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  • That video that shows Trump killing media personnel, Congress people, and other "enemies" of Trump, just shows how much of a dictator/gangster Trump wishes he could be. Unfortunately for Trump, America is a Democracy.

  • Enticing violence on a former president… I hope the FBI is looking to bring the makers of the video to justice. These trumpites have no moral or decency left. They are trully DEPLORABLE!

  • Sonderland is going to say nice things about Ivanovich to save his own neck? That's rich coming from a guy who bought his position.

  • preventing someone from testifying the Truth? do you know how guilty that makes the white house sound? executive privilege? WTF? gimme a break!

  • Alrighty then! If DUFUS bought his Ambassador job by donating $1million to the Trump Inauguration fund, that's more compelling evidence that that fund is a sham "pass through" to Trump's personal pocket.

  • Trump and his POS Supporters just got a HUGE (🖕🏻) 💁🏼‍♀️ Facts Matter Stupid Republican 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Liberals are such parasites. The word impeach started trending when Biden got caught with his pants down. A wag the dog thing.

  • Bunchoffuckingbullshit says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump reported that he has seen the video, and he LOVES it! "It captures my natural athletic prowess and grace," he said. "It was like looking in a mirror! (And I really liked the killing stuff too!)"

  • Why do the cable news anchors keep repeating the phrase that the 'Dam is cracking'? Lets look back to the actual 'dam busting' raid of 16–17 May 1943, when two of the three dams attacked were destroyed and from which this analogy is taken… even Joseph Goebbels (bullshitter extraordinaire) could not 'spin' that FACT away.

  • I'm getting old, and, so, the really important question is…"Will I live to see the movie?" 'Seems like a good fit for Oliver Stone. Although it would be wonderful to see what Michael Moore would do with the material. Those are, both, obvious candidates. But there are bound to be Others.

    Does anybody else have ideas for the best director to do the subject matter justice?

  • Trump said that he does NOT know her. She was bad mouthing the president and Americans. What will happen to you if you bad mouth your boss?

  • The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band says:

    An entire nation of people being made to look like the dumbest human beings on the face of the earth and not one of them have the balls to do what's right.

  • Éamonn Síoċáin says:

    The MAGA Cult is dangerous. Don't take it lightly. What we have in 2019 is tantamount to a Jim Jones or a Charles Manson occupying the Oval Office.

  • If anyone recalls, the Army recruiting tag line used to be 'an army of one'. Not without reason. Someone like Trump who doesn't understand how to lead or follow and can't engage with a team due to mental problems would get tossed out. He never would have made it past basic training.

  • There needs to be a way for Trump to exit. Otherwise he will "burn the house down". He won't go easily. Will he save his children or throw them under the bus too?

  • "I will surround myself only with the best and most serious people." – said the man who's personal attorney

    is under criminal investigation, though not to be confused with his former attorney who is currently in jail.

  • Charlene Garcia says:

    Hi Mr. O'Donnell! I love you and watch ur show All The Time!
    How come this Fantasy/Fantasist, exists? I am in fights Daily on Facebook with these moronic cult followers. Is it a sickness? Brainwashed?.. I really don't understand… Thank you for all You do and that of the Anchors on MSNBC and CNN, I will ALWAYS be indebted to you. Light and Love to You Always, Charlene M. Garcia

  • Gabrielle Weafer says:

    Looks like it's the women leading the charge to protect America against the rampaging of Trump and his sycophants and enablers through the constitution.
    They are proud patriots of this country. Well done ladies and thank you for your service.

  • "she is incredibly credible… Without a doubt doubtful… Tearfully dry eyes… Laughably solemn… And truthfully Trumpish!!!"

  • Trumpards are going to be crying very soon. When Trump is gone, every last one of his appointees are getting axed and they need to be. Anyone who supported him or turned a blind eye needs to go! It will be the real swamp draining.

  • Miss Yovanovith. God Bless you you are patriot and, was bullied by someone people in our Government this is so very sad how can this happen in the United States 🇺🇸 of America unbelievable!!!***

  • It does not matter if the Trump's made the video nor does it matter if they knew about it before it was shown at his rally/meeting. The fact that they did not shut it off when it became apparent what it was shows that they tacitly agreed with the sentiments expressed in the video which put the responsibility on each and every member of that family that did not shut it off.

  • Trump is a gutless coward. He is a third grade bully that pays the tough kids to do his fighting for him. He can't even fire someone face to face. Pathetic loser!

  • Also regards to Fiona Hill also Patriot And, these woman are upholding the Constitution of the United States 🇺🇸 of America and, our Democracy!!!***

  • True, Sondland never had a political career before this, he'll (hopefully) flip on the White House, and he'll just go back to being a multi-millionaire hotel owner. Trump made a huge mistake hiring Sondland because he has no real political leverage over him.

  • MrPeterpiper1969 says:

    A week ago I thought there was no chance of Trump being convicted and removed by the US Senate given the GOP has a majority there. But tonight I think the Republican Senators must now be wondering how much of a liability he'll be in next year's elections. As I'm sure you all know it needs 67 Senators (or two thirds of those present at the time of the vote) to actually remove him from office. Assuming all 100 Senators vote it needs no less than nineteen Republicans to vote against Trump plus all 48 Democrats. For the first time since this whole saga began to break I think it's actually possible, perhaps even likely that the Republicans needed WILL vote against him.

