[My Little Television] 마이 리틀 텔레비전 -Bolbbalgan4’s song is like stalker?! 20170121

[My Little Television] 마이 리틀 텔레비전 -Bolbbalgan4’s song is like stalker?! 20170121

(♪ Song : Tell Me You Love Me ♪ ) ♪ To you, who are sitting at the front row of the library ♪ ♪ I say Hello ♪ ♪ Oh Boy ♪ (-It’s nice. – I heard it often on the radio) ♪ You are popular and handsome ♪ ♪ but, you act cold towards me ♪ (-She has unique pronounciation.)
(-My sister loves this song.) ♪ Do you remember last night? ♪ ♪ You said you like me ♪ (-Maybe he was drunk.)
(-It was a dream.) ♪ Under pretty streetlight, you said you like me ♪ (Her unique voice gently touches the heart) ♪ You said you like me on that day ♪ ( – She is rolling her tongue.)
( – She pronounces English better.) ♪ Faster tell me that you love me ♪ ( – I envy my eardrums.)
( – My cochlea melted. ) Someone wrote we gave our best performance from the start There are many people curious about the story behind the song “Tell Me You Love Me” is about a one-sided love during my school days If you had someone you liked you would follow him to the library or even take the same bus The lyrics about the story in the library is based on my story (- She is honest.)
(- She suddenly confessed.) Ah, I see I rarely go to the library to study I don’t think I ever have but when i went, there were always a few good-looking kids Then, I would first scan the area Then I would stare until our eyes meet Once our eyes met, I ran away. I remember doing that Why did you do that… No, It wasn’t stalking! I know everyone must have done it at least once too That’s right Right? Of course I didn’t stare like this I stared like this. My friend and I agreed to go home afterward Then our eyes would meet When it happens, that boy would smile and come out He knew you were staring I am not a stalker I know everyone has done it at least once. During highschool, you date with that kind of innocence You can’t say that you like someone That’s what I expressed in the lyrics Which song should we sing next? Fight Day ♪ Song : Fight Day ♪ ♪ I am done with you, you are exactly like other men ♪ ( – It is a great song.)( – Why is it so sweet? ) ♪ I am actually in front of your house ♪ (- The stalker has come to the house.) ♪ You didn’t answer my call ♪ (- She is now threatening him for not answering the call.) ♪ In tears, I called you ♪ (- She is a stalker.)
(- She has beautiful voice.)


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