My First Time Playing the NEW DLC! (GTA 5 Diamond Resort)

My First Time Playing the NEW DLC! (GTA 5 Diamond Resort)

and I hope you'll having an amazing day and you know what I'm just gonna press this I think everything is all good to go welcome everyone who has just tuned in to the stream so yeah this is my first time actually playing at the new DLC I haven't played this DLC yet I've got myself ten million dollars to spend on this DLC so I don't really know what I'm gonna find today I don't know what we're gonna be in for today but welcome everyone who has just tuned into this stream now I'm just currently switching into the crew the crew is basically an exclusive crew for members of the channel so if you guys are a member of the channel you're able to join into the crew after the stream and I will invite you into crew sessions and stuff as we just play GTA 5 effectively but welcome everyone tune in to the string on my days it's been awhile since I have streams we're literally just gonna mess around with this DLC I have been so excited to play this thank you so much to everyone who has dropped a like they very much appreciated guys and again I hope you're having a great day so we're just loading into our crypt loading into our crib my day is going good Sarah how is your day going Bailey we have Khalil James as well good to have all of you guys in this stream I'll try and respond to as many of you guys as possible but on to laughs thank you so much for tuning in so yeah let's just um let's go over the casino we may as well let me just move this so I can see exactly where we're going to I want to go to my garage I do actually have a whip I have a brand new ride guys hi good luck thank you I feel like I'm gonna need the luck guys I have like a really like I've been working on this video we're just gonna be out tomorrow you know we're gonna go fantasy we're gonna go for this vehicle guys first up let's just get this cash in the bank guys I got to redeem these codes we'll do it in the PlayStation Store I think let's do it like that guys I'll redeem these cards we've got two codes to redeem and then we're literally just gonna go bowling in the casino guys this is a good idea is it a bad idea I don't know I don't know guys but let me know in the chat is everything okay audio wise everything else like that is everything okay let me know and Jats can you invite me you can do it via the noir point for live community I will feature that community in the stream once we get this code added in so all right we'll go with the the big code first the megladon shark cash card all right here we go guys how fast do you think were able to like lose this money this is gonna be mad all right well if you guys have just like tuned in and you haven't just at one of this boring chill nights in that I hope this stream or video whatever you guys are doing watching this as a video I hope I hope you enjoy it because I don't know if we're gonna enjoy this or not enjoy this really okay we got ourselves eight million dollars in the bank and we just have one more shot card to redeem this is just gonna be a great white shark card guys all right there we go nine million in the bank already let's redeem one more are we gonna regret this guy's burn the chat do you think we're gonna regret this or do you think we're gonna like win big I like I said I don't know how this works you guys gonna have to teach me as we as we roll through this but we're just gonna go through this as a newcomer with the DLC and over a few days late but I've been searching up some money methods guys I feel like I feel like we can really make some money today like I I can make you money I could make you money yo dude I I'm not gonna go in this with the expectation of losing the ten million dollars oh my days what are we doing what are we doing guys what is your community all right yeah I'm gonna show you guys the community members of the crew will have instant access to my sessions regardless and if you want to become a member like I said you can join the channel by pressing the join button just below the subscribe button it's also in the description below as well but if you're not a member you can just join via the community you might not get as priority access the crew members always you know they can always to see my sessions and join in before and even like during streams they always get like priority access but if you guys want to get in my session this is my community for those of you guys watching this live just join this community on PlayStation 4 it is called naught 3m we're still using the three million community guys it's called noir 3m yeah just join that community look out for my PSN is the exact same name as the community name and then just join my session through that guys and yeah the we're gonna do it I'm not gonna be accepting invites so if anyone asks me to accept them unfortunately that's not gonna happen or else we're just gonna have a stream of me accepting people anyway time to rock and roll oh can you buy a penthouse in Nicosia do you book in a penthouse we've got to get a penthouse guys all right so we need to go to the casino the casino oh my goodness dude I am so buzzing I am so buzzing to play this all right let's go well we were set up someone how did you get here already all right we got a rider rockets here guys hey we got TV blog spamming the emojis thank you so much man good to see someone using the emojis good to see him in the chat I love you bro thank you so much Parker how's it going though guys Ravi Jesse as well good to have you in the stream I'm gonna try and like when I Drive I'm gonna try and drive and also like read chat as well someone's like Fred question mark question mark you oh my oh thank you so much slam dude thank you so much man we are so close to the casino though we are getting there guys we are getting there right ten million dollars in the bank we are so gonna lose this dude right first up we need to see if we can actually get inside the casino you know we're probably gonna die oh gosh yep he's already going for me all right let's just park outside here bingo do we just walk in hope so her body armor unlock you're brilliant good to know we have some body armor guys what no come on come on dude I was getting in the casino oh man passive mode yeah we're going passive mode I just want again the casino guys I feel like I need to press a few buttons to get inside right um there's the casino it looks huge to be honest it literally looks nothing like the casino we had before but I gotta say Rockstar Games he done a great job on this now we just gotta hope they they give us the money you know what I'm looking forward to the most I'm looking forward to the the wheel of fortune I haven't yet spun that guy's not yet not quite yet all right so how do we get inside oh here we go now now it finally opens up for us thank you thank you oh this is gonna be interesting alright so I'm gonna move this just over there so I can see what's going on I don't have a pen ass yet so I'm just gonna go in the casino I need to buy one of those little guys so we right we are gonna buy one before we just hit the tables and what could I go for the max casino penthouse guys I mean is it like six and a half million dollars I think so that gives us a nice like four million dollars to spend guys okay okay I'm holding you to this don't let me buy any more like sharp cards after this guy's just saying all right yeah we got to buy yourself a penthouse first let's do it so to get one of those I assume we just go into diamond resort here we go right now what would you guys recommend we can get the design your own I'm gonna move this back over there what would you guys recommend we're gonna build this together right we could go for design your own high roller I mean feel like that's the one I need