Myanmar’s Rohingya people look back to the water   BBC News

Myanmar’s Rohingya people look back to the water BBC News

a moment of Hope has brought only despair to its Muslim Ranger minority hola hey there good to see this is joe la a ranger businessman who five months ago found himself in the midst of Southeast Asia’s boatpeople crisis or I’m without a botanical back in May we spent a few days with him as he tried under intense pressure to buy people back from the traffickers it’s now monsoon season so the boats aren’t leaving but a dark cloud has settled over the camps and jolla his eight-year-old son has been sick with TB he was referred from a clinic in the camp to a hospital in town but Jonah thinks the Buddhist doctors didn’t treat him properly and there’s nowhere else they can go this is the ongoing problem there we have the property i had a lot of money event or demonic cannot walk so let’s say I will give her let’s say 1 million out money to get the proper taken for my son I can’t jola runs our construction company a fleet of fishing boats and a brick factory but despite being born in Myanmar he has to have a Buddhist name on the company documents have been the person of the problem is he doing fifty percent of the work not that of the BB when we will last with him we watched as Joel are trying to help this woman find her daughter Senora had gone to sea with traffickers at the time the police were being no help at all right so Nora’s mother we went to find out what happened in our stars back ok then work your Senora hello hello hello Senora told us she’d been returned to land that had been forced to marry one of the traffickers and kept captive inside his house why am i giving input beat me with wires and I’ve got injuries on my face and arms and a scar on my back after a month of abuse with the help of her mother Senora escaped and made her way home after with the idea of a matter then not surprisingly she says she won’t try and leave me mr again what do you speak to him about for jolla Myanmar’s election on sunday looks like being the final straw the Ranger have usually had the right to vote but they can’t this time it’s another step away from the acceptance and citizenship that he so craves right now so I’m under the ones in creation you’re thinking about going the biggest decision of your life if we cannot but we’re not member cities and it’s clear preparations are already being made when the elections over and the weather clears the unwanted unloved Ranger will take to the sea once more jenna fischer BBC News the kind state


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