MUST WATCH - How to Use Social Media with Grant Cardone

MUST WATCH – How to Use Social Media with Grant Cardone

hey my name is Grant Cardone I'm so glad to be with you today Jamie shanks somehow Jamie always convinces me to do this for him and it is because Jamie and I connected on social media and his efforts and interest in helping other people with growing their business growing their sales by using social media I think it's the reason ultimate reason did I do this for Jamie and also to help you okay so look when I was introduced for social media just about eight years ago I guess at the age of fifty years old I didn't understand it I didn't know how to use it I didn't know what Facebook was or how to start a page or Google+ or Twitter I didn't know any more than maybe you know right now maybe you know more than I know I know this though when I chose to use social media what I saw in it that I see so many people miss is these are lines massive lines communication lines that costs nothing for you and I to literally build an image and impression with the marketplace and with the public that would raise the awareness of our products ourselves our brands our reputation or whatever it is you want to create in the marketplace whether you have hard products or virtual products whether you have a brand to sell or a company to promote social media is a way to build it I want to talk to you in this segment in this short segment about how to literally become a celebrity in your space when I saw social media I had had a number of frustrations with both radio and traditional TV and because of my frustrations and my disappointments and not being in charge of my career with radio and TV and also watching my wife as an actress not being charged but have to wait for a movie deal or a TV script I saw social media is a way for me to control my environment to control my message Tillery control my reputation my brand and most importantly their frequency the frequency at which I could communicate that message so the first thing I had to do was like make a commitment you don't want to use social media merely use it you want to literally abuse it if you will okay don't take that wrong I tend to over exaggerate myself tuitions to make a point what I wanted to do with social media was to take that line and use it as often as possible in a manner that radio and TV would not let me look you and I can't afford traditional TV advertising you're not gonna be invited to Fox News over and over every day that's who sells all the books if you notice the people that have the best-selling books are on TV every day they're on radio every day in social media with this podcast video streams a Facebook post a Twitter or whether it's a snapchat these are mechanisms powerful powerful mechanisms connecting you with 7 billion people only about 20% of them are using social so that's just going to continue to grow so I have some notes yeah I want to go over with ok businesses you are a business you are a business if you're an individual you are in business you're a business before you actually form a business my four-year-old is a business my seven-year-old Sabrina is already a brand in an entity the more she can get attention for her brand for who she is for her ideas the better she's gonna do in life okay social media by itself YouTube for instance I consider social media even though some people don't social media was the first place where I could literally start streaming out a message of what I teach what I believe what my brand is what my reputation is in the last eight years seven years I guess with YouTube we have dropped thirty two hundred videos free it's not a monetized site we do not allow ads on the site because I don't want mixed messages with the message I deliver why do I use YouTube YouTube was a place for me to do two things number one get the public to know who I am and number two and get me to understand how much content I actually had see the celebrity in the space is the person that can produce the most content with the most depth you want width and depth when it comes to social media now I'm going to use some different examples YouTube Facebook Twitter snapchat okay many of which I won't even mention here Instagram I don't really use that well they all have diff personís they all have different personalities people go to each one of them to see something different so they need to be utilized and used consumed and abused with different strategies in mind so with our youtube channel my message was to become a sales expert in everybody's mind that was my number one target and number one goal I wanted to let the world know I was the leading authority on sales how do you do that first through frequency you must have tremendous amounts of frequency to build an audience you're gonna start with no followers on each one of these just the way I did you're gonna start with an account that doesn't exist okay you're gonna start and not know anything so what no this what is your target your target should be to become a celebrity in your space to become the go-to guy gal or company the brand which everybody sees as top of mind I talked about this in the book if you're not first you're last if you're not first you're last was in New York Tech is a New York Times bestselling book and it a lot of people think it's a sales book but really it was about getting the customer that you want to think about you first in their mind how do you do that with frequency first with width not depth you need width I need lots of content so that when people search sales or prospecting or closing for handling objections or sales training our sales motivation or sales tips or sales meetings anything and everything to do with sales if you google my name and anything to do with sales you're gonna see me post something about that message now maybe you're not in sales training maybe that's not what you do maybe you sell cars so maybe you sell plumbing or roofing or you're in network marketing it doesn't matter what the product is what matters is you first or the brand the company what can you post on today what can you talk about today there's an endless list of things the first thing to have is the target become a celebrity the second thing is to think with frequency how much frequency can you drop something every day every day next year would be in the next 12 months would be 365 videos just on YouTube now a little trick that I use if I'm going to drop something on you too I'm also gonna multi-purpose that content into an article on LinkedIn into an article on medium into an article for again these are all social sites for me no longer are they magazines to me they're all social sites I'm trying to connect socially around the globe my