  • America just wasted almost 4 years. And, those 4 years continue to grow more and more expensive for those same Americans.

  • This is what happens, when you elect a shameless, impulsive, vulgar, babbling, uneducated, narcissistic, sexual predatory Reality TV show Con Man as president of the United States: he is a genius, in his & Fox Alternate Reality world, and everything good that happens in America and the world, it's his doing & all the bad things that happen in America & the world are the doings of others…

  • NowUCME NowUDNT says:

    how bout the deep connection with Fiona and the Clinton… AND many other biased person's that are anti-Trump… not a fan of Trump here… at all… but getting anything from her testimony only has biased intentions… why do these "news media groups" not tell it all from both sides??. probably the "fantasy" these jackasses live in…

  • LOL!!! Yes!!!!! Thanks for saying everything you said about TRUMP and his peeps. It is sooo ridiculous at this point!!

  • It's a slam dunk case; Trump is guilty. Can we impeach and remove and just move on from here? Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the country and makes America weak. Let's have a party when he is finally gone from office.

  • DEms are NOT credible at all. Independent voter in WA State, the very heart of Dems, and I will NEVER vote for another Democrat ever again. They have continually made false accusations, lied and their socialist leaning agendas make me want to puke.
    Completely walking away from Dems after the actions and,behaviours the last few years. They are a disgrace!

    Trump has gained this Independent voters vote. TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • After Trump get's impeached and then get's the boot or quits..it will be Mexico that pays for the army of lawyers required to keep him out of jail.

  • USA & Free World is crying out for a President with Integrity and one who is articulate,honest with the truth and kind in words and deeds.

  • USA & Free World is crying out for a President with Integrity and one who is articulate,honest with the truth and kind in words and deeds.

  • About that video: Word to the Castrati… Once the bell has rung, you cannot unring the bell… His lick arses already got the message… That's the tragic part…. No matter what they say now is all LAME excuses.

  • Edward Mercedes says:

    Not only did he see, this video, he was laughing it up, behind closed doors. He probably watches this video time and time again in the comfort of his presidential bed. I could picture trump Laying down, next to Hannity, since melania, has been gone laughing it up, with this video.

  • Blanchard Charles says:

    COME ON, RESIGN !!! Everyday he's president the world gets increasingly dangerous. This circus has reached it final act….time to close the curtains and let the adults step in. 3 years later Russia has taken over the middle east without firing one shot, trump has given them Syria, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Putin has always backed Turkey, Iran, North Korea. All that in hopes of diverting the attention away from the Ukraine lead impeachment . His great lawyer Rudy is under investigation by his old district attorney office bureau he once lead and worked at. The jokes over……

  • All praise the golden calf. As long as Trump keeps promising his cult following that they will get whatever they want, whether it is good or bad, whether it suppresses peoples, whether it is illegal or immoral, … as long as they THINK they will get their way, they will continue to praise and glorify him, Trump the Mighty and Powerful. Tap your heels together and say out loud, there's no place like America, there's no place like America.

  • As each additional patriot steps forward to tell the truth about the corrupt practices of this administration the glow of all that is good about our country shines a little brighter.

  • Add to the insults…he doesn't know 3rd grade punctuation or grammar "Quid pro quo's" indicate that the quid pro quo owns something. Kind of impossible as a "quid pro quo" is not a person, place or thing. It's a concept. What the likely intent was to indicate a plural…"Quid pro quos" or as it seems in context. I love being grammar police when someone thinks they are smart. LOL. /s/ Elementary School Teacher

  • Hans Weichselbaum says:

    I noticed that the ratio of thumbs-up vs thumbs-down is increasing. The likers of fake news are retreating into the woodworks.

  • When you support a candidate you cannot pick just the attributes you want…it is all or nothing. When you back a despot you own it all….

  • Yes I’m Blessed says:

    I took a couple months long hiatus from anything trump and I'm just getting caught up now. I couldn't take the insanity and needed a break. I have one question. Did Congress ever get the full, unredacted Mueller report?

  • eh, wasn't she appointed by the previous administration and therefore slated to be replaced by the incoming administration?  Fiona was not able to testify about classified stuff, and you're spinning it otherwise.  Shame shame shame.  All this, over a released transcript that earned Schiff his "4 Pinocchio" lies, which are affirmed by the 2 whistleblowers….and Biden didn't do anything wrong by selling out to China and Ukraine.  You guys are a joke.

  • weren't you guys the ones promising irrefutable evidence of Russian Collusion?  Steele dossier mean anything?  Pay to play?  So a comedian can showcase a severed head with orange hair looking like Trump, and its okay, but someone makes a fantasy trump video and its news? lol, crack me up some more : P

  • Sundland's only chance of avoiding legal trouble is for him not to attempt to protect Trump. Be forthright with all questions asked and let the chips fall where they may. Sundland has a lot to lose if he gets fouled up in the web that is closing in on Trump (even if Trump is not impeached, he still has to win in 2020 to avoid criminal prosecution for things that are already known — yeah it is sickening to think that to avoid the justice of a trial all he needs is to become the president elect for 2020 — the saving grace is that he isn't going to change or stop if he gets past this difficulty, so there will be more things to try him on in 2024 when his term expires if the country survives that long or he hasn't made himself emperor and disbanded the courts).

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