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Nana Tho Oka Roju | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

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What do you think Shoban, have they done it? Ravi. – Yes.
It’ll be hard to grant you this job. Since, you’re passionate about the job,
let’s discuss your postives & negatives. Okay.
What’s your score? – 15 Backlogs. What’s your attendnce percentage?
– 3%. And how discipline.. I can see it myself.
Why bother you asking about it. How good is your English?
I don’t think it’s up to the mark. Sorry, Ravi Teja.
It’s not possible to offer you the job. Sir, all the questions you asked me
aren’t in any way helpful to the company. I’ve got few ideas to develop your company. May I share them with you?
– Okay, carry on. Thank you.
– Congrats, Mr.Satish. Thank you, thank you.
– Congrats, Mr.Satish. What’s the fuss about, Satish?
– My son has topped the college. He got a job through campus placements.
We’re all going to Tirupati this Sunday. Even your son has written the exam,isn’t it?
What happened? How much did you score in the exam?
– ‘What do I tell him?” I scored ‘1’.
– Only ‘1’? He flunked the exam by a mark.
– This is all ’cause of your pampering. Education is the most important thing.
Look at my son, always reading some book. Else, I won’t spare him. Industrial management can be defined as.. No-No,
disaster management can be defined as.. management resources. Your son is either at the ground or PAN shop.
Never saw him studying. Your freedom spoiled him. I’ve got some work, will be back.
– Okay. Eat slowly.
No one is gonna steal that from you. Let him eat, why yell at him?
– I’m yelling ’cause he doesn’t do anything after eating. Dear, our son wants a bike.
– Yeah, dad. I’m being late for college, every day. I’m already wasting food on him,
you want me to buy him a bike? We anyway have a bike, use that.
– Who calls it a bike? Even a cycler would travel faster.
I need a KTM bike. KTM? Never heard of it.
How much would it cost? – 2 Lakhs. 2 lakhs?
Not even entire studies of your cost as much. Dad, if you say that I won’t eat.
– What’s left to be eaten? Dad, please.
– Fine, I’ll buy you one. But one condition. What’s that condition? Hey! – Yeah.
– Do you remember all the conditions? I do. I should hand you my phone.
I shall take you where ever I go. I shall take you to the places I go, isn’t it?
– Yeah. – Let’s go. You got a call.
– Who’s it? It’s your principal.
– He’s calling to talk to you, talk to him. Is it?
– Go ahead, talk. Ravi!
– Sir, I’m Ravi’s father, talking. How many times will you fake as your dad?
You have been fooling me for 3 years. Even chairman visits college once in a week.
I’ve last seen you during Sankranti celebrations. Sir, I’m Ravi’s father.
– Ravi, don’t! How many times did you masquerade me?
He doesn’t believe that I’m talking to him. Dad, from the time of my admission,
I’ve been masquerading you, you do something. Hello!
– What now, you have made excuses from fever to ebola. What’s else is left?
– Sir, I’ll meet you in person. Come,
I’m curious to see which Jr. artist you’d bring along. Dad, you wait here.
I’ll be back soon. Hey!
– What got you so late? The movie is about to start. I can’t come.
– You’re gonna skip it? You made us bunk college. You tempted us by saying heroin’s gorgeous
& there are raunchy numbers. How can you skip it? Please understand, I can’t come.
– You guys hold it. Hey, old man, come here.
– Why are you calling him? – You be quiet. Don’t call him.
– You be quiet, you wouldn’t know. Why’re you staring at us?
Planning to steal our wallet? – Dude, shut up! He looks like he’s part of Cheddi gang.
– Nah, he looks like he’s part of Dongala Mutha. Guys, please stop it.
– Nah, must be the new ones who ask money for bus fares. Dude, please stop!
– Why bother as if he’s your dad? He’s my dad!
– Your dad! Are these guys your friends?
Where are we going next? Dad, I’ll introduce you to my lover,
aka your daughter-in-law. Have you got a girlfriend?
