100 thoughts on “Napolitano: Trump’s admitted contact with Ukraine is a crime”

  • Trump can investigate people that may have committed a crime. How can they be certain it's for his re-election? If his competitor is a criminal, he has the right to investigate.

  • After this bundle of misleading statements, I now believe that Nancy Pelosi and the Judge are really the same person. This is why I stopped watching Fox News, The Judge just made you look stupid.

  • Fox is slowly turning to the dark side. Napolitano forgets that the dems have been investigating their political opponent since before he was elected. If it is a crime enough to be impeached, then many dems should already be in jail. The president is the executive, he is the power to investigate for federal crimes. That power is wholly his. I think Napolitano either has some very damning skeletons in his closet or is pissed Trump had no interest in giving him any appointment. Trump was right again, because Napolitano is a very shallow man.

  • Can you validate this was soliciting aid for trumps 2020 campaign as it relates to a 2016 event of corruption, as it would relate to prevent further corruption in this election cycle? I believe questioning the cause of corruption levied against him for the last 3 years warrants a deeper dive into the source of the election meddling as it was accused. It so happens that a current candidate running for president happens to be guilty of much of this conversation, and who's candidacy should be evaluated as corrupt.
    A president has the right to call world leaders and negotiate many things, from war on nations, to financial tarriffs and sanctions.
    Donald Trump is asking to resolve an issue that implicates much of the Democratic base and they are very frightened that truths will emerge to the public that damns the party of Clinton, and Obama administrations.

  • I have a copy of the time-line that I typed up into MS Word that shows Napolitano is talking out of his butt. President Trump was within his legal authority to contact any foreign leader, government or person after he was elected; which he did when he phoned the Ukrainian President. This call was after President Trump had been elected and sworn in. The democrats are pushing one lie after another in an attempt to stop President Trump, but we all know that President Trump is going to win the 2020 election in a HUGE LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!! Vote for President Trump in 2020!!!!!

  • He didn't "solicit add for his campaign" you dumbAZZ Napolitano. He was looking for corruption that took place prior to him becoming POTUS, political corruption from Biden shaking down the Ukrainian govt. I don't know which one of you stinks worse: Napolitano or S. Smith… both stink! I wonder why neither of these scum-bags mentioned Biden's corruption??? Napolitano is a leftist commie duche-bag!

  • Napolitano is wrong, and it is obvious, even if you're a legal laymen.
    The issue is clear: Can political opponents of a sitting president be investigated?
    If yes, then Trump asking Ukraine to assistant investigating Biden's actions in connection to Ukraine is perfectly legal.
    If no, then Democrats are above the law.

    Sorry Napolitano, but you're wrong.

  • It's very clear Napolitano has a hatred for Trump, which I can understand because I don't particularly care for him myself, but this judge is supposed to understand the law? I mean how could someone who is supposed to be impartial be clouded by his emotions to the point where he cannot think clearly. Sorry judge you're wrong, and I never went to law school.

  • Napolitano may be a Judge, but he hasn't practiced in a while. He makes this statement "IF," however, Ukraine did not even know about the blocking of the aid. Therefore, there can be no bribery. Shepard Smith needs to be fired, but Fox News is starting to tank and would never do this to their little "darling." However, they will suspend Judge Jeannine for speaking the truth and ban Michael Knowles for speaking the truth. God forbid if the Conservatives lose their only cable news channel that have opinion people on their side. We all know that the rest of the MSM is in bed with the DNC. Just look at the daily talking points or "buzz words." The democrat party will come out and say the words and then all day long CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS et. al. follows suit.

  • Fox loses credibility when they have an ignorant judge who confuses soliciting aid for a campaign from a foreign government to asking an investigation of a criminal be restarted because the criminal, Joe Biteme, in order to aid his 2020 election prospects, illegally used the power of his Vice Presidency to threaten to withhold taxpayer funds to Ukraine if Ukraine didn't stop investigating the criminal activity Biteme admits to.