to get to be honest this is for the kind of player who only needs to make one bet one bet there we go stream over jokey hey we go amend a big shout out to you Yvonne Kasper thank you so much for becoming a member of the Channel right what do you guys think high roller a crash pad if you're going to crash crashes style or of course the party penthouse does it doesn't matter I want to know now guys does it matter it whichever one we get does it matter guys this is the greatest blank canvas money can buy do you do eat I don't want to like begin on a one and a half million dollar one and then figure out we've made their own choice design your own does everyone sing design your own design your own design is it shall we design around by the biggest room high roller oh my goodness right this is the great flat okay right we're gonna go with this guy's all right so bedroom here we go I'm gonna just I'm gonna make myself a bit smaller so we can see exactly what's going on here guys right I love you my favorite youtuber please make my natural disaster videos thank you so much for either Rocket's very much appreciated I would love to make more natural disaster videos anyway so we have master pen it's not just a palace as you're okay colors here we go right what cut well we can actually go for like oh this is awesome we get like different no that looks so no I don't want to go for that color scheme this one looks good I like this one vibrant you know we gotta get we're gonna get some vibrance in the room yeah we're gonna go for vibrant guys right colors 250,000 how is it worth that much dude right uh next next two onto patents here we go wait wait floor plan no hang on hang on right floor plan yeah okay four hundred thousand for the lounge area media room why not guys let's go for a spar as well why not bar and party up all my days we're already racked up to a three point two all my goodness do we really need this much office right office sometimes you need to take care of business there's no there's no reason you should sleep oh my days all our office oh dude doing the really big one all right optional extras how much is the office only only two hundred thousand what did the oh do we can actually have a private like guest room and a garage right it's not just a palace how much 400 six six million right we're gonna go with it guys and gonna roll with it colors yeah we did that patterns let's see what pattern we want to go for almost the wallpaper I see all right natural we could go for the Nets around pattern make sure to the lucky will is the first thing we're gonna do guys start putting in the chat what do you think we're gonna get in the lucky wheel guys no not that pain these look very much like hotels I want to go for like I don't like any of these dude 210,000 bit right we'll go with this 174,000 yeah we'll go with this one guys right next summary oh my days six and a half million dollars oh gosh right buy it now here we go oh that if we done it guys we've done it that is right that's like okay uh we've got it I really want to go inside just want to spin the wheel now felt like we just needed to get our penthouse right let's take a look at the casino the table games the slots inside the track lucky wheel the shop the penthouse is parking how to find us uh okay right the penthouse let's see we've already done the penthouse I'm not gonna renovate what I've just already done we've got 5,000 ships not bad so are we now a member are we now a member of the let's see is this now as a member can we like more info I think we remember now I hope so at least I mean if we have a penthouse you would hope we remember if we're not let me know in the chat guys if you need to anything else well let me know in the chat we're just gonna rock and roll with this though right what does this say and the elevator I don't want to see I want to I want to do the lucky wheel dude we're on let's do the lucky wheel you're gonna remember big shout-out to Siena mukluks – I really hope I didn't bunch of that name but thank you so much for becoming a member a I see you in the chat Siena thank you so much for becoming a member and we go another member as well all my days Marcus Herbert good to have you as a member buddy right is it on now the cools come in guys now they come in right where's this lucky wheel where's this lucky wheel oh there it is there it is dude there it is oh my days right please give me the Thrax give me the tracks give me the supercar give me the supercar dude all right here we go it's all or nothing guys it's all or nothing we're gonna no gosh not that thing I want to move me right me there we go I'm moving myself the corner over there you ready for this guys you ready for this spin at the lucky wheel oh my days continue here we go here we go here we go what's it gonna be what's it gonna be all my days I have to spin it alright yeah go wait nope we're going to spin it oh here we go three two one use L alright that was an awful spin but hey I'll take it oh oh oh oh oh no no no no oh no come on okay okay I'll take you guys I'll take it forty thousand dollars I'll take it guys I'll take it I'll take it guys right okay I thought that was going to be RP for a minute um we are playing on PlayStation 4 for the stream if you guys are an xbox or pc unfortunately we won't be able to join in I see a few of you guys asking how you're able to do that unfortunately it is PlayStation 4 today you know what guys forty thousand dollars I'm feeling confident now I'm feeling confident dude all right so what do you guys recommend what do you recommend we've got another number as well all my days Barney Davis good to have you in the stream dude thank you so much for becoming a member feel free to use those emojis in the chat so I can see who you are buddy right where do I move I'm gonna move myself like down there just so I can see all the notifications right I don't know how much this machine is gonna offer me but hey we're just gonna roll with it guys there's someone just alright here we go match three symbols or one or two socks on the pay line to receive the corresponding price return to player rate to 98 hey this this feels like an easy slot machine I don't know I don't know guys we'll give it a go we'll give it a go all right okay well bet max this isn't even a high one we got to go over some high one guys we're just gonna start off with you know something small spin here we go here we go what we gonna get oh nothing at all dude ah man right I'm quitting this one we're gonna go for a big one guys I just want to go big and go home right diamond hey buddy buddy can you move please I wanna I want to go get the diamond one I know the diamond ones have like amazing returns all right let's take a look at some of these ones what returns do we have Oh $25,000 oh wait is this a million I think this one's for a million all right let's do Angela night Vice City right let's do it let's do it guys right here we go here we go all my days we're doing it guys we're going for a big one all right so min and Max 500 ships is the max what do will do one we'll do one for now I just want to see how this works all right three two one go oh we're spinning it okay how quickly do you think we're gonna run out of money guys oh my days all right we'll do one more guys let's go no again terrible terrible guys all right one more one more let's do it one more time no okay this isn't my machine this is not my machine I want to go to the tables and the horse racing as well we're gonna briefly do like different things I know there's also like I need to find my rhythm here really and we need to try and find what we enjoy the most right let's see how many things can we get they all would get Vista bonus yeah thank you very no I don't want to trade anything all right thank you for a thousand now how many chips were