Murder Rate in India Lowest Since 1957

Murder Rate in India Lowest Since 1957

Everyone reads the newspaper daily in which there are horrifying cases of rape, murder, theft, etc. Now the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) said that since in 2017, the murder rate in India has become very low. Murder Rate was the lowest in 1957. Since then in the last 54 years the murder rate kept increasing. Now for the first time the number of murders in India has reduced. This is according to the NCRB. In 1992, the murder rate in India was very high. In 2013, it reduced and there were only 3 lakh murders in India. During 1992 in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, there were 12,287 incidents of murder in Uttar Pradesh and 5,743 murders took place in Bihar. In both these states the population has grown and rate of murder has declined. The different countries in the world have also seen a decrease in the murder rates. If the Economy is stable and the Laws are strong then murder rates are also less. However around the world there are so many financial problems and death penalties have also reduced. However, the research still says that the murder rates have reduced.


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