43 thoughts on “Most Epic Music: "Event Horizon" by Really Slow Motion”

  • LokimonWasHere says:

    Music is good, however picture is all wrong, the earth is flat. The horizon is always level and straight no matter how high you go.

  • Tiffany Pascual says:

    It's been a year and I'm not getting tired listening to this..

    *hit like if you're also addicted to this music.

  • Demonslayerpro says:

    Oh damn….I knew there was gonna be feels in these comments. But damn that was a new level. Didnt expect to get teary eyed at some of them.

  • Grandmaster Striker says:

    Her ship crashed, and tank almost empty, our brave adventurer decided to look at space as it truly is, before the end came upon her. The stars shown brightly, earth is her glory, and the cosmos waiting to be explored. But not for her, for Death came down like a cloud and carried her soul to Valhalla.

  • When i wad a child, my father said that he knew someone who walked where I am now walking. "'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.' When he took his first step on that dustball, those words echoed throughout human history." I asked him what he meant, but my father was comepletely clueless. But now I understand. We take a step to make a leap. Armstrong's small step, was Humanity's giant leap of success into the final frontier. Surprised his name wasn't legstrong because that single step rocked the planet to the core and sparked great triumph in the hearts of many on this wet rock we call home. Being on this celestial body I've always looked upon. It shows how much we've grown as a race. But we're still taken baby steps, still got a long way to leap.


    These child a finally achieved her quest to search very oddful to explaining what her life and to giving an eternal confusion. This is the only thing that you could be the best decision to…..making wise decision and gave her bravest heart to claim the reason.

  • Titania, theCONQUERER says:

    “….only minutes worth of oxygen left”

    Definitely not how I wanted to go, but no other way would i rather have.

    So I rip off the helmet, if I’m gonna die gasping let me at least feel the Universe on my face

    I rip off the space suit, if I’m gonna die suffering i will have it in my own skin

    I break off the connection cord and instantly float away, if I’m gonna die let my body roam the Universe i wasn’t able to see

    If I’m gonna die…. I will have it my way

  • In the space between.

    In the space between the silences I listened.

    In the break between heartbeats I learnt.

    The light between vision astounded me.

    In the depth of feeling I felt.

    The gap between gravity left me weightless.

    The interval of thought seared my brain.

    The time between seconds is eternity .

    All this as I listened very carefully.

    Silence is never quiet.

    This I learned in the space between the silences..

    Andy Fox

  • OttoVonWeaboo says:

    The event horizon…
    a barrier that no living human knows whats behind….
    like a schrödinger paradox…
    it may kill you…
    or may take you far… far away…
    The only way to clear that x… is to go through it and find out yourself

  • I love this picture. I use it as my phone wallpapaer, It really resonates with me. I like to put the story behind it that this girl has been stranded or doomed in someway and has run out of air; however instead of going out in a panic or trying to salvage the last few breaths she can she decides to remove her helmet and embrace space/our universe as closely and as clearly as she can. Not through the lens of her visor but with her own eyes (think Vadars dying moments with Luke on the Deathstar). She goes out on her terms… Courageously.

  • Born too late to explore the earth. Born too early to explore the galaxy.
    We live longer than most living things and yet the world is still too vast for the curious.

  • Zyda Genesis says:

    I’ve been on stars, on planets, on moons… But after everything, Earth is the most beautyful place. Not because of the souls, but because I’ve seen more on it than every other star in the universe. On Earth you can be good or evil, there is peace or war, there is hate or love. It’s hard to understand.

  • Matias Flores says:

    The first seconds reminds me the soundtrack of Mass Effect 3, the name of that soundtrack is Leaving Earth, I just begging to cry, because I remember the entire game ;v

  • ɪsᴀᴀᴄ ᴀʟᴇxɪᴜs ɴɢᴜʏᴇɴ says:

    Here I am…standing on the verge of death as oxygen draining, given up on the hope that anyone will rescue my sorry soul from the cold and loneliness. I submit myself defeated ,take off the helmet and gaze upon the home where I used to dream of touching the stars, I gave one final gaze upon the constellation that my descendants will eventually conquer. At last death will come take me as I will be drowned in serenity and silent, I have achieved my dream even if it cost my life. I shall now close my eyes and let my soul drift into the unknown…

  • The song is awesome! The backdrop is also really cool. So scientifically inaccurate it hurts to look at, but cool.

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