100 thoughts on “More Than 10,000 Dead In Italy From Coronavirus As Global Cases Top 600,000 | NBC Nightly News”

  • Princess Israel says:

    This truly is horrible I wish they could announce how to natural heal the virus with plants like our ancestors and shamans did for thousands of years –____

  • If u cant find a cure then how did 15,000 people recover. If they recovered u must have a cure so please use it on others

  • Praveen Sriram says:

    When will this pandemic be over and life returns to normal as it was on Thursday, March 12th? Will we ever get back to normal again?? It has only been a little over 2 weeks and it feels like 2 months or more!!

  • This is the beginning of the end of the U.S. Constitution. And this goes beyond the United States. All the world is now a stage for Governments to take away human rights. If you think this will be over soon, think again. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” And many still trust this Government to do the right thing. And they will become our masters as we become their slaves. Life as we knew it is over. Ron Paul appears to know this.

  • China realy needs to banned the selling and eating of bush meat and antibiotics for all live stock. This is the third time they've infected the world again. Its the same for Africa with Aids (HIV) that came from blood to blood contamination from butchering bush meat.

  • Fear propaganda? People on twitter are catching FAKE pictures, used from Hollywood movies, showing lined up coffins in 'ITALY", WITH PROOF to viewers. Stop lying to us.

  • Of course it could be a case of the Italians not recording the cause of death correctly. Please read this article where the chief advisor to Italy’s health Minister says that this is indeed the case. I’m amazed that NBC news don’t inform their viewers of this fact.

  • whydouneedakno says:

    Where is the proof they are dying solely from the virus and not something else… ANother thing the media just will never tell you and the gullible sheeple believe it

  • Meat markets are still open?! 1:19



    You deserve what you get if you go back to your old habits after all of this. Sad.

  • Jamiekarlson97 says:

    In my own state of Idaho our leadership has just passed a law that state's all eighteen and older including visitors without training or permit May Carey a loaded weapon within city limits! We don't need guns to fight the virus how scary inviting others into the state during quarantine.

  • R.I.P to these people! I have a video on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ? on my page, check it out and learn what it takes to stay safe and GOD bless!!!!!!!!!?

  • Not encouraging news at all. My heart goes out to the people in Italy and all around the world that are affected by this virus. I been praying so much hoping this will pass soon and cases decrease. God bless all ??

  • patriciashalomaleichem shalom aleichem says: olha esse link os chinês espalhado

  • Instagram mansur.kingg Instagram mansur.kingg says:

    I pray that Italian people are safe from this virus and that the italian people are healthy ??❤

  • whydouneedakno says:

    This story does no add up what so ever… You are telling me one person gave it to tons of people and then they gave it to sons of people… How convenient that there is a case basically in almost every state and in almost every Country… Chinese people dont go to non tourist cities..

  • Islamic Eschatology says:
    NWO Psyops, Agenda 21 Depopulation, forced vaccination, economic Enslavement, NWO one world dictatorial government. WAKE UP people.

  • Coronavirus' perspective by a real scientist below. It is time for the media to back off and give balanced perspectives!!!! SHAME ON YOU NBC!!!!

  • whydouneedakno says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Not one single celebrity or athlete has died from this yet the blind sheep still take thing virus serious, lul

  • So no one talks about how the flu itself kills faster it has killed 20,000 in the usa in 2020 the coronavirus only killed 1300 come on people wake up theres an agenda here

  • I send prayers to anyone suffering from COVID-19 first hand or a loved one with the virus. I pray for everyone to be safe and healthy.

    man, the virus is so terrible. Even though it doesn’t have a body, I want to punch it right in the face and knock it out.

  • Richard Lapanne says:

    Rome an Italy are being hit the worst just like the Roman Empire was hit in that century when it was destroyed by god and so it's time for it to be destroyed in a different manner first.this is my belief because of what the bible gods words would happen but didn't say in what manner or when.the whole would is going threw all things said on a everyday of destruction in God's words it would happen.start reading if you don't believe an if you do then you see the signs and are prepared for the worst yet to come.god bless all.

  • Let me guess, nobody in the world is dying of cancer, heart disease, gun shots or DUI. Only corona virus! Your news is criminal.

  • I saw this whole clip last night on the WDSU news ?? RIP to all the people who died during this out break!! ? Stay safe and wash your hands!! Love you all ?

  • I can't help but be confused! Are you the same? It's soooooooooooooooooooooooo confusing! I'm confused, aren't you? Gee, I'm soooooooo confused, I don't know what to do! Are you confused too? It's really confusing! Agreed? Yea, it's sooooooooooooo confusing! Do you agree that it's so confusing? I'm terribly confused, you too? It's all so terribly confusing, do you agree? I'm confused! My mind is always so confused because I'm confused! That's really confusing! Are you confused too? Is the curve flattening? That's confusing! Are you confused? Yes? That's horrific and confusing! Yea, it's all so confusing when things are confusing, right? If things were more confusing then things would be less confusing, right? I can't think straight because I'm so confused! My friends are confused, are yours? Gee, I see my family so confused, just like me. Are you experiencing the same confusion? I am! It's all so confusing and even more than confusing! Why am I confused? Why are you? I think it's because we're confused! Can't we organize support groups for the confused? Confused people can lead us out of our confusion! I'm confused about how to start though, it's all so confusing!

  • ThePaulfullTruth says:

    Meanwhile, here are some BASIC FACTS to put things into a balanced perspective:
    ** Today's WORLDWIDE TOTAL DEATH COUNT (Jan-March) from all causes: 14.25 MILLION!
    ** Today's FEATURED WORLDWIDE CAUSE OF DEATH (Jan-March) which you needn't panic about: "Digetive Disorders": 497,460!
    ** Today's CURRENT WORLDWIDE CORONAVIRUS "CAUSED" DEATH COUNT (Jan-March) about which you are dutifully expected to be in a FULL PANIC!: JUST 32,180 people among the world’s unprecedented oldest population ever recorded, most on the verge of dying from some real illness and old age anyway, especially in Italy!

  • Wow I have now been born on three historical event, the first black president, the first white president, and the first real pandemic. The next would be a major WW3

  • “On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,”… Prof Ricciardi

    This doesn't mean its only killed 12% of the patients, as the article goes on to say, but it means that the 10k number is actually much lower, probably closer to the +/-2% mortality other countries are reporting.

  • What is the concern over Corona Virus really about? Is the Corona Virus concern really about loss of life? Is so, why not ban Cars. 1.2 million people globally, and leaves 20-50 million alive and permanently disabled. Car death equal over 3000 thousand deaths a day. So should car manufacturing be banned, Uber be shut down, and car use be outlawed? If it is not about the loss of life, it all POLITICAL.

  • China is hiding their numbers. Please look up "China in Focus". Chinese people trying to fight their own CCP for unleashing this virus. Please be strong US and the Chinese people trying to fight the CCP. Do what you must to fight CCP.

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