Please sir, come in. This is the only 'Wada' in the village Did anyone used to live here? Yes, they shifted to another place -so they also left this place but, a couple used to live here before them just like you They had small daughter but they were so unfortunate Why? What happened? They died in an accident Ignore it sir It's a long time now Is this your first time in our village? No, I have been here few years ago, for some work -but I was single at that time Any scarcity of water? Not at all, 24 hours of supply Power cuts occur .. but for few minutes Okay then Deal final? Let me ask her first Ok RIYA Yes, coming Riya? What? Should we finalize? Yes, I am fine with it Here's the key, keep it with you The furniture and stuff No need to buy, everything is already here Just be relax, no need to worry at all Let me switch off the lights and come 'Tai' where to keep this No-no, don't keep it here, the utensils are just arranged What's wrong with you? Relax Here? -Yes keep it there 'Vahini' -Yes Where to keep this fan? Over there Here? -Not here, there RIYA – Coming wait What's wrong now? Oh god, Kunal, is this the place to keep cylinder THEN? Go keep it in the kitchen -Random orders- -Random orders- Yes right Finally Glad, we're done with this shifting True, I was worried a lot How shall we manage Oh Kunal, Your mother called What did she say? Asking about shifting and stuff Once you have your tea, call her Why are you so scared? What do you mean? You came all of a sudden, obviously I will get scared Guess what have I brought for you? What? Guess Garland What's wrong Riya? Kunal, somebody is there Kunal Where? There's nothing It was your misunderstanding You might've seen your own shadow Come now, I have work tomorrow No! Don't go for work tomorrow Fine, let's sleep now What's this? Kunal you promised me that you won't go Yes you are right But it's new job I can't get a leave There's lot of work pressure also -and about yesterday night it's all superstitions, don't overthink I will try to return early Who are you? I am your neighbor Can I get some sugar please? Yes why not Come sit The family that stays in front of our house They have a function at their place We were also planning to visit them But out we had guests all of a sudden Now it will be so late Thanks a lot Shall I say something? Yes, please be seated The couple that used to live here, was just like you both They had a cute and small daughter named MUKTI They had an accident both died on the spot A gentleman tried to save Mukti's life took her to hospital also but the bad fate We heard -that Mukti witnessed her parent's death closely Oh no! I've been talking, we have guests good bye for now What happened Riya? Why are you crying? -Stammering- What? Hey, everything is fine, don't worry Enough, I don't want to live in this house anymore Don't worry, get inside Kunal why can't you understand? Riya What are cooking for lunch? Kunal, whatever is happening in this house -it's so strange I don't know how to explain Let us not live here, please. Let's do one thing Let's eat outside We will talk about it there Okay? Let's go A gentleman tried to save Mukti's life He took her to the hospital also but bad fate I was here few years back, for work I was single at that time Kunal she was staring at our photo Mom -Dad Please don't go Subtitles By Arnav Deshpande



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