able to acquire max chips all right no about 50,000 yeah yeah okay we got 50,000 chips let's go let's go let's do it alright so we have a bar over there I love how like Brian the middle of the game play here so we have this the machine's over there the table games around there where's the oh here we go the inside track all right let's go over this track go to the penthouse please we'll go to the penthouse Shirley I just want to play on a couple of these things guys right let's go onto the tracks I feel like we should we should just go on like the worst one and just hope that one wins all right let's sit down around here somewhere here we go continue all right how long do we have until the next game hey we've got another member big shout-out to you dude we have Cameron Sango good to have you a part of the channel buddy thank you so much for becoming a member not you can play poker in the casino yes I'll play that as well we're gonna do poker don't worry once we do the side track we'll go to the pet house because the nodal loads loads of you guys are asking me to go over there we'll briefly do the penthouse and just showcase it around and then we'll go and do some poker all right place a bet here we go right two minutes until the next race here we go guys all right who are we gonna bet on today dead fan 26 to 1 right we're gonna go bang in the middle with a friendly fire let's give this a go I mean we could just go big and go home yeah yeah okay okay I'm supporting this one guys we're gonna do a thousand I don't want to go too high on this we'll just go a thousand and we're gonna place our bet 27,000 on the right so here we go we're number six I think yeah we're number six all right we're not last we're not last that ain't bad guys that ain't bad we are not lasting but we're not Oh nope now we're last now we're last number one come on bunny come on number six come on get back in the screen oh wait here we go here we go here we go this is it No okay we've lost we have so lost this guy's and bingo will last one day one day one day guys we're gonna go for for a big win one day we're gonna get one guys okay let's let's go up to the penthouse we'll showcase that just for a little bit and then we're gonna go and do some poker and do some table games guys but in the meantime not bad all right oh we can get some food what is actually like a burger or is that shit known as chips I think that must be chipped toodles game my hopes up then I was like wait is there any like a burger restaurant in here all right so to the penthouse we go where is it I think it's round two you guys yo we got a donation thank you so much krk oh dude thank you so much for the donation buddy very much appreciate it pizza whitehead good to have you back in this stream buddy Jacob as well Jake doback on remember Jacob Tom Tom Olsen and Barney Davis thank you so much for coming members dude good to have you both in the stream up to the penthouse we go I guess right oh yeah but those are my days yeah of course has a roof terrace alright let's go to the penthouse let's do it let's view it guys penthouse here we go how many of you guys in my session as well I have a feeling a couple of you guys are probably in my session right now can you give me a shout out shout out to you cami thank you so much for joining the joining the stream I'm so happy our body man I mean if you put the custom emojis in if you're a member and you put the custom emojis in then of course I'm gonna notice you guys so if you want to get notice and if you remember put those custom emojis in I've almost two months your bro TK blokes you're about to upgrade your badge there buddy after two months mark you're gonna be like one of the first ones with the brand new badges all right so this is the penthouse hey what's going on lady can you get out of my house please I just bought this I just I just bought the penthouse can you please just man I can't skip this we gotta watch this guys please tell me it's not a long cutscene I'm gonna invite all of you guys in right here we go champagne I don't want champagne – I want to I want to start playing some games I want to start playing some games okay okay can we we still can't skip we go to watch the entire scene that's good Tommy I read the chat in the meantime guys see what you guys are saying that's going Luke you've been watching me for two years thank you so much man as well skull crusher bro you guys are like thank you so much to everyone who is signing up for a member very much appreciated guys so many of you guys become members this stream that's mad good to have you guys doing the channel yeah what yeah dude I'd like a late lunch oh my days it's still playing I just wanna play some games oh my days there's like a whole meme of this guy his only line is like champagne anyone and I'm starting to like pick up on this meme now I'm starting to pick up on this name guys – India dudes – good to have you in the stream buddy avery duggan is not a nice man this won't be good for business if he's serious he's not I'm so sorry about this guy's if I knew there was gonna be a scene this long I would not I'm going inside my penthouse I paid six and a half million dollars to get this scene come on guys give me a break this guy shot he's like let's do it on who are you guys can't do my community or app the stream anyone who is a member then they will be invited to the crew and the crew is members only and you can join my session before the stream like when I'm setting everything up because crews can just join people in the crew so if you guys want to join the channel then you'll be able to join my session before I even scream next time if you're around and I do update you when I do stream so crew members so people who are part of the channel they did actually get updated like yesterday I update them like hey guys we're streaming tomorrow so if you want to get like early updates then that is the way to go guys eat either way this place looks pretty cool actually all my days I'm glad we got the layout we did my control it's vibrating I think someone's trying to shoot me down yep someone is definitely trying to shoot me down guys all right so this is the guest bedroom pretty good pretty good if you ask me is this a door or is it oh it slides open what that's insane all my days then there's another door going into the toilet oh my goodness even the toilet paper looks luxury guys oh my days right let's see can I invite all of you guys in to my penthouse penthouse management invite penthouse I'm gonna invite like everyone in my session so if you guys are like in my session then look out for an invite guys it doesn't seem like there's many of you guys in myself in my session so if you want to join in my community is not 3m and join my session via that guys but this looks aren't amazing oh wait this stairs as well there's actually what oh that's the entrance okay that's the entrance interesting all right so if we take a look around here there's just a bar with like gulping on it oh my goodness this place is huge I feel like I shouldn't even oh I did pay six and a half million dollars for this but still this place is huge guys I'm even I'm what this is mad this is wait hang on all this people inside yes good to have you guys yeah what's going on everyone what's going on you guys gonna be my lucky charms on the floor okay when we start hitting the tables over there's a table over here actually oh can we can we go for a game here we go the aim Oh blackjack all right all right guys we gotta go for a game we're gonna go for a game all my days all right place my bet bet 1,000 well place bet here we go 1,000 all right I know the rules don't worry we're good there we go all right oh we got so what I'll sit you down as well here we go guys our first game we're gonna go down to the floor after this but we've