Mourinho's 5 Transfer Targets! Man Utd Transfer News Latest

Mourinho's 5 Transfer Targets! Man Utd Transfer News Latest

hello good morning and welcome to of the United stand this is your latest Manchester United transfer news where we give you that real fan opinion on all the latest Manchester United transfer news and we're gonna start off with what Joe Zayn Reno said at the weekend before I start talking about the players below he mentioned that he wants to he expects one signing in 10 days tomorrow would be into single figures left of this transfer window which is ridiculous and it's sort of coming to pass isn't it that I said look we we don't really do business when we're on tour which is ridiculous I don't know why but we never seem to do that much business when were on tour so josie marino the weekends amy expects one more signing i've got a theory on who that's going to be in a moment but he did say that a few months ago he gave the club five targets that he wanted and obviously they have not been delivered who are those five targets doing do you in include grant in there do you include dart in there no I don't think you do I think that he's five targets were Fred obviously we've got Fred in Sandra definitely I think he was a target as well Willie an alder barreled and Milankovitch Savage I think they were the five I knew people want to Chuck Gareth Bale in there I don't think Gareth Bale was one of Joe's a Marino's five targets I don't think Joe's a Mourinho seriously thinks we can get Gareth Bale I think the five people that he gave as a list to the club few months ago were Fred Sandro Willie an outer barrel and malinka Vic Savage of which we've got Fred I think that's what Joe's a Marine is trying to say he's got one of the five he hopes to get another one but he wanted five and he's quite right about that I mean you can be Josie and Josie as I've said but you can't really put the blame on him for transfers be nice to know who the five were officially so we can say well what you're looking at them are but the reality is he wanted five players he's got one of those and the lots of player for the future and grants just basically a third choice goalkeeper I mean we're not paying him much money he's a third choice goalkeeper so Pereira can get loaned out so that's an irrelevant signing really and the loss for next season really and they just did it because there was competition for him so Sandra is the one that we didn't get we should have got the most Willie and I think we still might get a cent about we might still get and obviously Malik bits of it I don't think we needed him because Pereira has come through and more importantly Fellaini stage the thing about this is that who is the one signing that josie marino thinks he's going to get now for me it's going to be a centre-back I don't think I think Willie Anne could happen and that could be the second signing and I still think we might do two signings and I think jay-z might be been a little bit negative but I think the one signing is talking about will be a centre-back I think it will be elder barold or Harry Maguire they'll both go to the end definitely both go to the end of the transfer window because Spurs Daniel Levy that's gonna go right to the end and Harry McGuire said on holiday at the moment that's gonna go to the end as well so I think that the one signing he's talking about he's a centre-back whether that solves the problems we've got as a team I do not know I don't necessarily think it does but that's the five I think it is of interest it's for you to get coming to below and tell us what you think your five is URI Mina's being mentioned a lot now you might have seen him in the Colombian national team in the World Cup he scored a couple of goals did quite well six foot four he's about to turn 24 I think in September powerful player but desperation signing I'm not saying we're not gonna do it and I'm not gonna say it couldn't work out if we did do it but it's a big risk desperation sign and factual it is he would he would not have been on Marino's list a few months ago he would not have been on Manchester United's radar two months ago this is totally because of the World Cup because when you know anything about Mena he went to Barcelona in January he's played five games for Barcelona fifteen games for Colombia he was previously at palmares for two years he's got no pedigree he's a Daddy half-decent World Cup and suddenly he's like in the Manchester United solution sense about we should not be signing Mena there is no step up in Lindelof and babe by signing Mena I mean he's a massive risk it's a desperation signing and I'd be very surprised that we're in for him talk of 35 to 40 million pounds I don't see that one happening in a million years and it certainly shouldn't do it's an Everton signing and I'm not being disrespectful for for Everton but Everton can afford to take those risks because if it works out it makes them better that's great for them if it doesn't work out it's not going to cost them a title or a top 4 place because they're not battling for that anyway from Manchester United's point of view is be silent it's like signing rebek just off a World Cup it's not a good signing and it stinks of desperation and the last thing you know I've need to do in the last two weeks of this transfer window or week-and-a-half is make desperation signings because that will just compound how bad we've been in this transfer window on top of what we've done so yeah definitely need to avoid that um Alexandra I did want to mention I mean that's the signing that I think it's going to come back and bite on us just exactly like Paris which did last year we needed that left back we still need that left back Ashley Young's 33 isn't he loop sure I think is still gonna pick up injuries so who've we got you need a consistent left footed left back and we haven't got that and Josie's been let down by the sounds of it there because he would have been a target and for some reason we won't pay the money and as I said yesterday Manchester knighted and the club would and Marino and would what they need to sort this out because you can't have a player that's really really important to us and not go and get them rojo