N. Korea-U.S. working-level talks break down as differences remain unresolved

N. Korea-U.S. working-level talks break down as differences remain unresolved

despite hopes for a breakthrough and
negotiations between North Korea and the u.s. their working level talks on
Saturday broke down as the two sides failed to reach a compromise Pyongyang
says the u.s. came empty handed which Washington countered by saying it
brought creative ideas at the table our eg1 has a full story the
much-anticipated working-level talks between North Korea and the u.s. fell
apart without any tangible results as the u.s. won in the negotiating table
empty-handed according to the North Korean delegation the u.s. raised
expectations by offering suggestions like a flexible approach new method and
creative solutions but they have disappointed us greatly and dampen their
enthusiasm for negotiation by bringing nothing to the negotiation table Pyongyang’s chief nuclear envoy Kim
myung-kil made these remarks outside a North Korean embassy in Stockholm after
his negotiations with US Special Representative for North Korea Stephen
began collapsed Saturday evening kim went on
to say that the breakdown of the talks is entirely due to Washington’s failure
to abandon its outdated stance and attitude he added North Korea had
offered to start earnest discussions on the next steps for denuclearization
should the US reciprocate their trust building measures including the seizing
of nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missiles the chief negotiator
then said the new calculation they seek is for the u.s. to retract all measures
that threaten their safety and impede their development hinting at the need
for the u.s. to provide security guarantees as well as sanctions relief
and whether North Korea will continue to suspend nuclear tests and ICBM launches
depends on the US said Kim who then told the u.s. to think more thoroughly until
the end of the year this comes as the two sides met for the first time since
the Hanoi summit fall apart in February despite the reportedly amicable
atmosphere the two sides shared on their preliminary meetup the day before the
breakdown in talks came as a surprise to many US State Department spokesperson
morgen Ortega’s released a statement denying the North’s account of what
transpired saying the u.s. brought creative ideas to the table and had good
discussions with its North Korean counterparts she added that the US
delegation previewed a number of new initiatives that would allow them to
make progress in each of the four pillars of the Singapore joint statement
she also pointed out the difficulties in overcoming a legacy of 70 years of war
and hostility on the Korean Peninsula in the course of a single Saturday why
lourdes said the u.s. accepted an invitation from their swedish hosts to
return to stockholm for another meeting in two weeks time it is unclear if the
north will do so as well Lee Jiwon Arirang news


8 thoughts on “N. Korea-U.S. working-level talks break down as differences remain unresolved”

  • NK won't give up its nukes and the US knows this. So, the US will just play the game and never compromise unless NK is serious about de-nuclearization. If NK gets too aggressive it'll be wiped out and China will be quite happy to be in on the rebuild. NK can't win this unless they are sincerely ready to get rid of their nukes.If Kim starts testing long range gear then it will simply be blown out of the sky. Any retaliation by Kim will result in the regime being reduced to ashes. Quite easy really. Wake up NK.

  • What development? They make nukes. There's no development otherwise building useless buildings till they drop dead. ?? ? What guarantee??? Are we threatening them? ?? Bullshit.

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