got our first game you ready for this guys you ready for this all right 12 seconds to go I can just hear destruction outside absolute destruction three seconds to go here we go here we go this is the one this is the one right we've got a – I gotta go an ace not bad I feel like we can keep going twelve oh man if only it was 11 all right I feel like we can keep going guys um yeah hit me go on don't give me a royal oh man what no not on the first game I mean we will man that was unlucky alright let's see well the person next to me got blackjack bro well done dude well done I want to go again right one last game and then we'll go down to the floor alright we'll do one more alright here we go here we go thirty Seconds Barney over I just want to win something like this is terrible alright $1,000 down here we go here we go dealer must stand on 70 or queen not bad not bad for a first card now give me something good after this come on come on come on yo boys here we go here we go this is it this is it guys all right here we go yeah we've won this I'm sticking we're stretching like yeah we got this in the bag guys now this is when the dealer gets 21 dude let's see waiting for other players go on guys make your move oh yes yes two and a half thousand all right quit there guys we're 500 up well let's go downstairs I'm switching our passive mode I feel like we can actually switch that off now guys all right let's see what else is around here we have the bathroom I don't want speedy miss Baker on my days we're speaking to an outer wall the spa this guy I don't know who this guy is right whatever bro whatever all right let's keep moving all right surrounds here we have days okay I'm impressed I am impressed guys and we actually overlooked the rooftop terrace and know loads of you guys probably seen this already but this is my first impressions and I got to say I'm impressed already guys this is huge all right you know what let's go downstairs I've explored everything there's probably a couple of things I haven't yet explored this place is massive what's through here a theater room brilliant guys just brilliant all my days can you leave me alone please all right we're gonna the exit that's good question you guys all right there we go she's left me alone or I where's the exit the exit is is it this way I think so maybe I don't know I'm actually lost in my own penthouse guys is this normal is this normal are we meant to be lost it's not that way it's oh I see you now it's this way all right brilliant wait what is this an elevator does this take me down too well it takes us to the casino let's go guys let's go thank you so much the amazing support guys Sean good to have you in the stream Ashley as well pool as well good to have you in the stream buddy Oh Ryan Kevin Caden thank you so much tuning in I do have Xbox one I prefer the PlayStation 4 I should stream on Xbox one more but PlayStation 4 is like what I use the most alright here we go let's load this up and let's see what happens here guys alright we're back in the casino we're gonna go to the tables now guys I want to do poka poka squad tables is it no it's not this way it's a closed door in here ready good to have you in the stream alright table games here we go I wish I could spin the wheel more often I know there's like ways to do it but like glitches and stuff but now we're gonna do it every day guys all right let's see all right so table games we have inside track over there lounge table games high stakes lounge table games high okay both ways it doesn't really matter let's keep grooving let's keep moving hello what's going on good sir this is the VIP membership that your Wow okay we can access the VIP lounge nice nice thank you thank you buddy good to know good to know thank you very much the insight no I don't wanna go around here it's around to you guys this place is massive how many of you guys got lost when you first played this let me know in the chat thank you so much gage alright so your VIP membership allows you to play high Leamas tables before we go on high limits who wheeler actually right we're gonna do a roulette game we're gonna do like game guys oh dear how much can we bet on this what's the minimum we're gonna stick with minimums for now now my usual trick with this all right this is my usual trick I would do like No okay there we go I'll do that and then I would do that and the chances are we're gonna win something all right if it comes in the first third then rigged alright we'll just say rate all right 21 seconds to go right we're gonna go like no we could just don't know and now we'll stick how it is well stick it out it will go with these two first now this is like my tactic but my most of the time it works but you know don't follow tactics guys not we're not in casino is terrible idea don't take any of my advice alright let's see let's see bang is now finished wheel cam what's it looking like what's it looking like guy go on give me something good give me something good anything above 12 please anything above 12 and then we'll increase the bets just a little bit you want above 12 above 12 oh yeah okay so we won we won 300 ships so we won 100 profits so you know it's a little tactic hey bro good to have you being a member of the channel moly baby vlogs thank you so much buddy very much appreciated right what's the max boys the max pet I don't know what the max is what is the max 10,000 I don't really want to do 10,000 to be honest although that's how you make the money isn't it no man no we're not doing way every bet no we haven't bet alright just the bet right we're gonna we're gonna do a thousand all right we'll stick with a thousand we'll do it again we'll stick with a thousand here we go here we go guys I don't want to like waste all the money at the start of the stream we got so much more to do by the way is there any other way of getting ships can you only get 50,000 a day is that true can you only get 50,000 a day we old camera go on under 12 over 12 over 12 over 12 please over 12 otherwise we've lost 2,000 over 12 come on come on be over 12 I love how it's like zooming in like that there's so much tension here guys so close I almost landed on nine it almost lands done died all my days alright okay do we do we step this up do we step this up do we step this up guys oh no oh no do we step it up do we step it up oh man okay I don't think we should to be always oh man right we're gonna Yolo it guys we're gonna Yolo a we're gonna do a max bet dead center right in the set off no remove the BET we're gonna go this one right 10,000 that's it that is it guys if we win bingo if we don't then we're quitting all right we're quitting roulette if we don't 10th the come on under 12 now under 12 under 12 give me a number under 12 I would I never got I never usually going to 12 like superstition about this maybe maybe this can be redeemed come on 10,000 under 12 come on come on dude come on what do you think guys let me know the chat right now do you think we're gonna win or do you think we're gonna lose the most likely we're gonna lose no we were gonna go in the middle as well are we moved it from the middle oh man oh no would it be so lit how many chips do we have for 45,000 we could go for one more no no we're coming back to this we're coming back this guy we're going back to those guys all right let's go over to a poker table let's play some cards I want a car from the wheel is outside whoa dude well done well done I've seen so many people win amazing things from the wheel Shila thank you so much for the donation very much appreciated I don't want to do three-card poker I want to do like let's see poka poka poka poka poka just like normal poker not blackjack either is there like just normal poker hello was this blackjack oh man it I think it's just three-card poker is it is it is it just