orders comes from state levs only when deployed they fall under federal orders , military takes orders from federal. Give the proper credit to those national guard guys .

  • Let pray humaminity learns a big lesson. From this adversity we learn to help those in need. We become a nation of greed and sin. Including the global community.

  • Sakura Kumari says:

    I guess not many people on earth know how to wash hands correctly. But this guy does know!

  • TheFraudwatch says:

    How did she become a DR.??? How did she become a doctor? Is there already a lottery for doctor titles in America?

  • The unproven drug you say is currently being prescribed to hundreds of covid19 patience right now in the US and getting cured. And its also happening in all other countries that are prescribing it to there patience..

  • They congregated at churches during the bubonic plague not realising that their prayers we’re making it worse. 2020 and there’s no excuse for such ignorance, less prayers and more thinking

  • I've been asking everyone since this started and NOBODY KNOWS A SINGLE PERSON WHO IS SICK WITH THIS "VIRUS"…. #Whosreallysick

  • Positive Bluebird says:

    Think about all of the homeless people that are living in shelters right now. How are they dividing them up?

  • The world should give a big thanks to the ?? Chinese communist party leader chairman Xi!He made a big decision to control the Coronavirus and saved billion people’s lives!

  • #filmyourhospital dont listen to some MSM nonsense when they only talk about the deaths but not how the majority recover.

  • Yvonne Tomenga says:

    I guess this preacher's Bible is incomplete. It seems to be missing all the scenes where Jesus preached outdoors. ???

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