NBA Fantasy draft strategy tips and stats

NBA Fantasy draft strategy tips and stats

what’s good everybody this is CP and welcome back to my NBA fantasy
series if this is your first time here be sure to check out my fantasy playlist
with the links below where you can find out about potential sleepers players you
might want to avoid drafting and young players you might want to target in deep
keeper and dynasty leaks today I’ll be talking about some interesting fantasy
basketball stats and trends that have been emerging over the past few years I
hope the information in this video can help you put together the best possible
fantasy teams in your leagues this year so without further ado let’s get it over
the past four to five years the style of play and the NBA has changed
significantly we are seeing more and more players being able to hit threes
nowadays it is not uncommon to see four players on the same team on the floor at
the same time all capable of striking from beyond the arc and interestingly
over the past several seasons we are starting to see a lot more power
forwards and centers hit threes on a regular basis for example a player like
Marc Gasol attempted a total of only 66 threes in his first eight seasons
fast forward to two seasons ago we saw Gasol make a significant change in his
game by adding the three-point shot to his arsenal as a result we saw I saw
attempt an eye-popping 588 three-pointers over the past two seasons
and made 213 of them if you are a stats guy comparing his averages from his
first eight NBA seasons to his last two his 3-point field goals made increase by
around seven thousand percent this is an unprecedented trend never seen before in
the NBA and if we take a look back in time to around 5 years ago only 10
players made 170 3s or more in a single season
fast forward to 2017 18 . number increased to 23 and amongst those 23
players 12 of them made at least 200 three-pointers or more last season
overall we should expect this trend to continue to go up
so fantasy wise what does this mean for one three-point specialist in fantasy
basketball is not as valuable as it once was and if you miss out on a very good
three-point shooter early your draft you don’t really have to push
the panic button right away simply because you can make it up in the later
rounds or even find someone in the waiver wire I’ll give you an example if
you miss out on an elite 3-point shooter like klay Thompson your team can still
remain competitive in the 3-point category if you pick the right players
in the later rounds for example a player like Wayne Ellington was ranked 6 in the
NBA and three points made last year and only made two less three Stan clay but
according to Yahoo he is only ranked the 149th best player so in 12 team leagues
he will likely be available in later rounds or even be a waiver wire pickup
for most of the season unlike threes which are trending up in the NBA today
blocks are heading in the opposite direction with more teams electing to
shoot from outside blocks are quickly becoming a rare commodity in fantasy
basketball for example back in 2012-2013 serge ibaka led the NBA in blocks
meanwhile six other players averaged at least 2 point 0 blocks in a total of 14
players averaged above 1 point 5 6 blocks per game and we compared those
deaths to the 2017 18 season we saw a huge decrease in blocks Anthony Davis
was the only player in 2018 who averaged more than 2 blocks per game and only 7
players in the entire NBA averaged more than one point five blocks fantasy wise
what does this mean the stats show that blocks are a dying breed and fantasy
basketball it might be even harder to come by as three-point shooting
continues to trend up as a result this will give teams that already own elite
shot blockers of monopoly in the blocks category and if you take a look at the
list of the top 10 shot blockers in the NBA last season most of them will likely
be taken by the third or fourth round in standard 12 team leagues so if you don’t
plan on punting blocks you will either have to draft four shot blockers early
or trade for them with other managers during the season as the stats indicate
quality shot blockers are almost impossible to find in the waiver wire
especially later on in the season for those in long term dynasty leagues if
you want to be a dominant shot blocking team for the foreseeable future it might
make sense to hold on to a young elite shot blocker like Doyle and beat
Anthony Davis or Clint capela for the next three to five years light block
steals are another very valuable fantasy commodity simply put if you want to
build a team that excels in steals you will adapt to draft those players or
trade for them with other managers in your league as chances are you won’t be
able to find any decent value in the waiver wire if we take a look at the
stats from last season only three players in the NBA averaged more than
two steals per game and only nine players averaged more than 1.7 steals
this is also a huge reason why the majority of players who puts up quality
numbers and steals are also top 50 players in fantasy basketball another
interesting stat I found was that amongst the top 10 players in steals
last season every single one of them was the starter and played at least 31
minutes a game which does kind of make sense considering that the more playing
time one gets the more chances they will have to steal the ball
however if you play in deeper leagues or miss out on a player like Jimmy Butler
or Paul George early on in your draft you still might be able to get a
potential up-and-coming player who can help you excel in steals in my opinion a
good way to identify some of those players is by looking at their per 36
minute stats and their likelihood of being a starter for example heading into
the new NBA season a player like the gentil Murray might be an excellent
target for steals considering how he only played around 21 minutes per game
last year and still managed to average 1.2 steals per game and if you take a
look at his per 36 minutes that’s the average exactly two steals per game last
season with so many big names gone in San Antonio this season Murray looks
like he will be a starter for the Spurs and should see about 30 minutes a night
aside from Murray other young players who might be the biggest risers and
steals this season includes Larry Nance Jr of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyle
Anderson of the Memphis Grizzlies overall steals is one of those
categories that I wouldn’t hesitate to reach for earlier than I should at most
drafts considering how it is such a rare commodity and has potential to be a huge
difference maker in deciding close matches in the head-to-head leagues so
that’s the look at a few interesting fantasy basketball stats and trends that
might be able to help you put together the best possible fantasy team this year
let me know if you agree or disagree with these stats
I’ve love to hear what you think in the
comments section below and if you have been enjoying my NBA fantasy series
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13 thoughts on “NBA Fantasy draft strategy tips and stats”