looks like he may well be going to wolfs which will bring a little bit of money and it could bring as much as 25 million pounds in which would be well worth it I mean we're getting close to breaking even this summer on what we've spent which shows that the transfer budget what was it did we even bloody have one darmian the napoli president has said that they're interested in darmian which is good darmian should be going at some point soon you just wonder whether Joe's a marina is trying to keep him even though dar means desperately publicly saying he wants to go whether Mourinho is now wants to keep him because he's touching you know he's close to 30 he's exactly the sort of player Marino once and he's got lots of injuries at the moment so maybe he's trying to get him to stay but darmian needs to go some of these things are biting Jose on the backside now anyway aren't they the Marcial situation the way he's treated him and now Marseilles giving him a bit back the darmian situation hardly played him last season now he's got a few injuries he might need him and diamonds like I want to go you can understand these players because you can't do one thing to them and then suddenly when you need them be like oh no you can't treat me like that so diamond should go soon that'll be another 15 million pounds coming in there's been talk of Phil Jones leaving Manchester United look happy days if it happens I think you know I think Phil Jones is a decent sends back I think he'd be good at somewhere like Leicester or South apps and that's probably his level his injury obviously injury prone but he's got mistakes in him that's the most important thing that I think ruly Matt being a top top centre back but I don't think for one minute Joe's a Merinos gonna sell for James I think Phil Jones is in that select group of four or five players that josie marino absolutely loves so I'd be stunned if Phil Jones guy think there's more chance of Smalling gay and I think Smalling is more useful to United so I hope he doesn't but the Marcial situation obviously a lot of people will be asking about that I think that I said this back in march/april time that I think room RCL will go a lot of you was saying that's not gonna happen anybody who's watched this show for any length of time win over Anthony Marseilles my favorite player with Rochefort they stand for what you know it's all about Flair their young their development they could be top-class players so I don't want Marcel to go but I've felt back in April that Marcel's Korea got ruined by Mourinho when he signed Sanchez and if Marcel wants to develop he's not gonna develop under Mourinho he's not gonna get much game time under Mourinho it's clear that Mourinho doesn't raid Marcial as well as sad as it is Manchester United should not be selling that type of the player it seems obvious that he was going to leave and I think that that over the summer summer has become even more obvious the comments from Marseilles agent Mourinho digging him out again at the weekend because he's gone on because of the birth of his child it's beyond repair but I think what's happened is Mourinho can't bully or have a go at Marcial anymore because Marseilles just bit back and said I want to leave I'm the club or in this really difficult situation where they don't want to sell Marcio because he's 22 they spent a lot of money on him and he could go and be top class elsewhere but they've got a manager that wants rid of him and it's put the club in a very difficult situation I mean I've heard people say it's of sack Mourinho get a new manager and they'll get the best out of Marseille I'll ever want to be happy but that's not what's going to happen that isn't gonna happen Mourinho will be our manager next season and Marcial will leave but how the club deal with this I don't know I mean ideally Mourinho and Marcel sought their issues out but I don't think Nora Marseilles gonna have a lot of love for Mourinho after what you said at the weekend so that's gonna go whether it happened in the next week and a half or not I don't think it will Marcil doesn't need to leave Manchester United before the English Premier League transfer window closes a week on Thursday unless he's going to an English Premier League club it can go to Bayern Munich and go to Italy you can go to Spain before the end of August and I think that's probably what's going to happen don't necessarily think Marseilles played his last game for you know I said I think he might be involved against Leicester because we haven't many options but I certainly think it's going to be the end I think in relation to the next week and a half or the or the wider transfer window in general I think darmian Rojo and Marcial will go and hopefully we will get two signings in of which I think it will be able to v-rod or McGwire and Willie Anna I think that's what's going to happen but all in all it won't be a good transfer window and Josie Marino's admitted that so we as fans don't need to feel guilty for saying it's been a bad transfer window because it's abundantly clear for Mourinho that he wanted five players and he's been delivered one so far as I saved a lot of grand oh don't don't come into that anyway get your comments in below give us your thoughts what you situate what's your thoughts on the Marseilles situation rojo going who do you think the one signing is going to be do you think it is a sense about God you think I'm Way off and it could be it could be Willie Anna and that'll be it and also who do you think the five were we're only interested get your comments in below who do you think the five targets were that Joe's a marina wanted at the start of the summer obviously we know fred was one who were the other four get your comments in below thanks everyone for watching drop a like on the video please and get involved the channel we're live again eight o'clock tonight it's got another skype show if you didn't see this great show last night make sure you kick the I in the top right hand corner some fantastic calls for a minute one really passionate opinion there we'll have another that tonight and obviously if anything happens during the day we'll go live as well so thanks Erin for watching I'll speak to you later