three-card is there no to card CR man I think I think it's all three card right let's give a three card ago the aim of three-card poker is to make the best poker hand possible with three cards comparing your hand against the dealer's right I've never actually played this so we're gonna have to just try and pollute this I guess I what's the ante yeah okay we'll go with ten pair plus is a side bet this will win if your hand has pair or higher yeah okay well go for a side bet as well why why not ten chips let's do it let's go say my name Benedict thanks for tuning in I was going Amy thanks for tuning in as well alright let's see we need to get a pair in order to win this other one all right pick up cards let's take a look do we have a pair oh no pair all right so we lose the ante place a bet equal two can we see the dealer's cards no we can't I was gonna say like what what's going on there well we got a donation five-pound donation wait hang on we got 15 seconds please will you invite me to your session crew I became a member I will do that after stream yeah we're gonna play I this is a terrible ham there I don't know why we're playing oh yeah we lost we've so lost this right so I have eight hi yeah we've lost we've lost alright I understand how this works now guys I don't know how this works I just wanted to figure this out first time around hey dude thank you so much JJ dad productions for becoming a member very much appreciated and good to have you part of the channel um alright let's see what we have here we'll do one more of these games how's it going guys very much appreciated for tuning in alright this guy okay ten gifs I feel like we've got to move to a different table with the chips we have like I have no expectation of actually increasing these right okay place ante bet ten well do you want more of these games then we're moving to high roller guys and yeah we'll go for a plus better as well why not let's do it hey Molly good to see you rocking the members badge buddy alright everyone's ready we've got a full table okay give me a peg give me something good let's see what do we have all right let's take a look can we pick these up yet here we go oh that's not bad I mean that's just eight high unless is this is this a strike King ace – does that is that does that work I don't know if that works but hey we're gonna play anyway guys um I'm gonna play I don't know if that's a straight though I mean it could be king ace – possibly but I think it just goes King ace I don't think two counts either way we beat the dealer yeah we'd be the dealer guys we're good we're good brilliant all right we got 30 chips thank you very much quit now we'll go in High Roller this is boring we've got to go somewhere good hey we've got another member as well vlogs and gaming AS vlogs and games thanks thanks becoming a member and thanks for tuning in um alright let's see three card poker these are all Loeb these are all though guys I want to go wait hang on hang on hang on let's go high stakes up here alright so we got three card poker all right we'll play one game of this high stakes yeah we do ante bet is 1000 RA here we go here we go let's see this is where it start this is where it starts we'll just stick with that for now I'm not gonna go for a plus we're gonna stick with this I've gotta Marcus thanks for tuning into the stream how's the Chophouse chop after the video yesterday he's fine he's fine he's fine guys he's fine don't worry sure ya think chops just resting I don't think I'll use him for a while now guys oh we go right Baracus here do you wanna you wanna you want to join in if you stay pointing at me like hey good luck man good luck I need it we are not getting the best luck streak though alright here we go we've got through three cards down and give me something good pick up the cards for a six okay we've got ace we have an ace he's gonna have something he is gonna have something guys it's only a thousands let's do it again let's go in we have like 40,000 yes we won bro I think we want yes we won oh my days all right I've had enough of this I want to go on to I will quit this now thank you very much we got 3,000 in the bank um let's go on to roulette nope no not real late yet oh man this tables fully booked come on guys come on come on guys I'll wait for that table to think of it more empty all right back to your letter is guys back to roulette and then we're going to blackjack all right here we go here we go all right we're gonna go for just we're gonna go just gonna stick lucky here guys I'm gonna go for 14 17 15 18 all right we'll go one bet there and we'll stick the max bet what do we do what do we do what do we do do we do we do we even do a max bit red oh gosh odd odd max bet on odds right oh gosh don't be an even number it's gonna be an even number now guys I know it's gonna be an even number right come on come on give me some luck give me some luck be an odd number be an odd number and preferably between 14 and like 16 17 17 14 what is it 14 18 14 17 come on be an odd number be an odd number what's it gonna be what's the gonna be oh dude odds its odds all my days are we got 20,000 chips right not bad not bad guys what's our reaction like ohh reaction cam were just sitting there alright so how many chips do we got 56,000 all right we're back up guys we're back up right this time we're going max right in the middle and and we're just gonna go for just you know I'm gonna adjust the BET what do we do 5,000 I think we went 5,000 in the middle no we done 10,000 I think all right let's see we'll do a thousand there and another thousand they're right let's see let's see in the middle come on [Laughter] all right in the middle in the middle in the middle it's gonna be I don't know all right let's see in the middle come on come on come on come on it's gonna be about 12 and like under 20 I don't know I don't know what the middle is here guys oh no we're getting lucky now guys we're actually getting luck oh my days when I was 20 as well I think we actually had a chip on no we did we I don't know we may have all my days bro 183 thousand our luck is rolling in doo doo right I think we might do that again let's do max Bay again let's go 13:24 should we do it again let's go again let's do it again and we're adjusting the bet down to $500 to be like there and there all right we'll stick with that here we go here we go be in the middle again be in the middle again that was a good win come on that was a good win we finally got a win here we all cam let's see what's he gonna land on this time we are we on a streak that's the question are we on a streak you guys okay okay do we back out now we're at 102 thousand chips right this is getting interesting this is get interesting guys all right um what do we do do we go again can we do it again oh all right all right all right what do you lower and I'm also just gonna like do 1,000 there and then like 1,000 there let's go let's go all right let's do it let's do it guys it's got to be under 12 or if it's not it's got a lot of one of those numbers we're screwed if it doesn't matter on a winning streak guys can we get some likes this we're almost at a thousand likes under 12 under 12 under 12 under 12 come on come on dude come on if we lose this work we're skipping over to blackjack oh my what is going on what is going on bro what is actually happening you you got to just do what I'm doing here guys this is Matt oh my days 120,000 all right we have won like 19 we won out with a hundred thousand chips now already guys in the past three goes we're going again we're going again Mac's bet in the middle let's go Mac's bet in the middle we're gonna play until we lose basically guys we're playing until we lose and we'll go one there and we'll do one there all right let's go let's do it let's do it guys we're bringing it home we're