My WORST Break Up Story (Animated)

My WORST Break Up Story (Animated)

– [Narrator] Tragedy is
something that we all experience in life. And we can’t control this. The only thing we can control, is how we respond to the tragedy. I’m going to share with
you two different stories. One, about a man named Ben, and another, about a man named Jeff. Let’s look at our friend Ben. Ben is a 28-year-old, happy man. He works a comfortable nine to five job, he has a dog, he has a house. He has friends and
family that all love him, and he has a lovely
girlfriend who he is planning on proposing to, in the upcoming years. From the outside looking in, everything is going right in his life. The best way that I would
describe Ben’s life, is the white picket fence life. Ben and his girlfriend have been dating since they were 18 years old. And he is truly in love with her. From a very early age, they would talk about
their futures together. They would talk about what kind
of wedding they would want. They would talk about the type
of house they would live in. They would talk about how
many kids they would want. And, when Ben heard this, he
wanted to provide for her. Ben wanted to give her
everything that she wanted out of life. And he was willing to do the
work in order to do this. So one week, Ben had
to leave town for work. So, he cleaned the house,
took his dog for a walk, kissed his girlfriend goodbye,
and he was on his way. Halfway through his out-of-town
work week, he learned that he could actually come
home early, if he wanted to. So Ben decided to do something
nice for his girlfriend. He decided to surprise her
with flowers and chocolate. In an attempt to be more spontaneous. Which is a quality that his
girlfriend really, really likes. And it’s something that his girlfriend would wish that he did more of. So Ben drives home, and he
is walking up to the door, with flowers and chocolate in hand, excited to surprise her. He opens the door, and the
first thing that he noticed, were someone else’s
shoes, were on the floor. He did not really think much of it. He figured that she had some friends over. She was, after all, a very
social, a friendly person. And because he was gone,
she might have been bored. He walked around the
downstairs of the house, looking for them. But, he didn’t see anything. But he did see that there
was an open bottle of wine sitting on the kitchen counter. He went upstairs to look more,
but still, there was nothing. At this point, he was
getting a little confused. Was she even home? There was only one room
that he had not checked. And that was, the bedroom. So Ben goes up to the
door, and he opens it, still having flowers in hand. And what he saw, would haunt
him for the rest of his life. He saw the girl, that he had
been dating for 10 years, the girl, who he had said
that he was gonna marry, the girl, that he had
planned his future with. He saw this girl in bed with another man. The moment that Ben saw
this, his heart sank. And he felt his stomach turn in knots. His head began pounding. He felt physically sick. In that moment, the only words
that Ben could really muster, was, you need to leave. The next day, she packed
up all of her bags, and just like that, she was gone. The next few months would be prove to be the worst months of his life. Because he was so heartbroken, he started to perform worse at work. He stopped exercising. He stopped staying in contact
with his friends and family. He would spend his nights
in front of the TV, cursing his girlfriend’s name. He would ask himself, “How
could she do this to me? “I wanted to give her everything, “I told her that I would give her “everything that she wanted. “But yet she still does this to me. “This woman ruined my life.” This behavior continued over time. And it got so bad, that
Ben almost lost his job. And because he could not afford this, he did pull himself together a little bit, and he did just enough
not to lose his job. But his mind and body were
still only half there. He was never fully engaged in
anything that he was doing. He spends the next few years
doing a good enough job not to get fired. But, he was still miserable and depressed. And he kept blaming his girlfriend for the way his life was. I think at this point in the story, a lot of you are probably
thinking to yourself, yeah, that is terrible, but, this does not happen that often, and it would not happen to me. And my response to that would be, just wait until you get older. Things change a lot when
people get to the stereotypical marriage age, which would be
around 28 to 30 years old. And these types of things
are much more common later on in life. Let’s look at the second story. The second story is the
same as the first story, up until the point where Ben saw that she was cheating on him. And the character of
this story is named Jeff. So when Jeff saw this,
he told her to leave. And she left the next day. And of course, Jeff was heartbroken. He cried, and didn’t understand how she could do this to him. He spent the next few months
in pain, crying his life away. And cursing his girlfriend. He would ask himself similar questions. “How could she do this to me? “I wanted to give her everything.” But, it’s at this point when