  • queenbeethatme100 says:

    Thumbs down all y'all like. It was still a crime. Even if everything Trump says about Biden is true, Trump has still committed crimes asking Italy, Australia, China, and the Ukraine to investigate his political rival, and for withholding the whistleblowers office.

    No man is above the law. That includes the Trump Messiah.

    Odds are very high Trump will be impeached since Dems control the House.

    After impeachment, Trump being removed is DOUBTFUL because the Republicans control the Senate.

    But the fact is, anyone supporting not removing should be under scrutiny and potentially impeached also.

    Congress members can be impeached. Remember Congress pledges to uphold the Constitution, NOT the whims or desires of their voters.

  • Bravo Napolitano for criticizing our inept and corrupt President who deserves to be impeached – guilty of extortion & a cover up

  • Judge Napolitano is being dishonest. Not all of a person's actions are part of their campaign just because they're a presidential candidate. Secondly, Biden isn't Trump's appointment; he's running against other Democrats in the primary. You can try to spin this all you want, but Trump was talking to the Ukrainian President as the President of the United States, not as a presidential candidate. My question is why is the judge being so dishonest? Does he have some kind of personal problem with the President?

  • People do realize that judge Napolitano doesn't have any experience on this type of law, right? And that the real experts say there's isn't much to see here?

  • My God Republicans, can you even acknowledge Trump was in the room while he was making the call to Ukraine, how far ye have fallen from your oath of office to tarnish this Great republic! You used to be the Party of change, understanding, labor, and strength. Now, the party of lies, disinformation, dishonesty, and hate! How far you've come from the former Regan Years, how far you've come from the Bush Years, how far you've come from the party of change? Whatever happened to cross the aisle to invasion a brand new future, hope and understand! You clamor now like a bunch of banshees, making no sense or understanding of what the facts really represent, WHY! Are your political offices more important than that of this Great Nation? I always understand that within 100 years I will not be here, but the legacy you leave is what's important for you, your family, and those who have entrusted in you, to make a difference! We cannot merely hide our heads in the sand, pretend this is not happening and hope in some miracle, this will all go away! At this moment it's only the President being put in the social spotlight, not the GOP, but if the GOP becomes a willing party to this type of crime, then also the GOP will also assume the light of the American people! This is a time to break with this Criminal, and take a personal stand for Democracy and this Great Nation! Let the President Know, this is the Bridge too far, and you will not become a party to his Crimes?

  • Both Shep and Napoli tank are Trump haters!! Don't waste your time watching either one. Their full of hate and very dishonest!

  • Wheres all the TRUMPETS at??? All of a sudden you guys are scared to comment because you guys dont want to admit we have a fucken Con in office??? You guys wanted change, now you got change…lmao

  • I used to like to listen to the judge…..what a shame he's become a turncoat for a handful of rice…..I will never trust his judgment again.

  • What law makes it illegal? There is a treaty between us and the Ukraine to share corruption information that makes the call very legal, and appropriate.

  • Actually this depends. It depends if if Trump wanted aide from Ukraine to look into a old case. The call could go either way.
    1.) Trump is investigating the claims of the whole Russia Collusion thing that the Democrats brought up during his campaign, while Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Obama was in office. That is called cleaning out corruption.
    2.) Trump is pulling a Democrat ruse to further his own political gain.
    As I have said, it can go either way. It just depends on the evidence, which does not look good for the Democrats. You forget, the Democrats brought up Russia Collusion during the presidential campaign and Trump can look into it because it involved the United States election. Then you have the little evidence that the Democrats have on Trump using this to further his political agenda. It just depends on what evidence there is. So, Napolitano is half right.

  • Oh, you can tell Nap is bias against the President. Sorry to all liberals, but true. Even some Republicans do not like Trump, and would rather seem him fall. Seeing how the government said he was wrong on this. Nap, you are wrong again.

  • The whistleblower scam was started by the demoslimes in Congress to stop any investigation into Drunken Uncle Joe the Molester's Ukraine crimes.

  • Look at the dislikes. Trump supporters are triggered because their safe space was invaded. It must be so difficult, watching a news network that constantly reassures you that you are "right" when suddenly something like this appears. Gotta give credit to fox for airing this.