overall purpose is to meet 7 billion people in this planet which would mean at some point I need to start translating my content into other languages see most people most people wonder how the best get gain followers subscribers and likes I'm not concerned about followers subscribers and likes in the beginning I'm concerned about getting frequency of content width of content it's gonna allow me to start clarifying my depth and understanding of my content so let's say that you you own a beauty salon okay well what you want to do with that beauty salon is everything and anything to do with Beauty Salons products hairstyles on anything whatever your space is okay you want to use the 10x rule the 10x concept 10 times whatever you think is enough if you think one post today is enough I promise you it's closer to 10 and probably closer to fifty or sixty or eighty or a hundred now many people think that's too much many people think I post too much I tweet every 10 minutes from my office 365 days of the year 24 hours 7 days a week send these included why I don't know when you're on I don't know when they're on I don't know when somebody finds a tweet or a YouTube post or a Facebook okay now this is how I did okay first thing I did was just again I want everyone to know I am the leader in the space it started for me with sales okay when I started dropping content in I started learning for myself how much I understood about sales and guess what the more I posted on the sales the more I built out my social media following to the point here we are eight years later to where I'm considered an expert also on social media I think today we have I don't know some 1 million people this week we'll hit as fans followers on my Facebook fan page when I started Facebook I used a personal page we went through 5,000 followers got 5,000 followers almost like like in three or four months it felt like forever I exceeded their limit and realized oh I did the wrong thing I should have had a fanpage from the get-go cuz there's no limit this week we'll hit over 1 million followers on my fanpage now I'm not telling you that to brag I'm telling you that to tell you how to get there first is become a celebrity if you don't think about the celebrity aspect that you want to become the go to the a Lister in the space you're not going to produce enough content to ever get anything close to what you actually want social media to do for you so number one when used consistently and frequently I promise you with the with the celebrity thing in mind it will make you top a mine with your customers top a mine to the point of being annoying that's right you must be willing to be annoying you must be willing to infiltrate that audience that you have you're gonna lose some of them to get a new audience you want people talking about this got post too much I can't believe you post too much I've had best friends say I had to drop you off my Facebook page man too much too often okay look I didn't create I didn't go out with social media to make friends of people already have friendships with I'm using social media to build my business I am abusing social media to build a network of like-minded people and to do that you have to crush through the noise with frequency number two again it allows you to become the expert in the space you want to be the go-to guy or gal this is what will control your volume of business and the profitability of your business if you're second third fourth fifth sixth ear you'll never you're never gonna get paid what you deserve for your product okay number three you can control your reputation and engage with your customers and ways to solve problems answer questions do surveys and even find out what the title of a book should be okay for instance I just finished this book I wrote this book in two hours okay now this is the amazing power of social media in two hours I wrote the book within two weeks we had it finished in four weeks we had it translated into 37 languages other than English how did I do that I went on social media and said guys I just finished my millionaire booklet I wanted translated into Russian Spanish Chinese and two other languages 37 different languages reached out to me grant what about Hindi you got to get Hindi grant you got to get this language you got to get that I'm like let's roll okay 37 languages because I reached out on social media now let me tell you what it cost me to have this book translated into 37 languages nothing nothing in fact the social media presence of eight years of too much too often people complaining dropping great content every day why would you apologize for dropping great content what to do what to avoid doing tips how to how to avoid you're helping people every day with your product your brand with your intelligence with your know-how why would you apologize for too much you wouldn't and then all of a sudden people want to help you back alright so it can drive people also to your websites and offers to call for actions as you know now I use what's called a ninety five five rule ninety-five percent of the time I'm giving free content out five percent of the time I'm gonna advertise a product and I'm a push hard that five percent of the time ninety-five percent of the time my content is completely free today will do to Facebook streams I'll do at least thirty snapchats will drop at least two video streams on to Twitter that are now a minute and a half long I'll consume and use each one of these music Elwha I'm using music dot ly and I'll do some dumb music video today I've used periscope and meerkat they're gonna go away and disappear I'm gonna use anything and everything to get the message out there now I know some of you might be thinking right now man the guy is intense you need to get intense I don't have the problem you need to use these social media medium streams for what they are they're free lines of communication networks to wrap the planet okay to help you build your brand into the number one thing people think about now look many companies and people get caught up in this measurement and analysis of return on investment in their social media I don't study or OS okay I own five companies I do not do ro analysis I do reach analysis did I reach more people the money you want is in the hands of people if people don't know you they will not give you the money they have if people don't trust you they will not buy from you people do not buy from people they like they buy from people they know that are repeatedly in the marketplace every day saying I'm here I'm here I'm here see the fact with social media does not generally function as an engine for a direct sale but the truth is what is the ROI on not being known if I don't know you what is the