Navy captain fired for flagging coronavirus outbreak on ship


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  • He is the captain of his ship. He made a decision to protect his crew. I am amazed how people who could never handle his direct responsibilities have authority to fire him, much less question his orders. His send off speaks volumes toward the division between those immediately affected and those who reacted too quickly just to save political status…..

  • Captain loses his ship but we can push fake impeachment narratives with no consequences and lie to the American people about the Russians meddling in our elections… Disgraceful.

  • Oh quit talking about it, a decision was made by a higher authority than this man and it's over, none of you opinions matter…!!!

  • Trump attacking the Navy AGAIN…this time going after a Captain who was just trying to protect his crew….I don't know how anyone in the military or any veteran can still support this coward draft dodger and thin skinned embarrassing narcissist who has insulted, belittled, and disrespected our military like no other president has ever done….(and don't even bring up Obama, he never attacked and disrespected the military the way Trump has).

  • You've got an aircraft carrier sitting off the coast of Guam and unsecured access to the internet is available? Ugh y'all got bigger problems than a coronavirus outbreak on a ship.

  • Letter was somehow leaked, no, the Capt had sent it to over 20 to 30 additional people, some living in San Fran. He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew that help was already being arranged for those who were sick. To be clear, none of the approximately 100 crew who tested positive and were sick, had any symptoms warranting even hospitalization, rather a ICE. Your talking you sailors with no underlying conditions who based on that information, had the flu. With that letter, the Capt advised every country in that area of what was happening on that ship. The Capt was basically stating that out of a 5000 person crew, 100 sailors were sick and that rendered the entire vessel out of action. So, let me get this straight, you can operate with 5000 people, but if it drops to 4900, the vessel is done. If that’s the design of that carrier, it needs to be trashed as unworkable in any real world event. For some reason, I kind of think that the ship could operate in a full capacity with a small fraction of that 5000 person crew.

  • Why is donald not held to the high standards like our military members?

    Shameful. donald does not have our nation's best (it's blood & treasure) interest.

    mark esper (West Point 1986) allowing underlings to pander to dear leader's (only of his Al Queda/base) non-concerns for our military members' lives and well-being; was last in his class at West Point in leadership, setting the example, being a moral & ethical compass.

  • Think about it guys, if every other nation knows our military is sick and unable to defend America wouldnt that leave an open door for invaders?? I understand he was looking out for his crew but at the same time he endangered the nation and its image of security. He is basically saying our military is sick, now is the time to attack us.

  • We will never know for sure, but my take on this is that he most certainly spoke of the situation to his CO who probably didn't give much importance to the facts so the captain did what he knew would get him fired but would save his crew in the process, a true patriot and a true hero. A stupid childish admiral didn't like being passed over by a captain THAT'S WHAT I THINK HAPPENED!

  • Sounds like the Navy brass cares more about not taking heat from the wives club than the safety of their sailors.

  • Ok Mr. Trump, youve been wanting to pardon someone so bad, you are the commander in chief, reinstate a good man, it will make you look good, maybe win over some voters, plus you get to show everyone your the big boss

  • So you can sack a captain for not using the correct email channels but Hillary Clinton can get away with it. Right!!!

  • This is not a cruise the Diamond Princess…the sailors do not have individual cabins..having seen the catastrophe in the Diamond a leader he acted bravely before the entire crew is infected..he is not only protecting his sailors but the entire navy community and their families…salute to you Sir, Captain Crozier !!!

  • If there really was a just God, then Donald Trump would have contracted COVID 19 instead of Captain Brett Crozier!

  • Wow!! It's too bad they didn't cover the guy that got fired for doing the same thing at an Amazon plant. Wonder why that is

  • Lies And the false accuse the captain When he asked the navy to help him and it did nothing it don't give on the right to fire the man when he was concerned for the men Safety long did they dragged their feet on all this

  • His "alarm bells" needed to be kept in secure channels. He compromised a whole naval task force. The poster previous to this one is wrong, maybe dead wrong for ships in that task force.

  • When shame is not concern.What he did?he didn't cover the secrecy……because secrecy is one of the democracy values, isn't it?

  • Something is weird here.. I smell a rat.. Will be watching this story. He got a great send off.. Not sure what's going on here

  • Russell Irwin says:

    That is a hero to me, if you have a heart at all you're crews health comes first…can't protect America when dead…..

  • Thu Trâm New York says:

    If it wasn’t him had the ship docked in Vietnam for 5 days, then allowed sailors to go around Vietnam during this pandemic, the sailors won’t get infected with the virus; he should know well that the Vietcong always hide the bad things happened in Vietnam, so he shouldn’t trust to have sailors go around in Vietnam especially when it is in the North and Central Vietnam, where there were mostly Chinese people live and Chinese tourists. Before docking he should knew well what’s going on now and is the Vietcong trustworthy for whatever data they give out on the CCP virus. He should be held accountable for lack of imposing safety protocols to protect the sailors, but since he failed it, so NO he’s not a hero in this case. It’s his responsibility as a captain to ensure the safety of the sailors before making any decision, but lack of determination in the captain position is not acceptable. So it’s right to fire him.

  • Queen Carmilla says:

    Whoever fired him is a big idiot. You got rid of a good captain and one day when the world is at war youll ask oh where did all our good leaders go.

  • James Jackson says:

    The letter wasnt the problem,he was frustrated and he wrote his Commanding Officers. But when it gets leaked out, it's a big problem. And no iam not brainwashed or just a Trump supporter. It's the Military and there is orders to be followed. The general public dosent need to ,and no other countries should ever know our military status of readiness.

