More Nice Guys from Reddit - Predatory Internet Nice Guy

More Nice Guys from Reddit – Predatory Internet Nice Guy

hello everyone this is Walter fate and I've returned to bring you some more content as I declared on Twitter I've promised for videos and five streams this week and I have to fulfill all promises that's right I'll be streaming every day if all goes well so we're going to start this off with the old classic we're going to be talking about nice guys nice guys are those guys who give gifts and open doors and basically just make it their defining trait that they're really nice but for our purposes we refer to the ones who are expecting something more than friendship in return you'll see what it's about by the end of this but let's just begin with more nice guys from reddit okay so this story is about a piece-of-shit predator and it comes to us from reddit nice guy stories 20 year old nice guy dates an underage girl first of all I don't know if this is the right place to post this and I'm sorry if it isn't second of all sorry for any grammar mistakes I'm kind of freaked out writing this and grammar has never been my strong suit but I need a place to vent so this all started on an old app that's no longer around thank God called me out chat it was not a dating site it was specifically for teens so most of the people on the app were 15 to 17 with a few exceptions of older or younger people I was 14 when I joined because I had low self-esteem and wanted some friends on Meowth chat I met a lot of nice people mostly guys and they all would compliment me but would understand the friend aspect and would keep it at that none would really try and cross that line I met Dawson the nice guy a couple months into me being on Meowth chat he was really kind at first he told me he was 19 and that his birthday was in a couple days and I being really dumb thought it wasn't a big deal because he was only 5 years older than me we continued to chat and it stayed friendly with the random occasional compliment I would say thank you and of course I liked being complimented by an older guy I felt special he knew that my dad was an absentee father and then I was looking for approval by an older man he would always call me his bunny and eventually asked if we could text instead of used the app I said yes I like talking to you I'm read a lot in common he showed me that my name and his phone was Breanna with a bunny and said that I should set him as Dawson I think that's a fox I did I liked being called funny after two months of us talking he asked if I would be his girlfriend I said that I hadn't even met him yet and was unsure he told me that he was joining the Marines that we would meet as soon as he gets stationed and that he would take me on a cruise just me and him I was so excited and couldn't wait I said that I would be his girlfriend he sent me a shirtless picture of him and asked if I thought he would look good in a uniform he was really ripped so it was kind of intimidating he asked if I would send him a picture in the mirror I thought nothing of sending him a simple fully clothed picture so I did he told me that he was glad that I was his girlfriend he said that he was so nice that a lot of girls wouldn't date him because they liked jerks and players I told him that they were crazy and that he was so sweet he ate that up a while after us dating he said he went to a party and that he got drunk and that he slept with a girl he called me on the phone crying I being stupid started crying too I was heartbroken he begged for forgiveness and I forgave him he said that it would never happen again and he said this about the girl she's a whore who sleeps with anyone and since you're a virgin I know you are pure and worthy of being loved by a good man that's not where the incident with the girl ends though he asked me to send him a nude picture I told him I couldn't do that so he sent me a picture of a really gorgeous girl and told me that that was the girl he slept with at the party and that if I wouldn't send him a nude he'd ask her he said she'd definitely send him one I told him that I just couldn't send him a nude but that it send him a sexy picture he said okay and I sent him an almost nude picture he said something along the lines of I can't wait until we go on that cruise together and that he would never bring her up ever again anytime he would ask for a nude though he'd bring up the girl and get me to send in the picture through threatening to ask her for one or break up with me for her I developed a crush on a guy who went to my school and I told Dawson he flipped out and called me all kinds of names and told me that I was going to turn into a whore and then I was like everyone else but I didn't want a good man it would take care of me but a player he told me he would never talk to me again and he didn't for a long time on my 16th birthday he texted me out of the blue saying happy birthday I said thank you he told me he was in the Marines now and asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend again I of course being dumb said yes he said there was a condition I had to send him a nude picture every day I blocked him two years later I find his number in my phone and text him I don't know why I did it he answered right away and asked if I wanted to Skype I did as soon as he saw me he said that I looked so much older now in an almost sad way and asked how old I was I told him I was 18 the conversation went normally but then he asked if I was still a virgin I told him that it was none of his business he flipped out saying that he knew I was a whore act I hung up and looking back now I realize how creepy and predatory he was / is I wish I could apologize to 14 year old me for putting up with him holy shit this guy pulled the Austin Jones move maybe I'll get to talking about him eventually but he basically asked for twerking videos from 14 year olds both clothed and nude and when one of them said no he just pushed it like this oh I guess you're not my biggest fan I'll have to get someone else to do it it would be comical how sad the messages were if it wasn't so fucked up who even knows or cares that this other girl from the story existed at all the guy just liked using her as a threat to get what he wanted sounds like he takes about two seconds to creep her out by the time she's 18 though anyway that was a