Music Video "Ang Nagirw" Promotion By Team R.Sanzarang Entertainment

Music Video "Ang Nagirw" Promotion By Team R.Sanzarang Entertainment

atlast plus sequence sequence so beginning when tomorrow I may return home candy whatever we had a very great experience this music video and a lot actually yeah it's definite that so much exited for this one and from myself special thanks to you can see condition where it's a very beautiful place aha the birth or such a Jew important bokkeum sorry hi the crew members of ours and the wrong team entertainment please do subscribe a mashup the promotion cut their energy so you know like we had so much of fun to home lock a baby penguin licks are joking penguin penguin lake CRA jokey 3d obscure shooting water Huawei and we had some awesome shoot man so here – Nathan RI please please please please do share and wait for the main surprise okay so staring is Fuji the top photo actress of course from our industry and money but just hold on wait and watch suspect subscribe a surprising suspend her for Tilly revealed whenever year and you guys are gonna love it man today harm locusts obscene Mayibuye the Aquila Queen marinara or there is any rapper [Laughter] Garces no it's a very good you know experience for a person I believe like Perot industry so Jake address so I I really wish ki everyone supports us everyone shares this and everyone loves us the way they have always been thank you so much and this you


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