25 thoughts on “Mourinho's 5 Transfer Targets! Man Utd Transfer News Latest”

  • We need a DoF, end of. Should have had one when LVG was in charge. Woodward's sole transfer function should be to negotiate the price and sign the cheques.

  • Devilsadvocate says:

    It strikes me that Mourinho and many others are absolving him of blame for the transfer situation and putting it all on the board. If you are a top player you will have options and you will have seen the dross football Mourinho pedals. Unfortunately having a fantastic club history is not enough. I hate to say it but why go to United when there is good money and better football elsewhere. Mourinho has to take his share of blame for the situation.

  • Gary Marshall says:

    Doesnt matter who Jose signs, with his negative style of play, all stars will find it hard. Everybody hates his tactics, apart from Jose.

  • Alejandro Velarde says:

    Jose needs to stop chasing CBs, especially Toby Alderweireld!! Play Bailey and Lindelof and get on with it. Money should be spent on a right wing and wouldn't you know it, Pulisic is available!!!! Spend the money on an extremely talented player who doesnt shy away from the big moment and will only get better. If Fred and Dalot are the only 2 that come in this window United will lose out on CL football and will end up losing Pogba

  • Still got time to buy players Give me Perisic if can be done give me Maguire or Alderwireld and give me A Lb I'll take Sandro I'll take rose I'll take anybody decent it's not the players it's the mentality and having fresh faces

  • I wish united would just release the money I'm so tired of teams like PSG and Real undercutting us all time just bloody buy what MOURINHO wants

  • Jacek Strakowski says:

    Fred could not be one of the targets. Mourinho said he is expecting to get Maybe one of the five, basically meaning that Fred who was already with United when Mourinho said it was not one of the five targets…

  • It doesn’t really matter what Jose wants or gets Uniteds results on the pitch will be the same boring bland and predictable thank god we have de gea in goal without him last season United would have finished 4th

  • ZeRoGrAvItY I says:

    I honestly think we will struggle for too 4, haven’t had a right winger since Nani! Needed a decent LB and a number 10 who can score 15 a season and create, i think we will fall well short

  • Utd look awful at the moment, and I dont believe jose in the man to turn things around. its the whole style of play, and also the mix of signings made over 3/4 managers now, with several panic buys along the way. Half the squad need to go. No natural right winger either, that could pump crosses in all game to Lukaku. Don't know what the big fuss is about Martial either, he is extremely inconsistent, and looks like his head is in a different world at times when watching him. He has great pace, but not a lot else going on. He puts so many shots over the bar. Yes, he has potential, but not good enough or reliable enough at present to play for Utd. To early to say what the midfield will be like with Fred in it, but Pogba needs a better season than last, thats for sure.

  • I've just worked out what Zlatan meant. I think the big news is he will return to United when the mls season is over in the same way Beckham did to ac milan

  • Mark we should stay miles away from mina he is a clumsy cb with a big mistake in him he’s just a taller jones

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