Jeff does something different. Instead of cursing her name,
and thinking to himself how awful of a person she was,
Jeff asked himself a question that 90% of people will never ask. And he asked himself, “Did I do anything “that caused her to cheat on me?” So Jeff actually got his phone, and he called his ex-girlfriend. She was a little stunned
to hear his voice. And when Jeff asked her the question, she responded with, “Um, I don’t know. “I guess I just lost attraction to you. “I’m sorry.” So, instead of continuing to be depressed, Jeff made a commitment to
start working on himself. He started to try and make himself a more attractive man. A better man. Jeff started off very small. He simply started going to the
gym again on a regular basis. And he did that for a few months. Then, he started to
clean up his diet a bit. And he did that for a few months. Jeff also started to
regain focus on his job. And he started to perform better. When he felt okay about his
job, and his physical health, he even started to look up
ways to start making more money on the side. Because Jeff had always dreamed about starting his own business. When Jeff was with his girlfriend, they would cuddle up with each other, and watch Netflix in the evenings. And that’s just what they
did, every single night. But now that she was gone,
Jeff had way more time to work on himself and his own business. As a result of this extra work though, he started to have some sleeping issues. So he started to look
up ways to sleep better. He started to meditate
before bed to calm his mind. He like the way meditating made him feel, so he started to meditate in the mornings. And because of this, he
became a less-stressed person. Months went by of Jeff putting
in a little bit of work every single day. And eventually he saw some results. But he still wasn’t happy
with how fast it was growing, and he wanted to find
ways to grow even faster. On the weekends, he started to network, and meet other successful people. He started to pick up new
hobbies, like golfing and boxing. Jeff even met an older man
that he shared his story with. And this man could really
relate to his story. So much so, that this
man became Jeff’s mentor. And he helped him grow his small business to the point where he started
to make more money from that than from his normal job. So as a result of this, Jeff actually quit his nine to five job. And, with his newfound
freedom, Jeff did something that he had always dreamed of doing, since he was a kid. Which was, moving to
Italy to study Italian. Jeff had originally given up
on his dream of doing this. Because he was in a
committed relationship, and he had a nine to five
job, he was very comfortable, and it just didn’t make sense. But because his girlfriend was gone, because of his new online business, he decided to pack his bags and move to Italy for six months. So as Jeff was sipping
a beer on the beach, with his laptop in his hand, looking into the deep
ocean with the sun out, he had felt something that he had not felt in a long time. Which was happiness and gratitude. He thought back to the last
time he had felt like this. And it was when he was
with his girlfriend. And then suddenly, he had a flashback to her cheating on him. He thought to himself,
although seeing my girlfriend cheat on me like that, cut me very deep, and in a lot of ways, it broke my heart. And, in some ways, I am still not over it. But, in a way, it may
have been the best thing that could have ever happened to me. If that didn’t happen to me,
I would have never started working out on a regular basis. I would have never improved my diet. I would have never had time to
start my own online business. I would have never had the
ability to come to Italy and fulfill my dream. I would have continued to work at my job, and spend my evenings watching
Netflix with my girlfriend, in my comfortable state. From that point on, Jeff
continued to live his life of trying to be better, every single day, and he never stopped working on himself. The lesson of these
two stories are simple, but it’s crucial to understand. Not only will this
concept change your life, but if you don’t understand it, it has the potential to ruin your life. And the concept is actually very simple. When tragedy happens in your
life, from relationships, loved ones passing, to
getting fired, it’s up to you how you want to respond. If you respond like Ben, it
can be one of the worst things that could have ever happened to you. But, if you respond like Jeff, it could be one of the best things that could ever happen to you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t cry, I’m not saying it’s bad to let yourself experience the emotions, and to take time off, but it’s important to understand that you can’t spend the rest
of your life in that state. You will eventually have
to accept your reality and move on with your life. If you enjoyed this video, please be sure to leave the video a like, and of course, subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching, and,
I’ll see you in the next one. (calm piano music)


