100 thoughts on “Napolitano on impeachment: Trump is making a mistake”

  • Judge Nap is Judge Crap, yet again. Since Trump became president, he's been right, what, three times in three years? Send him to CNN already

  • Glad the title left out the word “judge”. Napolitano another msm talking head that will say anything for enough money. Sad

  • superextremelaser says:

    i cant believe this guy is using facts against our god emperor trump, he must be a deep state democratic operative because my cult demands that the anointed one can do no wrong

  • Nobody likes to listen to this guy – Napolitano. He is a lousy lawyer and a very inaccurate news contributor. Please, get Fox News to stop his contract and give him the golden handshake!!


    What the Fk….we KNOW they rigged an election and SPIED on an incoming presidential administration. Why are we even talking about these traitors.

  • It’s so obvious that Napolitano is still pissed for being passed over for a job in the administration. At the end of the day, he has no credibility. Cavuto why don’t you invite a real lawyer, like Joe DiGenova!

  • Hey judge, If a Congress person says I will vote for your bill if You vote for my bridge to know where does that represent bribery? Should all members that have traded votes be removed from office? Should looking into possible corruption from Biden be ignored because he is running for office?

  • 一二三四android四三二一 says:

    08/2016 Text –
    Page: “He's not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”
    Strzok: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,”

  • Why? The House does not have the power to indict or convict. It's not a court. Kangaroo possibly. At this point, let the House impeach. There's enough corruption in the democrats that would be exposed in the Senate which would exonerate Trump and, possibly, provide testimony of criminal charges for those perpetrating the impeachment hoax.

  • These two clowns are no stable geniuses that's for sure !!! They are so far out of his league their opinions are as laughable as Hollywood's self- deluded actors chiming in on this !

  • He's always anti-Trump & I'm tired of his hit job on our President! Napolitano is a Trump hating political hack who hasn't been right yet🤬

  • Wow I read all this comment denying what they just saw and heard?? Cults are stupid lol nothing but sheep. An innocent man that has nothing to hide don’t block, sue or intimidate ppl into not talking. We all know y’all racist, just come out and say it but to still support an idiot like trump after all this? Just cut your loses and just be racist, don’t go down in history as a imbecile’s follower 😂

  • Did the irrational Judge just push two outright lies? @Potus never requested any specific investigation from the UKraine, let alone Biden specifically.

  • forgot to work out again says:

    The only mistake is that Nap thinks it’s appropriate to impeach when a crime wasn’t committed. The people don’t see that as legitimate and impeachment has to be legitimate. Nap is devoid of facts. He’s just parroting Schiff on Fox and it’s sad. If you have to invite him on, ask him to talk about other stuff. Otherwise send him home and don’t call him back.

  • this Nap guy is right up there now with Scaredamuchi. they don't like Trump now. Trump demands loyalty. He didn't give Scare or Nap waht they wanted so it's sour grapes. Trump is the big guy. They are not. They can both be bought and sold. The ball belongs to Trump, like it or not. Stop whining boys. Daddy got bored with you. Go to your rooms LOL!!!!!!!

  • way of the mark, Napolitano knows the President doesn't give Two bits about his OP and why should the President be told what he can do and can't do, the truth is the objective not someones feelings.

  • President Donald Trump won over Rust Belt states in 2016 on pledges to revive American manufacturing.

    But the sector slipped deeper into a recession in November, with a key gauge of factory activity contracting for the fourth straight month.

    New orders and employment in the sector dropped at a faster pace last month.

    Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

  • When USA, in my opinion, greatest state of the word, will take out the "politicians" that where making the careers only on "Russian influence", Russian "KGB", Russian "dictator" and so? Just a question from a Russian😂.

  • Napolitano is a hack. Go back and listen to his "Russia collusion" assessment. He is nothing more than left slant bias and needs to go. Stop giving these aweful people airtime. He was wrong then and he is wrong now.

  • If it weren’t for Judge Napolitano, Chris Wallace, Brett Baier and a few others, there wouldn’t be a honest person left at Fox News.

  • Giovanni Sanseviero says:

    Yeah, sure, Trump testify. It's laughable to even think. Guilty people don't testify; they get other people to do their dirty work and everyone dies around them. Giuliani will be next: disbarred and la-de-da…NEXT!

  • Trump turncoat Bitter about not being picked for the Supreme Court. Been wrong about everything against Trump so far going back to the Mueller report

  • If the president is investigating you for corruption, all you have to do is run for office. Then you can claim it's all a political ploy, get the sitting president impeached, and become president yourself 😈.

  • when the never trumpers / swamp desperately wanting to pivot and obstruct Ukranian investigation of 2016 meddleing and corruption

  • I, from the left, thank you for airing a view opposed to your typical reporting. My question is, isn't the term "high crimes and misdemeanors" an oxymoron? Can the President be impeached for a misdemeanor?

  • I don't really care what Neil Cavuto has to say anymore he's proven to be fake news and so has the judge if he's even a judge. 3 years later,

    Fox News is liberal fake news

  • Great to see that Fox is not only propaganda. I mean who needs state television, no one will win with that. You are slowly heading to loosing your freedom that way.

  • Here's a thought.. Why don't we stay the FCK out of foreign affairs and focus on American issues and no REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT will ever be IMPEACHED for these stupid matters.. I trust Judge Napolitano 100% as I've heard him tear apart presidents and politicians on either side of the aisle. And let's get out the middle east ASAP as we can't afford it.

  • Nappy, you know until the ENTIRE house votes FOR articles of impeachment and the real hearings take place with both the Democrats and Republicans actually voting this whole thing is a Schiff dog and pony show. The trial will take place in the Senate you idiots..

  • The bottom line is this fake is a democrat in sheep's clothing. He is a liberal who dislikes the President
    He is on the same bandwagon as the rest of the hate mongers.

  • yes, it really is that simple. now watch as the conservative nut jobs start ranting about fox being liberal, napolitano being bitter or repeating "coup" as fast as possible (most undoubtably too stupid too have even known what that word meant before they heard trump spew it recklessly).

  • Fact: Napolitano is doing nothing more than Sondland……..PRESUMING intent. What is his proof Trump's intent was "campaign favors," as opposed to elimination of corruption on the part of Burisma with billions in US aid money, and the role the Bidens played in those activities? I bet money Napolitano cannot answer this question. Once again presumption attempts to masquerade as fact. I guess this is the hill this never Trumper wants to die on….

  • Terrence Jackson says:

    BREAKING..judge Napolitano's involvement with Epstein is coming also the professor from Harvard one of fox's contributors Dezowitz or something like that..

  • Judge, did you read the transcripts and statements from the call 'n the Prez's?

    To me – it appears you didn't :
    I was a supporter.

  • There has never been a clearer real life example of the fable of The Emperor's New Clothes than we see in Trump and his idiotic base of support.
    Hey, Trumpists… …The majority of us can see that your cult leader is buck naked and nothing that you say, do or believe can ever alter the bare facts!

  • Napolitano has many failed assessments with regards to President Donald Trump case. I think he lack practical sense in dealing with cases , too technical.

  • Judge did you read the call script? Cause your opinion does'nt match what really was said. I hope you are retired from the bench now.Cause I would hate to see how ones got off the hook for being guilty, and the innacent paid the price.

  • "Judge" Nappy is a two faced turncoat who is jealous of Trump and angry at him for not giving him a cabinet position. What a jerk!

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