  • Why does Faux News show footage of Ticonderoga and Arleigh Burke ships at the start when talking about a Nimitz class carrier? If they couldnt find any footage of CVN-71 just show footage of a different Nimitz class carrier.

    Typical stupid Faux News.

  • What is your problem ppl . You don't let the enemy know of any weakness. Adapt and overcome. Skeleton Crew the ship with 3 shifts. Quarantine the rest until you can get help. He should be fired.

  • David Simmons says:

    Naw, they been wanting to fire him & saw this as a reason to do it. It's like the military wanted them to stay sick because he was fired for reporting it. What since does that make. So please don't remind us about emails & servers because Hillary Clinton did worse than that but yet she's still praised

  • He never contacted his Commanding Officer! He never told anybody in the Navy! Chief's of staff! Nobody. Just his home town newspaper! Really strange thing to do! No wonder they fired him. Looney tune.

  • Aaron Lecciones says:

    Should be, what is he? A sissy liberal looking for attention. This should be handled by the military within their own confines. This is the military not the civilian branch of government, if you want your country to be secure they need to be able to control their communication.

    Why does he run to the media?
    Why doesnt he trust the military?
    It ruins the military, the captain creates a wrong environment, the captain mismanaged this.

  • Irene Sanchez says:


  • I agree he should be fired he has to follow navy protocols there is nothing he could of done for his sailors obviousely he was still on that ship with his sailors in it, if you did not fire that captain then he would be considered higher in command. The protocol I believe he needs to send the email to a secured email to the secretary of defense then the secretary of defense forwards it to the President of the United States , what he did was send it to a unsecured email and he sent it to people lower in command

  • Jon Jaramillo says:

    Soooooo……… he gets fired for an "email" incident while trying to PROTECT THE LIVES OF MEN AND WOMEN UNDER HIS COMMAND….. i want to know what the governments plan is for hillary clinton and all her scandals….

  • Matt McCaffrey says:

    No way he would have sent the letter had he not tried everything else. Of course he discussed his concerns with the immediate "strike commander down the hall". That guy was doing the same thing as the other reigning leadership – and telling him not to worry about it – as they took days maybe weeks to do anything if they in fact were even doing anything. No he didn't discuss the letter with him – because they probably would have stripped him of command right then and there if he did mention it. This guy's a hero who put his men above himself.

  • The captain clearly did not trust his superiors, but look at this administration they lie every press conference and aren’t held accountable…who was he going to a acting secretary with no dam experience, or a president that lacks integrity and common sense

  • Anomaly Entity says:

    He gave up his life for his crew.
    Does he get his retirement?
    Will he be sanctioned for his actions?
    Fired for doing the right thing.
    Are they gonna mark him as a "traitor" like all those who do the right thing?
    Something is off.
    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12
    Try to social distance at homeless shelters packed like a concentration camp because the cities say it's bad for businesses.

  • James Pennington says:

    He did not get fired for exposing the spread of covid 19. He got fired because he jumped the chain of command. And that makes the Navy look bad and they do not like that.

  • Wikipedia
    The common cold.
    Firsr identified 1930 as IBV bronchitis.

    Identified in humans 1960 in persons with the common cold. Identified as an element of the common cold.

    The Captain breached the sovereignty of his navy by sounding an alarm over W.H.O. media edicts.

    That is the navy of his people and NO ONE else.
    YOU JOIN ! Your life belongs to the people and they tell you when and where to die !

    Battle of Sunda Strait
    Battle of the Bismarck sea.

  • Ramon Vazquez-Veta says:

    I don't think you can become a captain of a ship if you dont follow protocol and chain of command rules 24/7 that is the code a captain would live by one would think. So if those rules where broken it was a last resort.
    The guy who fired him should get on a ship contaminated with the virus. See how many chain of command rules he breaks to get off that ship cause help aint coming fast enough…

  • nothing was happening no one was listening, so he did what he had to do, leaked to the press to get attention to the issue, he is a hero and in no doubt trump gave the order to sack him

  • Andrew Rupkus says:

    He created a panic on the ship?? everyone on that ship probably new what was going on already. And by the sound of the entire crew cheering him on tells me everything I need to know

  • He was fired for failing protocol. As a soldier that is never acceptable, but as a person that maybe necessary. Anyone who has served knows the chain of command can act slow and are idiots. This man care about his sailors over his job.

  • Carolyn Robinson says:

    Trump fired this man, because he think that by the man reported what happening on his ship, would help block his coming election for presidency, which is already lost, because of all the people that have died from the virus and if he had listen to his intelligence, wouldn't have been the way it is now. He don't care, still don't care , all he's interested in the economy and his up coming presidency.

  • How did ppl on the ship get the disease if theyve been at sea for months and come into no contact with ppl on land. Its because of 5g. That's why it's a secret, its not a human contact virus and being on ship with no one who had it proves this.

  • 1 email!! Copied to 20 or 30 people! And gets fired?? How about the over THIRTY THOUSAND crooked Hillary sent on a "unsecured, unclassified e-mail system??

  • He didn’t follow Chain of Command, PERIOD… He had to be relieved of his duties…It is the only way our Military works……It ma suck for a civilian, however, the Military works this way…..

  • How, unbelievable ??
    Someone who actually cared for his fellow service men and women. What a slap in the face and to be so arrogant to think that this put the ship in danger. It was probably protected better since it was announced. Firing him should never have happened!!

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