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100 thoughts on “NBC News Investigates Rudy Giuliani’s Business Dealings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  • It would be lovely if Giuliani and Trump could be cell mates together – two angry old men with so much corruption in common – together 24/7 until death do they part.

  • United States was not ready for Donald Trump. It should have scared everyone when he made statements like "I love the uneducated" and "where are my uneducated" at his rallies.
    But it didn't concern anyone, everyone thought he was a joke
    Well now look who's laughing, the entire world, at America.
    If trump was President and or C.E.O of any company currently, he would have been fired on his first day, before lunch time.
    Just pay attention to how he answers questions. He makes things up along the way. He is a real bullshitter, "believe me".
    This Republic is available for collapse.

  • No evidence in the impeachment inquiry. Adam Schiff id a lair. Nazi Pelosi is a liar. Nazi Pelosi is too chicken to be democratic and hold a vote.

  • The Philosopher of Culture says:

    As long as general education in the fly-over states is bad / low level, you will have half the population thinking that Trump is brilliant. They cannot evaluate because they have no data and have not learned to think, strange as it may sound. Just talk to them. They react, they emote, that's all. They have nothing to base their view on the world on except the next game in the stadium. It is a bad condition that the USA is in and the billionaire crew that manipulates the voters laugh themselves silly.

  • Saynoto Socialists says:

    Why doesn’t msnbc investigate the the reason why they kept reporting “ new bombshell report or this is the smoking gun “ when there was no collusion ?

  • MSNBC lover of "Biden the Corrupt" for he has given the Ukraine Billions of US Dollars and Biden's son made on the DEAL. BIDEN REJECTED.

  • Its funny, in trying to manufacture dirt on Biden, they are exposing all their own corruption. I wonder if they will ever reach the point when they realize it?

  • Laughing ! ! Another republican Crook Bites The Dust Because Of Dump trump ? Will He See The Inside Of A Prison ? Do The "Rouge Actors" Act For trump N Them Selves, Or For the Betterment Of Americans ? :/ Or Is It Just Another republican Ploy, To Get Them Selves Richer N Make The Middle Class Drop into The Poor Class ? ? Think About It :/

  • SDNY has paperwork ready for both Rudy and Trump when they are available. Trump hanging on for life because he knows this.

  • Fidel Obama and FAKE British MI6 "agent" tried first ever USA COUP and FAILED .. enough said about HYSTERICAL House DEMS and British Euro-trash!

  • Weissmen Kosher Nostra COUP FAILED, the Rosenstien "insurance policy" FAILED, KGB Comey, mystified Mueller, comrades Lisa Barsoomian, Peter Strozk and Paige are guilty of Sedition! Next Clinton, Obama, Clapper and Brennan for FISA FRAUDS! GUT FBI-DOJ of these ORG Crime Koshers!

  • Mueller vacant, old and confused, Weissmen disappeared when asked about Fusion GPS $750,000 payment to Rosenstien from Clinton pay for play money laundering "foundation" ! Payments CAN be traced to expose Sedition and Treason! GUT Kosher Nostra ORG Crime in FBI-DOJ NOW!

  • You will never have answers because the feeble mind of the MSM has short memory and Stephanie will have forgotten the question by the next news cycle. Trump wins. 😔

  • FELON Fidel Obama used 4 foreign intel agencies to investigate President Trump before the election but somehow that was OK ? That was ILLEGAL and election INTERFERENCE but KGB Comey-Mueller "mystified" ?

  • Fidel Obama Criminal Pattern using corrupt IRS, DOJ and FBI to suppress political rivals is WELL documented while protecting Clinton ORG Crime Family! For example in the 2013 IRS scandel Fidel's Lois Lerner targeted conservative groups, either denying them tax-exempt status outright or delaying that status until they could no longer oppose Fidel's 2012 re-election. Lerner finally resigned over the controversy after bleaching her email server. Sound familiar America ?

  • KGB Comey got "rosenstiened", Rosenstien wife is the Fusion GPS operative and paid $750,000 from Clinton money laundering Foundation! Adam Schiff Fusion meetings documented and payments being "researched"!

  • Obama, the Bidens, the Clintons, the Pelosi's and others should all give the money back to the American taxpayers that they stole!