bringing it home it's gotta be between 13 and 24 if it's not then we could still probably win a bit of money but we'll see we'll have to wait and see guys right let's see how much are we gonna win this time all right let's go let's go let's go let's go come on 14 and 24 is it I think so I think so 14 or 24 is our win streak over yeah it looks like it's over guys but we still got 9,000 chips so we only lost like a couple of thousand there but still I'll take it guys I'll take it let's let's leave this I want to do some blackjack now I think our luck is run out I think it's right out now guys all right oh man I can you guys please just move I wanna I wanna play some blackjack please this I don't even think they're actual players I genuinely think they're like NPCs like we out do an economy sure we go and check out they call me up yeah let's go do that I'll see what the car meets like what's in the Management Area no I don't want to do a mission I don't want to do a mission guys let's see what do we have around here around here we just have the exit is everyone really doing economy and how do we go downstairs I'm trying to like figure out where everything is guys this is the VIP lounge I'm so lost in here right what's through here nothing amazing amazing nothing through there guys what do we even have let's see all right that's the wheel oh there's the elevator all right we've got to go over there guys somehow somehow we've got to go over there so we keep walking this way we keep walking this way guys I'm doing good today Patrick how are you doing today buddy how are you doing today man should not like to utj stamp thank you so much for tuning in I got to admit though guys we are on a roll right now I was not expecting to actually be this high up hey Jay Today productions again with the nation thank you so much can we get the car no we can't I think we might have to go to the penthouse in order to do some blackjack but we'll just take the exit now where the elevators here actually all right let's go down to the car meet up let's see what let's see what whips you guys have to the parking garage is that is that where your friend Joey sits hi how's it going Joe thanks for tuning in I did spin the wheel we got 40 thousand dollars it was right at the start of the stream for those of you guys wondering and thank you so much for 1000 likes ready guys very much appreciated all right let's see what's cracking around here all right so we've got a couple of vehicles over here all these vehicles look really nice on my days so there's a couple of cars um not too many I like the blue one actually this one looks quite nice I love the fact that rockstar games have like given us the ability to view cars from like other players in like a safe space now comets have been a thing in this game for years and there's always one person who just destroys everything basically all right let's go back inside I want to go to the penthouse now guys we're gonna just play some blackjack up there and I'm gonna invite like everyone in tenth house let's go let's go what do you guys say let's see how are you doing I'm doing good how's it going thanks so much tuning it anyway Carla can you find the elevator were in the elevator now we found it this dream is awesome just watching you winning roulette is the best I wasn't expecting to win real ed that many times a shark blocks thanks for tuning in North squad thank you buddy we'll do a members chat only for like 5 minutes let's do it let's do it now actually I'll set the members chat for like five minutes so if you guys are wondering why you can't chat then it's only gonna be for like five minutes just so I can get all of the members just talking to the chat really all right let's see enable Members Only chat so I've just enabled it so if you guys are a member then yeah you should be able to talk in the chat let's just see how this works I don't know if just let's see okay I think this is work so members only mode is on so if you guys remember just make yourself known now and in like five minutes time I'll switch back off and let every one of you guys talk in the chat afterwards but hey I can see okay we got you move on we got Skullcrusher we got Barney thanks for tuning in guys all right blackjack here we go we're gonna invite everyone into the wait no we can't do it here 80 K blocks thanks for tuning in buddy right I'm gonna get off the table I want to invite everyone in first let's get a party up here guys all right everyone and come on know that in wait how we invite it's raw wait wait I thought that was a way to invite people I don't know Barney shocked blocks how's it going guys Marcus as well how is my holiday my whole day was really good I was away for like 10 days and I'm so glad I missed this DLC I really wanted to like just showcase bits in it but uh yeah we're back now guys at least I'm gonna try and do some like maybe money guides or something I know if I'm able to pick something up I might do a video on that but I've got a couple of other videos like I've literally got like three days planned ahead already so I've got a couple of things ready for you guys but I'm so lost already I don't know where we are page go away let's see for some reason I'm unable to invite you guys to my flat I don't know why but hey how's it going shout blocks it doesn't let me join yeah do join the join my game is through the community on PlayStation 4 you need PlayStation for life yeah today at least for the stream you need PlayStation before as anyone saw the killer not yet not yet I keep getting emails about accurate Easter Egg but no one has solved it yet so it's still open guys it is still open thank you so much for coming remember Zach attack 89 thanks so much buddy wait where do we go what I'm so confused I live done nothing here we've just been kicked out of our own penthouse guys oh my days how can I get in your game sorry disconnected so to get into my game I'll call you briefly show you guys right now for the stream you need to be part of my community which if you're part of it you can either be part of my crew if you're part of it then you will know already if you're not I will invite you after stream but this is the community just join into this and enjoy my session through the community guys if you want to join into my game it's not 3m my PSN is the exact same as well so we're just joining it through that guys no no not PlayStation now go back or GTA 5 please oh gosh alright there we go alright now we're back downstairs I want it I want to play some blackjack do we try and place them in here the tables most likely gonna be fully bugged though let's go upstairs let's go upstairs again last week I love doing them no so you got to see more of them don't worry I'm gonna change the chat back over to public now so all the rest of you guys can talk but I'm glad I was able to do that because last time I tried to stream I wanted to like a members-only channa didn't how to do that so now I'm able to do that was able to see all of you members and thank you so much to everyone who has to become a member already very much appreciated guys but now we have got the members only mode off so if you guys couldn't talk before now you can alright so the table is this way I believe I think so now can I invite yeah here we go now we can all right invite everyone here we go all of you guys come on to get at the penthouse everyone there's only 11 people here oh my days alright let's um let's sit down and play some blackjack here we go here we go all right continue remember as well Laura Laura and Ravel thanks so much for becoming a member of the channel place your bet here we go right um a thousand do it we could fifty thousand on my days now that's too much that's too much I'm not doing fifty thousand on my first go let's do five let's do it let's stick with