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  • I see a lot of people saying it's the girl's fault. It is true, although maybe some things could've been done. Maybe she sent some signals and all this could've been avoided. It is her who did this atrocious action though, that is true.

    In the end, the moral is that whatever happens in your life, you should ALWAYS take responsibility for it. It's not about who's fault it is, it's about what you're gonna do about it. If this incident can push you to become more fit, eat healthier and accomplish your dreams, then do it! Take the responsibility, work on yourself so you attract quality women in the future! And learn from this, don't get attached to a person to the point where she becomes the center of your life.

  • Moral of the story? Of thousands of hundreds of millions same stories?

    Women themselves tell us that they should be treated as nothing more than bitches.

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  • If you lose interest in someone tell them to their face rather than fucking a guy/girl behind her back. Therefore you can have a relationship with someone else and you can still be on good terms with your ex.

  • Girls are very easy to manipulate. She may love you, but was Victim of Pick up Artists who learn to break the Resistance of a Girl

  • So to avoid that a girl cheats on me I just have to be a really attractive, broad shouldered, meditating universalgenius with his own good running company. Sounds easy.

  • This is such garbage pseudo wisdom.
    I really hope people dont see this as a form of lesson or something worthwhile to bring to their life.
    It takes a lot more than this to be a Man. 😅

  • You should make relation depth of your heart, it’s not Necessary you looks good and sexy, don’t Concentrate outside Rather try to Concentrate inside, you will never happy when you don’t respect your relation, if you are good person god will Introduce you with a good person and if you don’t respect him or her you will lose him, and then don’t Expect for new good person, because life have also some roles, you can cheat with someone but you can’t cheat with god,
    always Humble full don’t give Respond and react early, always forgive each other and forget each other mistakes, kick your ego, thanks, god bless you amen

  • love is a means to an end..literally. love is nothing more then a reaction in your brain. so is dmt, gaba and a number of other chemical reactions that can all be supplemented with drugs, both legal and illegal. personally, your better off doing drugs then endeavoring to pursue any relationship. humans are animals, through and through thick and thin.

  • You are right. However painful a situation may be, With the right support u can develop new goals & become better. Something like "A blessing in disguise "

  • My Ex of 3 years and 6 months cheated on me too. We started dating in high school and always imagined how we would get married and live “happily ever after” I am a very hard working person who goes to school and doesn’t talk to other girls or something. I’m not sure what caused for her to look for someone else because everything was going good. The first two months were very tough but honestly knowing that she was the one that cheated not me has helped me to think it’s her fault and why should I blame myself for something she did.

  • thick assasination says:

    I never get jealous when I see my ex with someone else because my parents always taught me to give my used toys to the less fortunate. Always remember that friends 😁

  • kerryann mcdonald says:

    Let me tell you guys now listen I'm a woman and I can tell u how it is, it is simple as this (A woman can loves you so much care for you,wash for you,give you everything you wants in life but never trust her, they will make it seem like everything is ok but nope..she will cheat no matter how long the relationship is,guy all you got to do is fuck and enjoy your life without trusting these bitch they will get in your head and fool you, very smart aren't they😑 …

  • I married a girl at the age of 20 back home. I applied for her visa and we were in contact in love for 2 years. When I heard of her affair, and her parents want for money, immigration, while disrespecting and ignoring my humbleness I cancelled the sponsorship. She cancelled called off the marriage over a piece of paper visa. I wish Love and marriage is taken seriously by nowadays people have become materialistic, hiding in a shell of illusion wearing a veil of selfishness and drinking potion of ego daily. I still wish her best, and yes my depression phase of 8 months in over.

  • Britney Liyali says:

    This is the best video I've ever watched on YouTube, I'm feeling much better and I think I know exactly what I should do 😀

  • Joe Joe Robinson says:

    A nasty whore cheated on me once. She really had no reason to do it. I would’ve gave her the world. And the best revenge is Im married now, very happy with a woman that’s way more fine. And my ex is with a piece of shit drug attic and they struggle to make ends meet. Now I didn’t wish ill upon her, well maybe in the beginning. But after I got over it I don’t wish bad upon anybody but I can see why she would get that karma. So to this girl and all the girls out there like that I have three words for you. Tough Luck Skank

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  • I just broke up with my ex. It feels awful, I don’t know what i’m supposed to do from here. One whole year gone just like that

  • kakashi hatake says:

    People please don't forget that the girl who does this is cheap, cheater, horrible. Thanks for making such video for people who experienced this pain. Guys who are real men. Treat their family well and have responsibility. It's not your fault at all. Keep on living being good and take care for your self. She could have just told him to go Heathy and be fit or do anything else together instead of cheating.

  • Not that he deserved it, but you can’t date someone for 10 years and not commit to them permanently. That’s all I got from this.

  • Man i went through some shit lime this in 2018 and i was in pieces for some months, Later i was like Jeff but instead of getting rich, i made the girl my gf who my was always was jealous of and ain't gonna make the same mistake of making someone else my center of life other than my family and unless i have kids. Fyi I'm only 20

  • "I lost my attraction to you" is not love is just pure loving the idea of you have a bf go find a woman that would truly love you

  • Randy Stegemann says:

    In both situations the guys got off lucky. The girl could have run up huge debts in their names, wrongly accused them of horrible abuse to get them locked up, hired a lawyer to take everything they own, then kept doing the other man in what used to be their houses and beds until she got bored with him and then cheated on him.

  • that is why we have Street Attraction and RSD…Ooops YouTube and BBC don't want men to improve their dating life…lets make them all like this cartoon guy…

  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev says:

    Pro tip: It might be best to be single
    •No one can break your heart
    •You can never cheat in yourself
    •More time to yourself/friends/family
    •You get desperate (To where you literally might cuddle with your own pillow to fill in that hollowed void in your heart)
    •You question yourself why you are single (only to realize you took advice from a video game character in a YouTube comment section about experiencing personal tragedies)

  • The best thing that ever happend in my life is that I went trough a horrible break up in my early 20's. Nothing can surprise ma anymore. Even the sweatest,nicest,caring and loving woman/man can really REALLY dissapoint you in the end. Fall in love,go for it but do not be naive.

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    sad single lyf😞

  • The second story happened to me (minus the cheating and the phone call and the buisiness) and I'm only 13 and 3/4! She friend-zoned me and I'm still not over it which is why I'm watching this.

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