Mysterious And Unexplained Events Caught On Tape Volume 18


32 thoughts on “Mysterious And Unexplained Events Caught On Tape Volume 18”

  • The light coming straight out the sky is a car dealership. At night they shine a bright light to the sky that resembles the Batman sign. But it's just the spotlight you can see from across the city skyline. It's not a phenomenon at all. Just tactics to get customers to come to the location ?

  • Why is it so hard for people to believe in aliens on other planets, spirits, life after death, angles, And why always scary music? I don’t believe these are things we need to fear. And why if you do believe there are aliens why would you think & worry that all they want to do is destroy our planet? Hell were destroying our planet every day. Maybe we should be more worried about that.

  • Yun Gaming yiyi says: There is the shadow of Lucifer with a angel on a cloud in the Catholic church in kota Marudu Sabah Malaysia ?

  • risk sikrikak says:

    Some might not be real but regardless Weird presents it so awsomely.Eerie, spooky and sinister and beautifully silent all in one.kuuyaninni.(please no other inuvaluit see my butchering of 'thank you'.) K is gutteral,'A' is short,first ' I ' is long.

  • Although I enjoy watching your compilations, I am puzzled by the fact that a high percentage are out of focus. Most cameras have auto-focus on infinity, so why are so many ill-defined?

  • I love to watch the cumulonimbus, sometimes I see an odd "something"(very small, dark, not moving like a cloud) go into them… or should I say cumulonimbi …?

  • What makes me suspitious and that its all just normal activity is when your just about to recognise somethingvit goes strangley out of focus or blurs or mists up.

  • Michael Sears says:

    I thought for the longest that that was a falcon 9 rocket launch to but if yall do some digging and check it out for yourselves that was just a cover up stuff like this has been happening in the sky even when the rocket was not scheduled to launch also over other countries

  • The mermaid is nothing more than some person out swimming, pretending to be one, using a mermaid tail. These days they make amazing replicas that look astonishingly real!

    Most of the rest…well…??‍♀️ I prefer to think there’s much we don’t know or understand ?

  • #1. Sun Reflection in lens, #2. Meteor burning up in Earth's Atmosphere, #3. at 1:28 Looks like a Sea Otter or a Cali Fur Seal Pup at 1:50 a Person wearing Mermaid/Merman Custom (Tail), #4. SpaceX Rocket Lunch, #5. Could be a legit Unidentified Flying Object that, might be an ET Craft, a Secret Military Black Op Craft, a Drone or might be a CGI, So there's one for ya!!! #6. A High Beam Search Light, #7. The Hessdalen Lights in Norway this is another of unexplained one for you!

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