five place that hey we've got company yes good to have you guys here alright so we've bet four and a half thousand dollars we'll stick with that guys we'll stick with that and let's see if we're gonna win we haven't had the best of luck to be honest five of diamonds RIT alrighty guy oh we've got a pair we should have paired up a moon shadow with twenty knock you can play I know you can change thanks so much let me know wait yeah I'll change after this and see what else were able to find but we've got a pair we should have no okay doesn't matter alright do we split mmm let's hit come on we've got ten give me something give me an ace Commun ace 20 right we're standing we're standing guys no more no more please don't you dare get blackjack don't you dare get blackjack sir yes yes we win nine thousand ships in the bank boys there we go there we go alright let's let's up the ante now I feel like I feel like we got the luck this is the worst thing you could feel when you play poker guys when you play back blackjack or any sort of game to be honest all right max bets we're gonna decrease that down to ten thousand place your bet ten thousand here we go here we go sir oK we've got one person to a 5k there's a commune a skinny and a skinny a nice six alright we'll work with that guys we'll work with that go on and give me give me like something low and preferably under five under five no no this is like the worst hand oh man oh no no no this is Riggs Riggs oh man whoa all right we're going again we're going again guys we're going again this is how we lose all our money this is how it happens how much do we even have a hundred eleven thousand all right so rule that paid off this is not gonna pay off I know it's not gonna pay off now guys we're gonna do 10k again are we wasting our money thirsty 5k 5k it is five thousand on the table thank you very much sir I want at least a few games right go on place your bets I don't know he's quitting I don't blame you buddy I do not blame him whatsoever I let's see we got a four not bad not bad for a starting card all right what else we gonna get 14 oh no I want to get that guy's hand would you like a card for you it hit go on go on give me give me the ten wait we got twenty okay yeah well stand we'll stand would you like a card all right waiting for the players what are you gonna do buddy he's got three and a nine I think this guy's got a seven he's hesitating what are you gonna do man oh this guy's like pointing like just just bet now he's gonna hold all right wait you're holding on on this twelve I have 20 I went 10,000 eh eh okay what a play what a play guys all right we're gonna do 10,000 it again I want to wait on a 10k I want to win on a 10k guys can you please respond to me can you please play mad out to be see what was that game I've never heard of it buddy 50,000 on No this is how we lose right up in the ante if we win on this we're increasing it to 15k all right if we win on this is going to 15k – not bad that is a good card the good card to have right here we go give me well ah I know I know what's gonna happen I know what's gonna happen now guys just give me a tenner up let's see give me a tenner up go on go on ruin it for me oh okay I took a twenty right let's stand now we just got to hope this guy doesn't have blackjack this is our end this is our ends guys all right he's got seven I think the person next to me wait I'm standing I'm standing I told you I was standing all right I'm not interested all right is bill 13 bingo 20,000 chips in the bank all right how many do we have now 126 thousand we are raking this up guys not bad at all right let's go again we're gonna increase the ante now fifteen thousand here we go place the bet 15k oh gosh guys oh no no no no no jack all right this is good this is good come on give me a low card ace ace even a ten would be happy would be good to be honest it's a 300 now he pulls out the blackjack oh my days Oh No okay okay guys do we quit I'm quitting I'm changing the game we're changing the game sorry bro sorry I don't trust this I don't trust this a tool we're changing the game sorry guys were playing poker doubt services which one is it is it round here three cards here we go right let's go again no I don't wanna play that I want to do three card okay can do a five star war level in the casino is that even possible play three-card poker here we go guys all right continue all right he's gonna join okay so we're gonna go like light here we're just gonna go with I have no idea what I'm doing to be honest guys the ante right 5k bring it I have no idea what we're doing we're not gonna go pear plus we're not gonna give with that guy's right 20 seconds on the clock oh I think someone else is that mm we got this guy put in 2000 down oh and he's oh okay okay he's been incompetent this is when we get up here this is when we get like pages or triple aces that would be insane right pick him up oh that is okay that's not bad that's not bad we have high ace but we could still lose to quite a few things actually to be honest play wager 5k another one down I guess there we go I'm going to regret this please have nothing oh gosh all right let's see what he's got let's see what he's got what's this guy doing he's thinking these oh I can see his cards all right so he's folding for no we lose we lose all right he's got a pair oh man right okay okay I feel like I want to do a really big bet to be honest I might just go down to roulette I just hope we we win something let's do let's do another game let's do another game we're gonna up this up to a really high bet and then if we don't win we're gonna go out to roulette guys right again five us to 5 place it and we're gonna do the double down as well we're gonna do that all right yeah guys don't expect me to like keep all these chips we are so gonna run out of all these chips by the end of the stream if we lose this where we're heading down to roulette basically if we win this we're still heading down to relapse and we're just gonna do a huge bet I don't care we're just gonna go we're gonna go big guys all right let's see what do we have go on give me a pair boys all right not bad not bad all right play yes please pair 10 this is a decent hand yes there we go that's it we win we win guys we win with a pair and we went 17,000 chips yep all right let's quit wait wait guys we're going down roulette let's go a place of roulette now guys this is gonna be like the last part of the stream I'm not gonna do much after this guys I'm just gonna go down and we're gonna go big I thought that's just how it's gonna be now let's head down to the floor and we're just gonna literally yeah everyone saying do it do it we got we got it we've got to just go big we got to go big guys this is gonna be the last part of the stream we're probably on me streaming for like a ten minutes longer at most and yeah I'm just gonna hope that um that I pays off I'm gonna save myself like a couple of chips in case I want to come back to the cocido actually no no no actually we're just gonna go with all of them 107 thousands I'm gonna move my webcam down bring it bring it guys all right which way is this way we have to go the long way around do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do yeah we can get 50,000 more chips tomorrow so I think we'll be ok guys I think we'll be okay well we'll just put this hundred thousand into roulette and hope we hope we make some return oh no oh dear all right let's go guys let's go what do you thinks gonna happen do you think we're gonna win or do you think we're gonna lose this is it though guys this is what we've been waiting for I mean we've done pretty well so far but that's usually the way it goes at the start you do well and then you end up losing like everything afterwards is the blackjack team over no it's still busy how do