  • Michael Khatib says:

    Hey man did you end up deciding if you were going to do that fantasy league with your subs? If so put me on the sign up sheet 🙂

  • Hey man! Great video! Can you help me? I am trying to create my nba fantasy league were we will play with my friends. 8, 10 or 12 people. Still waiting for answers.
    What are the standard rules for creating league? that everybody are using? I want for example 10 teams in 2 groups in each group 5 teams and than @ the end of season 8 are making the playoffs. I want those categories(point,reb etc.) for example @ the end of matchup to be like W L or Draw. What I need to take? Head-to-Head Each Category? Head-to-Head Most Categories?What are the standard roster places for players? I know that I want Select Your Draft Type: Live Standard Draft
    Sorry for english. Not my native language.
    Thanks man.

  • Is this roster good?
    G:Zach Lavine
    Demar Derozan
    Diangello Russel
    Marcus Smart
    F:Jayson Tatum
    Kevin Durant
    Marcus Morris
    Carmelo Anthony
    Jaylen Brown
    C:Julius Randle
    Pau Gasol
    Markieff Morris

  • Hey man great video! Just want to get your opinion on my team below: (14 Team Standard H2H 9 Cat League)

    James Harden Hou – PG,SG
    Jimmy Butler Min – SG,SF
    Gordon Hayward Bos – SG,SF
    Tim Hardaway Jr. NY – SG,SF
    Myles Turner Ind – PF,C
    Paul Millsap Den – PF,C
    Dario Saric Phi – PF,C
    Jabari Parker Chi – SF,PF
    Rajon Rondo LAL – PG
    Josh Jackson Pho – SG,SF
    Danilo Gallinari LAC – SF,PF
    Mario Hezonja NY – SG,SF

  • Akarsh Satheesh says:

    How’s my team?
    Damian lillard
    James Harden
    Demar Derozen
    Buddy Hield
    DJ augustin

    Harrison Barnes
    Kyle Anderson
    Trevor Ariza
    Markief Morris
    Bojan Bogdonavic

    Enes Kanter
    Jordan Bell
    Montrez Harrell

    It’s a league with 12 teams, head to head and there are 9 stats looked at, points, fg percentage, ft percentage, steals, rebounds, assists, blocks, 3points made and turnovers

  • I’m in a small 8 team league, and I was wondering if I should pick up Gordon Hayward and/or Lauri Markannen but I don’t really know who to replace them with.

    Aaron Gordon
    Myles Turner
    Jarrett Allen
    L. Aldridge
    Jeff Teague
    Lou Will

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