  • The News Organizations need to be investigated for money received for the Russian collusion information release.
    If the Democrats House would have had something on Trump he would have been impeached by NOW. I’m switching parties and voting republican for the first time in 28 years in 2020

  • Throw these sleazy , criminals in prison . I am tired of apologizing for being an American!
    Time for our Redemption. Lock them up already!

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Don't miss it folks, the next video exposing CNN on project veritas, hope you saw the previous ones. Why is CNN refusing to comment? https://youtu.be/5xhFDGKKKqE You have all been played by a big huge propaganda machine,that have fed you lie after lie. It is no different then the other media out there, they are all reading off the same script. The media and the left have been impeaching Trump since the 2nd day he was in office. It is all just a soap opera for ratings .

  • whats the point of interviewing Giuliani? Do they actually think he is going to confess and tell the truth? They shouldnt even bother

  • Samantha Anders says:

    ❌ Giuliani was chosen for his
    current role by tRump because
    the Orange Turd thought that
    being an ex Attorney, Giuliani
    would be able to run a World Wide
    Scam on other countries without
    getting Caught Corrupting the
    White House

  • #MafiaShakedown #LawlessWhiteHouse #LawlessPresident #NoGuardrails #ConstitutionalCrisis #MiddleFingerToCongress #DemocracyCollapsing #AbuseOfPower #WholesaleStonewalling #ObstructionOfJustice #EnforceSubpoenas #ImpeachTheBastards

  • I wonder what would happen if dem's manage to get rid of Trump. I am not sure. One thing I know for sure, they'll lose their ultimate scapegoat and will be forced to answer real policy questions. Oops..

  • Ashim Chakravorty says:

    there was a picture of the strange leader of the U.S.A. again soon to be dismissed we hope…..what criminal garbage, stenches blowing in the wind……k.c.

  • Whisperingpine1 says:

    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was unable to answer when initially asked what specific laws Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, has broken.

  • Let me get this straight..no investigation into biden and bidens son but, look into guiliani..I'm sure there will be no real investigation..just opinion, half truths and pure lies..the norm for today's msm

  • Fake News again
    Where were you six years ago when Biden was selling influence to Ukraine and the quid pro quo of withholding billions to Ukraine and boasting about it to everybody.
    Why would anyone trust you after three years of spreading the Russian Collusion Conspiracy Lies


  • Bet, president Putin is less dangerous to America than the rabid radicalized socialists democrats and the fake news media….We The People know the Russian are not our friends or allies but the new USA Mafia formed by the Democrats and the fake news media are far worst to America.

  • Has anyone checked if Rudy Colludy is even in America? Haven't heard from him for a while. He was all over the air waves now silence.
    Barr is AWOL also, hope they're not cooking up a defence.

  • Rudy can give himself whatever name he wants, but he messed up when he said (his words "I was working on behalf of the State Department")  That is impersonation of a federal employee which is a 3-year felony if he received any document, currency, or thing of value under that false title.  18 USC SS 912.  He should be arrested, charged, as well as disbarred.

  • Trump and Giuliani are Frankenstein and Igor. I mean just look at Giuliani, he is a Cretin and really looks the part. Is there anyone that believes that he would not obey his Master’s commands, no matter the legality of them?

  • Trump should be put him on trial for crimes against the United States of America, if found guilty HANG HIM 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Two silly old men. Always to be remembered as Dumb & Dumber. Trump could be a trillionaire , he’d still look as tired, angry and, worn.

  • Nobody elected Ghouliani and he should not be acting like he is a member of the foreign service. Just another screw up among many by president "whachamaycallit". Get this amateur president "wantabe" out of office before he does any more damage.

  • Pulling out of Syria is tragic. IF Trump wanted to reverse his decision, Putin would no longer be 'friendly to the fool'. It's occurred to me that military action by Putin and/or Kim is a becoming a frightening reality.

  • ACTUAL NEWS question: "Should this be concerning?" FAKE NEWS question " Explain why this SHOULD BE concerning"
    NBC News, licensed by the FCC, 'investigates' Giuliani and then sends it over to their unregulated cable channel to spin it into yet another propaganda FAKE NEWS story.
    Seems like that should be a fairly obvious breach.

  • He'll go into hiding like all of trump criminals do when the spot light is on them I see ivanka just creeped back to the table at the White house after hiding out

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