story so let's move on to reading some posts next these posts are all from the glorious place known as reddit nice guys unless I say otherwise this is for all the females out there that fall under this category you know who you are there are these things called words that when you put them together right they spell the truth none of you fucking bitches know how to do this and then you all say there ain't no good guys out there there are but you're turning us bad quicker than it takes to find out we're good so with that said go die alone admittedly that might be satire it's hard to believe sometimes when they're actually wearing the uniform girls you know that guy the one who will tell you you're 10 out of 10 or gently let you know how ridiculous you look the one who will always check you get home safe the one who's shoulder you cry on when some fuck boy has broken your heart again the one you go to for advice the one who will always support your life choices and want to succeed yeah him he is literally perfect for you taking the fuck out of the friend zone already yeah here's a tip don't tell girls they're 10 out of 10 don't mention the PSL scale at all it's a red flag to a lot of people this next guy is extremely humble and women are dumb bitches for not dating him that's not my reason but a damn good one though especially as entertaining as great as fun as spontaneous etcetera as I am and the trash still ain't satisfied oh by the way I got good dick – and that ain't enough for these whack jobs either no worries I am – please lie about nothing and damn sure do not care to disappoint so believe what you wish waste more of my life away and no worries we'll just let Harley sit inside another entire summer also let's work in risk on me thanks ladies much appreciated wasting time texting listening to house so many ain't like other women etc how you all keep your word but yet not a damn one of you all has done so yet then wonder why retaliate with hashtag dumb bitches hashtag lazy bitches hashtag unaccountable bitches you know I try and be nice and talked to most of you girls on my Facebook and y'all shut me down like I'm a piece of shit or too ugly to talk to I get guys hurt y'all in the past and it makes y'all cold-hearted but I'm not like that I like to build y'all up not break y'all down but whatever so women watching my video let me know if this status makes you want to talk to this guy who just admitted he's constantly messaging all the girls he knows because he's so nice the opie said he was just boring though blank is a fucking ho that is all done playing games fucking go ahead try and hurt me more wait you have me flogged for being sweet I guess I was just a flirt and blocked and deleted and on to the next get hit by a bus I don't care officially pissed the fuck off I mean I'm sure she was gonna block him after this anyway but it dodged a bullet there that's not true at all otherwise a few abusive guys would get women and all nice guys would this isn't the case nice guys get rejected and abusive ones don't and we know this because they must have women to abuse and we already know nice guys don't get women as backed up by lots of studies on Google you're pretending they don't exist the women definitely lots of kind men the way you women lie is fucking disgusting you even lie so much you lie to yourselves again the proof is on Google nice guys finish last what's so mind-numbing Ling stupid of you is you will look at that and still pretend it's not true so full of lies it makes me sick we know all ability of you civ check Google they've got studies there on that Google this proves my point men are more capable of love and care than women if we receive love we repay with loyalty and even more love on the other hand if women receive love they will use that to manipulate you and play with your emotions and heart add money to the mix and voila you have a humble loving wife so like there is this girl and she has a man and like he doesn't treat her right at all calls her ugly fat pathetic useless y'all get it I know I would treat her like a queen give her the basic respect she deserves one problem she doesn't even know I exist so yeah yeah if someone gives a girl basic respect they're pretty much soul mates this guy sounds like the main character of a movie or something up next is a surefire way to get those swipes chances are you won't swipe right because you are a judgemental cut looking for some eye candy odds are you're just here trying to get a free ride or get smoked out or make some money miss me with that shit if you're looking for someone to talk to you and get to know I'm your guy my name is Tim I like the outdoors a lot in my spare time I enjoy going to car events smoking 420 riding around with no destination watching Netflix and playing games chances are you won't read this yeah this guy even smokes pot and he's not willing to smoke them out for shame kind of sounds like he's calling himself ugly at the beginning they're too poor Tim let's read one more post in and then call it a day this guy's pretty tough by the way my mother raised me to be the guy that approached people like those boys and yell hey knock it off and make them regret their decision to do what they did but my reward for my courage was always taking the blame for everything or having those I protect you'd live in fear of me when the saw how fiercely I could fight instead of allowing me to comfort them when it was over but that's always the fate of every nice guy I've known as well as myself who can fight well look at we got a badass over here more importantly this was apparently on an anime video on an anime page go figure anyway that's about all the time I have for you today thanks for watching everyone thanks to my subscribers and if you liked the video and our new consider liking commenting and subscribing for more the same this week is going to be big as I said thank you all for all your patience I will be trying to stream tonight but I have a few technical issues to work out there's a bit more of this Lukas Werner saga I'd like to show people among other things so let me know what you think and let's get to work thanks also to the posters in the author of that story have a great night everyone and remember telling a woman to get hit by a bus might not be the best approach


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