My Top 5 Chinese dramas of the summer 2019 [Chinese Entertainment Update]

My Top 5 Chinese dramas of the summer 2019 [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update July 30th 2019 edition. First of all, I want to give all of you guys a
huge shoutout for your awesome responses in the comments section of my last video. I didn't realize how far and wide my videos
reached until you guys told me where you're from. The Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa literally
all corners of the world and honestly it's very touching and encouraging. As most of you probably know, I try to respond
to as many comments as I can and last video was the first time I had trouble keeping up. The comments just kept coming and are probably
still coming and I love it and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. So anyways, on with the show. Make sure to watch until the end where, for
your convenience, I do a recap of all the dramas I covered in this episode. Summer is well and truly underway and here
in Vancouver it is scorching. I'm always a proponent of going outside but
when it gets late, especially around three or four hours before bedtime,
I like to get comfortable and start streaming a few episodes of whatever drama I'm following. Sometimes, in fact many times, I go overboard
and watch too many episodes, go way past my bedtime and don't get enough sleep. I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking
about. So if you're looking for a recently aired
drama to get addicted to here are, in no particular order, my Top 5 dramas of the summer so far. The Longest Day in Chang'An <长安十二时辰>
is a costume drama starring Lei Jiayin and Jackson Yee
and it tells the story of a constable-turned-prisoner who works together with the Security Department
to save Chang'an from terrorist destruction. The drama premiered late last month and I
was hooked immediately after checking out the first episode. One of the things I love about it is it's
elaborate production design. Of all the dramas that have premiered recently
it looks to have one of the highest budgets. This is quite apparent when you watch the
cinematography and the action scenes which there are plenty of. The lead actors and supporting cast are all
magnificent and were reportedly very dedicated. Jackson Yee filmed some scenes while having
a high fever and Lei Jiayin was sent to the hospital four
times after suffering injuries on set. And watching some of the action scenes that
Lei Jiayin had to film I must say I am not surprised. In any case, their dedication and sacrifice
has led to a terrific final product, one that I recommend to everyone to watch. Novoland: Eagle Flag <九州缥缈录> is
costume drama starring Liu Haoran, Lareina Song and Chen Ruoxuan
and it tells the story of three young friends who are brought together by war and how they
shape their destinies as heroes. I was really looking forward to this drama
but when it's first announced premiere got postponed I kinda lost some steam for it. Especially when The Longest Day in Chang'an
premiered and intercepted my interest if you will. Now that I'm following that, I've put Novoland:
Eagle Flag on the back burner for a little while, but I do plan to continue with it sooner
than later. I can't really follow two costume dramas at
the same time. I'm only two episodes into Novoland: Eagle
Flag but from what I have read many are hooked. It's another one which was shot on a big budget,
production reportedly took 10 months to travel to different locations to get their desired
shots but the result is breathtaking cinematography
that would rival any movie. Just a warning, if you're susceptible to binging,
many have claimed that they have binged several episodes of the drama after starting it. Go Go Squid! <亲爱的热爱的> is a modern
drama starring Li Xian and Yang Zi and is arguably the most popular drama of the summer. It has an online-gaming premise and is full
of cute and fluffy moments so if that's your thing, then this might be your drama. It doesn't have the intricate production design
or the elaborate sets or the big budget of the aforementioned dramas
but many of it's fans would argue that they don't need that. All they need is Li Xian and Yang Zi. And that's hard to deny considering the exceptional
viewership ratings that the drama has garnered online and on TV. Indeed, the two actors' portrayals of Han
Shangyan and Tong Nian respectively have fans smitten. I've always believed that the most important
thing that a romance drama needs to succeed is chemistry between the two main leads. We've seen it all before. A drama could have a faulty plot or terrible
dubbing or whatever it is but if the two main leads click, audiences
are more willing to forgive their other faults. I'm certainly not saying that Go Go Squid!
has many faults, actually many audiences have given the drama their all round stamp of approval. The fact that the drama uses original dialogue
instead of overdubbing is already a huge plus in my opinion. The Untamed <陈情令> is a costume drama
starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo and the show has become an unexpected hit with many viewers. Fans of the novel have also taken to the drama
supposedly because of how faithful it has stayed to the book in terms of classic scenes
and dialogue. So I just want to side track a little to a
news story about the drama. Recently, Tencent made an announcement that
seems to have displeased the drama's audience. The castmembers of The Untamed attended an
event yesterday where Tencent announced that they are rolling out a new service to its
VIP members where they can pay to watch upcoming episodes
even earlier. At the moment VIP members already get to view
episodes earlier than regular members. This means that for a fee, VIP members get
watch the finale of The Untamed much earlier than everyone else and this did not sit well
with a lot of people. Some are calling it a money-grabbing scheme. Others thought this would risk the episode
getting leaked and spoiled. One netizen simply said that The Untamed is
one of the hottest dramas of the year and this move will ruin it. Those of you who are following The Untamed,
I'd like to know what you think about this. I haven't been following the drama so I'm
not emotionally invested into it but it seems pretty simple to me. Is it a money-grabbing scheme? Absolutely. But you don't have to pay for it. If you're really excited for the finale and
are willing to fork out the cash, by all means the service is there. If you don't think it's worth it and you'd
rather wait, you can do that too. That's the beauty of platforms like these,
we get to watch these dramas at our own pace. As for the episode getting leaked and spoiled,
well there's always the risk of that anyway whether or not this extra service is provided
so that shouldn't make any difference. Anyways, for a drama that premiered quite
suddenly and with very little promotion, it has done extremely well,
much thanks to their two lead actors. Love and Destiny <三生三世宸汐缘> is
a costume fantasy drama starring Chang Chen and Ni Ni. It is a spin-off of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
with Yang Mi and Mark Chao. To be honest I thought that Love and Destiny
would do bettter than it actually has. When I first introduced this drama I thought
that it would one that people would be raving about when it premiered
but when it actually did, the reaction was mixed. I think there were a couple of reasons for
this – their first few episodes weren't their strongest and they were a bit unfortunate
will all the competiting dramas airing at the same time. However it seems people have taken to the
drama a bit more now. Zhang Zhen and Ni Ni are not your typical
drama actors so it was always going to be interesting to see how audiences responded
to them. However mixed initial viewers' reactions were,
it seems the two stars have grown on them now. The drama's rating on review sites have also
improved. To quote a comment I read on the drama blog,
Dramapanda, "Yes the score went up to 7 on douban today! Yay! Yes Chang Chen is slaying his role! NiNi is doing fantastic job as well!". So a quick recap of my Top 5 dramas this summer
so far. The Longest Day in Chang'an, Novoland: Eagle
Flag, The Untamed, Go Go Squid!, and Love and Destiny. In addition to that, I also recommend Love
Better Than Immortality if you're into cute and fluffy costume dramas,
and The King's Avatar if you're into gaming dramas – I hear the gaming CGI in that drama
is pretty good. And that's all for today guys. Thanks for watching and give me your questions
and thoughts in the comments section below. Subscribe and like, and I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.