– Don’t underestimate me. What’s wrong with my face?
I might score low grades but girls fall for guys like me. Come, let’s go. Dad, for 2 years, I’ve spoken to her on phone.
I’m gone meet her for the first time. I’m gonna propose her, wait here.
– Sure. ‘Why isn’t he here, yet?’ Give me that bouquet.
Here’s the money. ‘Why is he coming towards me?’
Don’t harm me, don’t harm me, please. Hey but it’s just a bouquet. I don’t need this,
you keep it. That’s your face value.
Lucky, no one’s here. Else, you’d have been arrested by now.
Let’s go. Are these guys your friends?
– Yes, dad. ‘I better introduce them.’
– Dad, that’s Appu. What name is that?
– He’s master at borrowing money. The guy beside him is Hotspot Shakar,
always onto some hot & trendy stuff. The guy next to him is Vcase.
– What kind of name is that? He follows Vcase guides
rather than the textbooks. Come, let’s meet them. Get down slowly. Surprise!
– What’s the surprise? I’ve your favourite, in it. – Really?
– I think it might be ‘King’s Light cigarette’. Nah.
– Must be Blackdog whisky quarter. Nope.
– Did you bring Sunny Leone videos on a pendrive? No, not that.
– Not even that? Must be a Rummy pack. No!
– Must be a hooka bottle. Ravi, wanna guess?
– Dad.. Damn, your life. Who’s he? Why does it bother him?
– He’s my dad. Was he your dad?
– Yeah. Why did you bring him here?
– He wanted to see what I do in a day. Only then, he agreed to buy me a bike.
Now, he won’t even let me home. You guys.. Dude, dude! Damn, him & his friends. Dear, there is a post on our son’s name. Might be some stupid CD sent by his friends.
– It looks like some letter. Throw it away.
– Take a look. I saw you hanging out
with your son yesterday. The other day, after talking to you,
I decided to spend a day with my son. You wouldn’t believe,
there ain’t a habit my son’s not into. But for some reason, I think he’s good.
– What? You must be crazy. You’re the reason why he’s being such a jerk.
– Let me finish. It’s okay as long as all the habits are in a limit.
It becomes a problem only when they become an addiction. Even if it’s education.
– What nonsense, how’s education a problem? You wouldn’t understand, would you?
Ask your son to come, I’ll prove it to you. Buddesh, my son.
– Dad, you wanted to see me? Buddesh, your family is touring Tirupati on Saturday,
why don’t you book tickets on IRCTC? What’s IRCTC, dad?
A new book? Hold on a second. Ravi! – Yes, dad.
– Earlier, we booked tickets for Satish uncle, isn’t it? Yeah, dad.
– On the same day, book tickets for us as well. Okay, dad.
– Good. See, I’ve got my ticket. What’s the point of education
if you can’t book a ticket? Would that make my son an idiot?
How come he tops the college & earn 6 lakh package? Your son is smart, what’s his package?
– I was just about to say it. Even my son got placed.
But he doesn’t earn 6 Lakhs. He has got a 12 lakhs package,
in the very same company. Really? But hasn’t he got 15 backlogs,
how come they offer him so high? True, they asked him to clear all his backlogs
and join the company. How come? – I told you already, It’s not about
how educated you’re but how much knowledge you attain. That can’t be attained on reading from books,
having said that, drinking & roaming around wouldn’t help either. Learning what’s good & bad will help.
That can’t be found in books. I did a mistake.
I made him so by imposing only studies on him. It’s okay,
you have finally realised. Hi! I think she’s smitten by me.
– Hey. Hey!
– Dad. ‘He caught me.’
– What are you doing? Nothing dad, what’s it?
– Let’s go. But where dad?
– To the showroom. Come on, dad.
Let’s go. Bye! We made a plan for January 2020, isn’t it?
– Yeah, January 2020, season 2. Eposide 1 will have epic comedy.
– Exactly. – Every eposide.. I think he recorded it. – He has recorded it.
– Hey! – No-No. If you like this video,
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