Moriah Gets to Go to California! | Welcome to Plathville

Moriah Gets to Go to California! | Welcome to Plathville

know where everything is to make yourself dinner, right? ETHAN: Yeah, I think so. OLIVIA: OK. If you need anything,
you know where I’ll be. ETHAN: I’ll probably burn it. I always do, even though
I’m not going to cook it. Moriah and I have a wedding
in San Francisco this weekend, and I know there’s a
chance she still can’t go. I have to think how
I want to do this. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I bought tickets for
her really last-minute, and I booked her hotel. But Kim told me, I don’t know
that Moriah will go with you. It depends on if she
gets X, X, X, X, X done. And it was a really, really
long list that Moriah was like, that’s not possible. So, like, the whole
past month Moriah and I’ve been working on it. And I’ve just said, like,
hey, how are you on the list? Are you almost done? And, like, making sure
it’s on top of it. All right, I have
a card in here now. This sandwich tastes almost
like it’s so good, you made it. Really? ETHAN: Uh-huh. I think Olivia is a good
influence on Moriah. Moriah feels like she’s
just stuck at the farm and isolated because growing up,
my parents were pretty strict on a lot of things– computers, cell phones,
even just socializing. We didn’t really have very
many friends growing up. So I do feel a
responsibility there to do whatever I can do to help her. So this card’s importing. As soon as I have all
those backup files– Because I am more
liberal than Barry and Kim and I do have a
completely different life, me taking her on a trip like
this is a really big thing. And we’re spending all
that time together, and traveling together,
and it’s going to strengthen our friendship. Like, there’s no
other way around it. And I don’t think that’s
welcome at this point. [MUSIC PLAYING] What things do I need you to do? I don’t think anything. I like to have a list to do. I know as of now that there
is a rift in the relationship between my parents and Olivia,
because Olivia’s introduced a different way of thinking
and a different way of life to not only me,
but also to my parents. It’s been a little tough at
times, quite tough sometimes. But I have just accepted that
this is where we are right now, and some things just need time. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Is she really doing
schoolwork or is that just going through the motions? Mom doesn’t believe that
I can get all my school done and go to San Francisco. It definitely drives me crazy
when she says stuff like that. I wish my Mom would think
more positively of me, but I try not to
let it bother me. She has no idea how
hard I’ve worked. And she might not be happy,
but she will find out. Hey, Mom? Yeah? You can check my school. I’m done. You’re done? I’m done all the way. You finished all of it? You don’t believe me? What? No, I believe you. I’m just– I’m just amazed,
because the last time I checked, you still
had, like, a lot. Well, check it, yeah. You’re done for what? I’m done with all
the stuff that Mom gave me before California. So you got your last three
tests, you got 100, 95, and 93. Wow. Yep. I’m proud of you. This is a big deal. So that means you’re going. I’m all the way done
and I’m going for sure. Yeah. Wow. First time to California. So I’m going. I’m so glad. [MUSIC PLAYING] Are you really going? Yeah. Are you happy for me? Yeah. I’m going to go to California,
and I won’t like you there. Someday– someday you’ll
have to come back with me. I’m going to have all the
new experiences I can have, all the thrills I can
have, do everything. I know you worked
really hard, but I just want you to understand that I’m
putting a lot of trust in you for this trip. For safety reasons, yeah, I
was not thrilled that she’s going to San Francisco. But it’s always been Moriah’s
dream to go to California. So for that, I
was happy for her. You know, going with Olivia,
going off by yourself, flying by yourself, you
know, stay with Olivia. Don’t go off on
your own somewhere. Just stay with her. Trust me, I’ll keep all my
stuff on me and I’ll do good. Yeah. So I’ll be safe. Yeah, I know. There’s any number of things
that could happen, like, being in a crowded area
and having somebody there with bad
intentions that takes advantage of the situation. I’ll come home eventually. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] You don’t know what
this means to me. Like, it just shows that you
do trust me a little bit. Yeah. MORIAH: A little bit. A little bit. A little. You know how much that is, but– Well, I would say sending
you off to San Francisco, that’s, like, about as
far across the country– And it also shows
that you trust Olivia some too,
which is also, I know that’ll mean a lot to her. Yeah. As Moriah’s helping Olivia with
all these photography things, and– and just spending time with her,
I worry that that, you know, can make Moriah and I’s
relationship even worse. And I just want Olivia to
not spread her bad thoughts about me to Moriah. But I also don’t feel
like there is anything I can do about it at this point. So thanks a lot. Yeah, yeah. But just the fact that
Mom’s trusting Olivia with me, that’s pretty cool. And thank you for getting
all your schoolwork done. My pleasure. [LAUGHTER] OK. I’m going to go call Olivia. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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