31 thoughts on “My Top 5 Chinese dramas of the summer 2019 [Chinese Entertainment Update]”

  • teresita roque says:

    Thank you Marcus ?all cdramas you mentioned are also my favorite and still following or watching it, I really love you for giving us info again Thanks❤️✌️

  • Hello, from the USA, just wondering when you think Love and Destiny will have eng subs? I really want to watch it but eng sub are half done from episode 9. Thanks ahead for your opinion

  • jessica ravomanana lan yon sue says:

    the longest day in chang'an,
    interesting?you convinced me to take a look of it?
    I follow Go go squid, last episode is tonight?
    I plan to watch love and destiny now.

  • Too many dramas, hard to catch up ? So far I'm watching The Untamed with and without subtitles. Love & Destiny is my second drama. My third..idk ?

  • Thank you for your thoughts—
    Since everyone else seems to be sharing, ill share too (it’s only 4 though):
    The Untamed
    Novoland Eagle Flag
    Longest Day in Chang An
    The King’s Avatar

  • Maria Sweenie Deloria says:

    Hi Marcus I love to watch Love and Destiny but after I think 4 episode there’s no English subtitles, I wish they will put English sub

  • Hi Marcus, I’m watching all the dramas you mentioned except go go squid, I put Love and Destiny on hold because it’s missing the English subtitles… I don’t know how I could fit in all these drama in my schedule between work, household chores +++ but I did . Again thank you for the update.More power to you.