you how are you guys like for real just no one move this is like nobody moves nobody moves guys I'd leave it oh who these people are they're just random NPCs you've been like chilling here the entire time either way relax over there this is my lucky table this is my lucky table case we actually have one no all right let's see let's see we're gonna do we're gonna just put like five there bye maxximum inside no bro okay I'm gonna pick this up alright one two three and we're gonna go in the middle with 10k alright let's go we've lost this now guys we've lost this oh no no no no no oh here we go it's gotta be between 14 and 20 21 21 24 24 and for 13 to 24 what's it gonna be come on go on come on this is what we just keep winning and this stream just doesn't end we're gonna have to end this at some point guys a half passed we're ending it alright we're just gonna go big until then we won again we actually want to get what is going on what is actually going on how we haven't like lost oh dear all right let's go max bet over there nothing's really landed over there to be honest so I'm feeling lucky over there guys alright let's do a thousand another thousand another thousand and another thousand all right let's go this is the one and you know what just because just in case we're gonna stick with that let's see let's see how this rolls out guys oh my days best of luck thank you so much thank you so much guys best of luck great good to know we're just not gonna run out we're literally not gonna run out dude all right so we can't move anything now it's got to be above 25 that's what that's what it's got to be above 25 we've won so much money from this this is this is how we're gonna make the money guys the chances are we're gonna win like something good we want to get we actually won again are you kidding I days right we're gonna go in the middle again max bet right I I don't know what to say to be honest Bam Bam and bang him here we go that's the one that's how we're gonna roll that's how we're gonna roll you know what let's do one more of these we're gonna stick with 5k on the table there we go not bad are we gonna lose guys that's the question are we going to lose oh dear I still got the know sticker on the back of my phone hey that's awesome TK that is awesome we got plenty of these stickers they're gonna be around in the next and some of your event as well but that's awesome good to know the stickers are still are still are still being used what's it gonna be I'm like waiting to lose now we've won too many times in the middle in the middle oh no it's right at the bottom we still won though we've got 9,000 chips we lost like a lot though but we still won 9,000 chips yeah all right we're gonna go in the middle again max bet um can we go high we can't go higher than 10k oh wait hang on we could lose 20 wait if it's red and if it's in the middle then we win big here I think I don't know and you know what we're gonna go 500 like number 20 no no not 20 no no no remove that one number 14 no no no no no number 14 I'm feeling lucky give me $500 if we win on this with $500 I'm gonna be so annoyed all right let's see red in the middle are we gonna lose are we gonna lose like this is actually getting to a point where it's like we lost the last round fair enough fair enough guys what's gonna happen this round dude dude dude oh man that was tense we lost oh no no we got 20,000 still but we still lost 20,000 20,000 okay I think we broke even I don't know yeah I think we broke even there guys luckily luckily that was close though I might do that again let's do it again I'm wait I'm waiting for it to happen guys it's gonna happen alright and we're just gonna put 1,000 on number 14 again it trust me it's gonna be number 14 alright it's gonna be number 14 at some point it's gonna be number 14 alright um thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed away and drop the like on the stream thank you so much guys they spun the wheel alright be please be between 13 and 24 on reds preferably number 14 is the magic number now if we get 14 just drop a like on the video guys that's literally that's that's wait what happened this one put their hand in it guys come on maybe they're trying to rig it for me number 14 it's not gonna be 14 oh it's 0-0 dude oh my days that's rare right fair enough I'll take you I'll take it guys um let's go again max bet red this is okay we'll do number 14 and I'm just gonna place a few of these around just in case let's do that and let's do that actually you know what I don't think it's really been down there much so we'll stick with that right brilliant brilliant guys really rare together the green though fair play fair play guys just that everything at this point yeah pretty much that's what I'm doing as Lidge I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just putting everything down on the table I mean I want to smack 10,000 on a number but I know it we're just not gonna win that like as fun as that would be we're just not gonna win that guy's alright dude dude dude dude we have five minutes left so I got a really rush this dirty dirt it in the middle be read come on come on if it's read and if it's in the middle we've won a fair bit oh man we've won 9,000 chips but now okay now we are losing a fair bit now guys we're still in 100,000 but we've lost like 340 thousand already do we stick in the middle I mean it's got to be in the middle now it's got to be in the middle dude it's got to be there right wait no when I go for max we want to go from pax and it's got to be read please be right it it's gotta be read at some point right we're gonna do a thousand on five and four and over there as well and 14 just please number 14 let's go oh my days alright let's see four minutes to go until I'm gonna close off the stream guys again if you have not yet dropped like please do so that'd be amazing and subscribe as well guys dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude it it's gotta be in the middle now I mean it's landed in so many other places that has just got to be the middle come on come on go big or go home okay it's the middle we got 30,000 we lost the bet on red but we still got 30,000 guys we're back up to 108 thousand oh my days dude we're just not gonna end up losing our money right max bet let's go right actually you know what max bet number 12 and max bet number 20 28 no okay we've got to stick with number 12 then basically right if it's number 12 we're gonna carry on if it's not then I'm gonna end the stream guys all right number 12 let's go this is gonna be the final one it's gonna be the final one guys and then we have to end and then I'm gonna have to end the stream but let's see number 12 come on it's not gonna be number 12 it is no gonna be number 12 but we can hope guys we can hope do you it dude dude dude it did it did it dude it did it dude but you know what I'm happy finishing this on a hundred thousand we're up 50k guys you know that I'm happy with that I'm happy with that number twelve oh it's there oh oh dude that was so close with so close I thought if it kept jumping but hey that's the wrong there guys that's the rule in it either way I'm gonna end this dream here guys thank you so much for tuning in if you enjoyed the stream again drop a like that would be amazing and yeah I hope you guys just had a good time so I'll see you guys next time thanks for watching my name is nour subscribe as well and I'll see you guys tomorrow with a brand new video and hopefully you guys get a rejoice well so well yeah thanks for watching guys Nick good thanks for the donation as well very much appreciated and a big shout out to all of you guys who did become a member in this stream today either way thanks for watching my name is not and I will see you guys next time


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