  • black conservative ogee says:

    Napolitano is a Never Trumper hack…fake Judge.This balloon head grease ball is an embarrassment to the legal system.Shep and him shows that Foxnews now is pathetic with the two sons.This episode could have easily been on CNN or MSNBC.

  • Norman E. Lackey says:

    President Trump said, "As President I have an obligation to end CORRUPTION, even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries. It is done all the time. This has NOTHING to do with politics or a political campaign against the Bidens. This does have to do with their corruption!"
    These liberals are always trying to assert their will which is manifested in a perversion of justice, in wronging someone, in turning a matter upside down and dealing deceitfully with the American people.

  • Napolitano, Constitution Article II, Section III, requires the president to investigate corruption of officials, past and present. Napolitano, you are a stupid bastard. Trump did not say that he wanted help to get anything on his 2020 rival. The entire Obama Administration committed treason many times against all Americans. And Biden is not a rival to anyone but himself.

  • Napolitano wrongly thinks speech can be "anything of value" in regards to elections. He is wrong. Speech is protected by the 1st amendment and trumps his belief about election laws.

  • These two need to go over to CNN or MSNBC!! Everyone who is a true PATRIOT should boycott FOX until they and a few others including Chris Wallace are removed fro FOX!!

  • both of these clowns should be kicked off the air sheppie and napolitano both are morons and dont know s t fox morning is fake news and there contributors

  • Sparky Firefly says:

    Napolitano is not very smart. We need to dig into his past to see how many people he sent to prison unjustly. The clown show continues.

  • Vai Adrian Gais says:

    Left wing from fox news in total splendor doing their spectacle… Napolitano, I wanted to see your sarcastic laugh but her I see only your seriose and sad face which tells me that the gang of 800 deep state cabale will not be able to impeach Trump…

  • Are you ALL hard of hearing? President Trump already responded to this allegation. The Biden call had NOTHING to do with holding back on the money for Ukraine. 2 separate issues or MORE going on at the same time. Democrats confuse issues and Napolitano sits there with IF's and maybe's to condemn President Trump. Biden is a crook and Obama supported the interference and with holding of $1 Billion. NOT the other way around no matter how crooked YOU would like to make it.

  • Meanwhile after this so-called judge stated this on Fox News other constitutional law Scholars said that he is totally wrong.

  • Miss Annette P says:

    I have learned an important fact throughout this presidency: The president is above the law. Quite sad that democracy and justice — do not match the reality of the day. Sad

  • Judge napolitano states the laws as they stand. No opinion, no spin just what the constitution and the law demands. As soon as Judge Nap expresses the laws that dont agree with the MAGA's narrative, they go mad. The LAW IS THE LAW. POTUS is not above the law.

  • The judge is a fool, what does he know just because he and Shepard hate the president, they take
    the pleasure of bashing him, because he's guilty of loving this country too much

  • Well just like Romney wanted a positon in the White House but didn't get one the judge also wanted a job in the White House, both of them didn't get any job and so both are stabbing their elected President in the back for revenge. They don't realise that the people can see through them and see their revenge.

  • Mitchell McNeely says:

    I stopped believing anything Nap says after I saw him on FOX saying one thing about President Trump and saw him 30 minutes later on CNN answering the same question with different answer. He's just a paid talking head. He says what he is told to say. FOX is no different than CNN or MSNBC or any other MSM. Bunch of Fake News. He should have the " Judge " removed from his name. He's just a blabbing air hole now.

  • Sheep should be on NBC OR MSNBC like Megan Kelly and get fired forever .. she didn’t listen to fox viewers and see how it turned out for her .

  • Wilie Radford Sr says:

    This dude used to pretend to be on the right, but in reality he is nothing but a RINO. AFter Fox News
    Has tuned more & more Liberal.

  • If you don't believe he wants to be a dictator then look how he is acting when he is around Putin
    And good luck trying to get the dictator out in 2020 if he looses the election
    He's gonna say it was rigged and the only rigged election is the one Puting got for him in 2016 and you all know it
    He's trying to do the same thing again
    He's a cheater

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