33 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Town on the Internet – Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide”

  • Robert Flatbush says:

    hackers and NORTON safes hard when there attacking you and know every move wile your making it lol RF operations

  • So what if ISIS pigs are using cloudfare. When you have no censoring, you ave to deal with no censoring or you come into this entire twatter shit again. ISIS bad, but well so are Trump supporters, and so on back on the rabbit hole.

  • wentbackward says:

    It was a really good documentary despite the corporate funding … until the last 5 minutes when you did a quick switch to say all this type of hosting was for illegal activity. People are not that dumb and you should have spent time on the humanitarian benefits/conflicts – discredited I'm afraid

  • This after what happened to Aaron Swartz who died trying to make information free to the public. This video is a disgusting shame.

  • Kristi Lubovich says:

    Why aren't people being the truth we already know the Aliens are here . How is that going to cause a panic.My mother decoded German messages for Secret Services during WW11.My father was a Lyons Club Member,Shriner and a Mason. That doesn't make me any more special. Yea we had money but I was never taught that I was any different than anyone else……..

  • Alejandro Garcia says:

    Have their faces, (even the brand of his nice shirt), plus the address of that bunker, 5:43 the cars they drive and the pub they probably go have a beer… So… If someone really wanted and had the capability of a comando patrol, that could kidnap those two and their families… it means that everything they hold in their Cyber_Vaults is as secured as their homes and their families. (not much… silent dogs included)

  • WashingJEW DC, the most dangerous town to America since the JEW has corrupted it into JEWmerica, the colony of israel, the zionazi IDIOTS for the JEW.

  • The Secret Letters of a Hacker says:

    Mr. Anderson from the Matrix "that's not the name anymore, it's a code." Host: "oh what's the code?" Mr. Anderson: "ML01". Side note hacker spends 50 billion hours writing scripts to break your password…Me: "hey bro what's the password?

  • curtis wheeler says:

    you can not see their reptillion eyes,in all that darkness,perhaps they like it dark and warm,and away from the sun?

  • I know this is a professional video because it says "cybercrime". xD

    And you keep wondering why you keep losing market share….

  • REVMr SubG3N3 says:

    Norton calling secure servers dangerous… Like the flu calling immune cells assassins… what's your point?

  • William Fairfax Mason Prescott III says:


    What sorta courses/ degree/ certification needed to be able to protect data (aforementioned occupations)?

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  • this investigative journalist is getting himself killed if the owner of that bunker decided to just exterminate him and his crew inside.

  • john enalstos says:

    I never had to take a helicopter to visit a "dangerous" place on the internet. Silly video, from a host who does not appear to understand what he is reporting on.

  • If you haven't noticed yet the banker it self belongs to a goverment through proxy owners which act as private company. And as for the ISIS, being a client for a goverment just know that they are protected simply by them doing a job that is required to be done by the goverment the same one as always (it has no name) ;

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