ROI why does it anybody do an ROI on I don't know you if I don't know you and you didn't spend any money and you spent no energy and you spent no effort and you spent no creativity you're the loser in the deal because here's the here's the thing if people don't know me they can't buy my product and if people don't know me and if I don't create enough content for those people I can't serve them everybody loses so abandon any idea of ROI and and understand that you want to meet people you want the world to know that you're a strong brand that's dependable that's consistent that's effective in the marketplace that's there every day okay even maybe more than your clientele or your prospect wants you to be there it's important to understand the social media who uses it how they use it what their personality is when they're using it okay because I'm gonna tell you my experience is the same person Jim Johnson on Facebook is different when he's on snapchat is different when he's on YouTube the same individual somehow for some reason changes what he wants how he acts how he receives information when he's done Twitter then when he is on one of these other channels I see people in a periscope stream and they seem to be different on a Facebook stream I have no idea why okay I don't know what the psychology of that is I just know it's going on so you need to use each one of these mechanisms until you figure out what is the personality what is that what is that frequency that is being used by these people what changes in that environment remember you know somebody could be on a facebook stream watching some show that I'm doing on business and literally in the stream and go play Pokemon did they change personalities same phone same device they're playing Pokemon doing nothing okay you understand what I'm saying they watch Facebook maybe for a very important piece of information maybe they're just scanning their Twitter feed to see what the top dumb message of the day is I don't know social media is not a waste of time unless you're not thinking about becoming a celebrity if you're not thinking about becoming a celebrity it is a complete waste of time and in fact I will tell you 99.9% of the people using social media today are being used by and it is a waste of time see I once thought the same thing it wasn't until we took our activity levels to literally 10x levels that it no longer was a waste of time and we started to build our followers our likes our fanatics not just our fans but our fanatics people that were actually willing to share my content with their audience okay I quickly saw the potential and power in it once I started hitting the right numbers if you're not getting big responses if you're not getting positives and negatives you're not hitting enough frequency the only businesses brands people individuals that are not getting enough from social media today they believe it is a waste of time number one are not using it at all number two not using it correctly number three not using it enough this is the biggest sin of all and number four not using all platforms if you ask me grant which of the social media platforms is your favorite you do not understand social media there is no favorite which customers the favor which prospect is your favorite who is your favorite customer like I don't have a favorite TV radio knocking on doors Facebook YouTube Twitter what goes away next yeah I don't know what's gonna be next will music ly work for me I don't know I got to figure it out okay somebody else can't do that for me a lot of people are concerned about what they should post post figure it out later you'll get feedback on it people get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing they sit there and figure out what should i do what should I put it didn't look right the light didn't look like it's too grainy the message wasn't right everything wasn't net if you wait for perfect you will do nothing perfectionism is just a fancy word for procrastination and giving up and quitting and not being in the game so with social media look there's no rules anybody that tells you there's rules okay doesn't understand this game so to wrap it up for you all right look a lot of people are concerned about what they post how it looks well people like it you don't need people to like it you need to post it okay you don't need to look perfect you don't need to go do your hair and your makeup you need to post the content frequency is the way to greatness without frequent post you will not find out what works and what doesn't work and by the way your audience needs to see that all your posts aren't great also don't rely on one forum if you're using images a lot use text sometimes okay if you using images than text flip the video if you're using long videos go to short videos if you're using short videos go to long videos you get it don't become dependent upon one social medium many of these will not exist as long as you will and you're gonna learn through frequency what works what doesn't work what works better surveys are awesome to get people involved I do surveys probably three times a week ok so what I want you to know from this all right number one become the celebrity in your space become the celebrity in your space look to be the a-lister in your space whether you're doing plumbing or network marketing whether you're doing sales training or writing books ok whether you're doing SEO and your genius at SEO or you're engineer you need to be on social media you need to hammer it you need to beat it up you need to think about 10x 100x a thousand eck think frequency first then you'll understand and clarify your depth you will become the celebrity in your space look anything I can do to help you grow your celebrity ok to collaborate with you to make you more famous in your space reach out to me on that Grant Cardone on every channel we're gonna we're going to include some stats below to show you what's real we don't buy followers we gain them through delivering great content if I can help you I want to help you Jaime asked me to help you today so I hope this helped you I hope you find this useful I hope you understand and learn that you're not going to make a sale until you're known until people know you they can't trust you once they know you and they trust you then you have a shot at actually showing them what you have to offer them that will solve their problem hope you enjoyed this my name is Grant Cardone if I can ever help collaborate with you to grow your brand okay to grow your brand to build your Facebook page or your Twitter account or your YouTube or your Facebook whatever it is you want hey I'm here for you I'll help you thanks a lot


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