  • Hello Marcus! ?
    For my top 5
    Go Go Squid, The Untamed, Love Better Than Immortality, The King's Avatar and The Lost Tomb 02
    Me, too! Most of the times I sacrificed sleep just to watch other episodes or wait for new episodes.
    Truthfully being an international fan (who doesn't understand chinese) of chinese drama have pros and cons. Pros when you binge watch them after the drama is finished you wont have to wait every day or every week for new episodes. Cons when you watch new drama that just recently aired the torture is real. Not only you have to wait for new episodes, you also have to wait for it to be subbed.. ???? btw, I'm from the Philippines. ??

    Any new news for under the power drama?

  • The untamed is my current fav…I m a huge fan of the novel & the live action is simply amazing….honestly I dont want to say goodbye to them so early so I dont need that VIP member,, I willing to wait few more weeks lol ??

  • Hi Marcus….i'm so exited about this dramas,,,i alredy have 4 of this dramas on my list…..i watched The Untamed witch is super hot….i saw the anime version Mo Dao Zu Shi ,so i kind of no the story,but this version is of the hock,i like it a lot…..thx for this update video…i enjoyed it….have a super day.

  • Michelle Gomez says:

    Thanks again for the update, Sir Marcus ?.. looking forward to watch all of them. But I'm too excited for Darren Chen's costume drama.. Btw when will it premiere?

  • Prissy Meadows says:

    The only one that has caught my attention is Novoland, and now by your recommendation I will watch The longest day in Chang’an. Thank you ?❤️??

  • rihabe el khabzi says:

    Love and destiny was not what I expected , the most thing I disliked about the drama is the main lead he just looks too old for the role and his acting just didn't convince me , but ni ni I love her she did a great job , honestly I thought It would be like TMOPB but it doesn't live to the expectations

  • Stan BTS and ATEEZ, Stan talents says:

    I am not really into costume dramas but I really like love better than immortality and novoland also I really like go go squid

  • Thanks for the update, if I may say, do not make a habit of loosing the much needed sleep required by the body…yes, the Chinese films cinematography is incomparable, simply the best.

  • Currently i am watching only The Longest Day in Chang‘An because I am on vacation 😀 but i had your recommendations already on my
    watch list ?? thank you for the update ♥️

  • Xi xie ni dear marcus, nihao.. am from Indonesia.. am following you for a while.. yes i agree most with you.. untamed, longest day in chang an, eagle flag, love is better than immortality.. just am not that into " love n destiny" eventhough nini n chang chen was great, just the plot of the stories are not that interesting..

  • K.Rozamluaii. Zamtei .k.lungen. says:

    I am from Mizoram, which is a small state in India. And I hope that your channel must be viewed by many people.

  • Video Reflector says:

    Hey Marcus my name is Calvin i am currently working and living in Barbados and I am Brown in complexion or (colored) i am bored with English movies so I started to watch asia n movies and dramas and your videos are a real help this way I can know what is trending .my question is this, why don't movie and drama studios sub their dramas themselves or pay some one to sub it instead they leave it unsubbed and many great dramas are left in the background as new dramas surface?

  • Heavenly Trial says:

    Any one knows Douban rating? Is the rating important? I am just curious what was the rating of Ten Miles Peach Blossoms on Douban back then if it was higher or lower than the Love and Destiny? Thank you.

  • Thx again for your recommendations. Always looking for something good to watch. I’m a big fan of Love and Destiny. Obsessed with checking for new episodes more than 5 times a day. I might have to rewatch it after all the episodes are available. Trying my best to find another drama while waiting for the uploads of Love and Destiny. I was following Go go Squid but lost interest at episode 30. Will try to finish it soon. Not in a hurry though. However, I will try Novoland now after watching your update.

  • Yah its hard to watch two dramas at the same time, and since I have a stressing regular job, I currently watch Love and Destiny. I'm a bit skeptical at first, but I its a drama that keeps getting better as the story progressed.
    Planned to watch Longest Day in Chang an and Go Go Squid.
    Your viewer from the Philippines.

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