Music Marketing Strategies - 5 Reasons Why You Need Music Marketing


9 thoughts on “Music Marketing Strategies – 5 Reasons Why You Need Music Marketing”

  • very true only thing is with my experience i invest heavy cuz i belive in my self but the thing is its so many scammer and frauds you dont know who to trust if i can get in front of the right person il pay top dollar the rest history total package twins rap sing songwriters ect. thanks for the info god bless

  • Nima T on the Beat says:

    Great post. I could never figure out my target audience, reason being it's too diverse. I have lot of international friends, and even lot of elder folks who dont know much about rap, that like my music so it's really hard to create content that everyone likes.

  • I 100% agree with the 5 reasons. I just feel like some artists are different. Different look, different sound, different background. Some artists need a little detailed attention so a marketer knows HOW to market them.

  • I would like to take my music career to the next level. I have all legal documents which means I own my music, master's, and business entity. I'm looking to build my team and get this money the legal way.

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