NBA Players Owning Reporters

NBA Players Owning Reporters

Last question here [before] you finish up the bikers Brian congratulations, I’m from Europe from the nails economy We’re [only] interested in soccer, but I enjoyed the final so much in this game was very great, but how is it for you? watching it from the sidelines and not Able to play even one little second in the final is it hard Why would you think that’s funny? I’ll tell you. It’s not that difficult to do because guess what in like Maybe now you can say [you] I didn’t play a second, but in five years you guys are gonna forget in ten years I’ll still be a champ in 20 years. I’ll tell my kids I’d probably [start] [it] and in 30 years I probably told him I got the MVP so I’m really not what you worried about it. Okay, [alright] [elations] We’ll see you guys later. Thank you. You finished only ten [two] player the year voting what I think that’s possible when you alter so many shots I mean, you know what cuz Yall, motherfuckers don’t watch [us] play throughout the year to tell you the truth [alright], so that’s fine. You know I’m gonna be real [with] you And I don’t care if I get fine all right because you know what we play we not on TV All the time reporters are the ones that are that are voting and you know it is what it is execution a good job Down the stretch you and serge seem to be in a really great rhythm. What allowed you guys to be so successful did a good job execution You know [at] first The first stretch Nick was talking [about] the 15 to [1] go [in] with a small [lineup] with five really good offensive players on The court, what is it? What does it do for your offense when everybody out there is really accomplished as an offensive player It’s good Russia at eight assists in the fourth quarter What did you see from them defensively that allows you to focus much as you did on passing the [rock]? We did a good job execute Are you upset with something? I Just don’t like you you don’t know You know I’d nick either. [I] love nick. I don’t like you what you gave is about the same answers Yeah, you got another question you played a great game One of your better ones is this one in terms of production sister a [bounds] points is this one of the better games? You can think of in [your] in your career good execution It seemed like you guys played with a real good sense of urgency tonight has that been locked and lacking in the past Did a good job executing tonight? [both] [side] 70 let’s see it’s for you the last one publicity like that. I was good job. We did a great job execute Thank you Ross. You guys lose the camera to the jazz win this one what? Row, what are you talking about man? Well, I’m out man. That niggas trippin’ uh Draymond here’s a interesting question so last year [you] visit us all Came three there no flood your wing came for there was flood you do you lose and this year you visit us? Came three there’s a flood you win came for there’s no flood you Know came through 83 there’s a lot of you you lose game to port there’s No flower you be another year likes me about the flood in practice the other day you know and I am I? Said I pray for the city of Houston because you don’t want to see anyone go through that I feel like you keep trying to get at like us hitting threes or something and you’re trying [to] get a Controversial statement out of me, but you’re not because I feel sorry for the people of Houston People are losing their homes losing their cars Losing their lives losing loved ones And you’re trying to get a controversial statement out of me about the threes were here. Not know what you’re getting at But you’re not getting that out of me. It sucks if I was from Houston I do anything I can to help the city out and I’m sure some of those guys are going to do what they can to help the city out and You saw donation other than other than another night Suck stop trying to do that. That’s not cool man [you] keep asking me the same question About this flood these people are losing their lives right losing their homes don’t actually me that no more cuz it ain’t cool And you’re not getting a statement. You [wanna] [write] of me. That’s not cool [man]. Stop doing that Been outstanding all season we surprised at the production from the Laker bench tonight said a New York accent a little bit It’s just disappointing you got a lakers top on So that’s all I’m gonna say you rid of down my brother New Yorker this is our town It was tough we had a lot of shots that were there that didn’t go tonight and so But the guys can’t believe in they kept battling And then the defense of the fourth held us in [and] [we’re] able to get out of your life But yes, or no though you did coach a hell of a game Who is this guy? next question Jonathan Sharks real Gm. Do you think Harden is a max player? George your items in shooting guard in the NBA [James] Harden is a great player for our team. He does a lot of great [things] for us and He’s gonna continue to do that for us No more questions for you, bro Are you there?


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