Moran Cerf: “Decoding Thoughts and Dreams Using In-Brain Electrodes” | Talks at Google

Moran Cerf: “Decoding Thoughts and Dreams Using In-Brain Electrodes” | Talks at Google


40 thoughts on “Moran Cerf: “Decoding Thoughts and Dreams Using In-Brain Electrodes” | Talks at Google”

  • 3:47 raising my hand. He was not kidding about the fast talking. Fascinating talk. Excellent content, analogies and stories. What a beautiful smile he has.

  • Osayamen Osaretin says:

    It'd be amazing to know what happens when a cell that previously encoded a particular thought is destroyed, does another cell fire up for that idea or is that idea lost?

  • Tadeusz Magiera says:

    Science is fascinating.. Ripping animal brains to put electrodes inside in a name of progress. Sorry guys but there are sacrifices and choices I just cannot accept.

  • So, according to this guy, I can only assume people dreamed in color before black and white T.V. was invented and then switched to dreaming in black and white until color T.V. was invented? Yeah, okay. I dont believe what he said about that. I think he may mean black and white T.V. influenced people to dream in black and white more. Also, don't forget, dreams don't need color………..

  • Marshall Maxwell says:

    Good evening. It was interesting to learn you are from Israel. I thought you were French. I watched your interview with Tom Billyeu and learned that you are a great mind of our time. Thank you for the research you do. Would it be possible to learn more about your research with chip implants in the human brain?

  • What is your reason for human life in earth? Soul vs the Egotistical science? Hitler' dream coming to reality.. if it works on animals, how about a brain chip for children with hyperactive disorder syndrome with an application to control their decisions to avoid medication? push and play to go from an elite athlete to a hermit! pretty cool!! I hope i have enough $$ to brain chip my children to compete like a SOULdier in the ARMme. I'm sure is all for a good cause and not a good holocaust. Stay Strong!

  • Life is Sacred………. Strangely, out of thousands of words uttered here I have not apprehended any that referred to, or even insinuated at this fundamental idea…. the idea that life is SACRED……… All research carried out, on humans, or rats or any other species, done without utmost respect can, and often is, a simple exercise in brutality… How many sacred creatures are sacrificed to such ends……. and what really do we have to show for it……..???. Just more greed, and more greed, and more greed…….
    I so pray to be wrong on this issue……… Infinite blessings to all benevolent beings……………..

  • IMHO, this "HAS|is" been going on… at least somewhere in the Universe
    "IF" Our planet is around 4B old AND TIME is A LOT older than we can possibly fathom, we're technically just rediscovering this "aid" to humanity
    This is what AI is all about, combining silicone valley with organic life which why i believe ONLY AI can truly leave Earth and go to other solar systems, but it still takes a significant amount of time unless your're traveling faster than light which AI has the ability to do
    Still "somehow" knowing is pretty much impossible to understand OR teachinglearning for someone since it's a total entirely different process or is it just "there" encoded in Our DNA construct within one's own awareness

  • Neuroscience is wonderful for basic brain issues. Then there are the complex areas of subconscious and spiritual questions. There is much we don't know, and rarely do I hear those words. Examine the thoughts of an atheistic scientist for 24 hours, then wonder not they see no spiritual energy in the testing machinery.

  • If they can use feedback to get someone to stop thinking about pressing a button, can they use it to get North Koreans to stop thinking about democracy?

  • This guy's research is dangerous and will surely be misused and abused, AND HE FULL WELL KNOWS IT. He will pay dearly for his involvement in the creation of technologies that come from his research.

  • Holographic Sol says:

    wow. a bunch of average milgrim experiment candidates psychotic mutilating animals and humans in return for knowledge. burn in hell, fiend?

  • this is all a bullshit scam don't fall for it but allowing people to volunteer or fund this!!! u can fake these results by taking the average human attention span (8 secs est 2018) and length of whatever your taking about and divide it.. like 1 min of talking with a 8 sec average attention span means that if u say something very interesting or important based on stress of voice u can produce results in the brain.. based on attention span.. if there is zero attention span there is no results.. the attention span is then determined by language or a series of slangs etc.. these studies are fake bullshit funded by hate to provide nothing in the end and are to dangerous to have in the world.. don't fall of it people if a virus gets into one of these infected brains that adapts to deep space u can have a new super bug potentially in the planet that will be unstoppable and to fast to stop… say u take the moronic idea of using a microchip to simulate a fake reality that we created to alter the brain to follow this fake reality? then u invent a new counter to that reality.. that is just how phi + pi works..


    mostly the accent but also the speed, wow. did he want someone to understand that? or unconsciously not completely?

  • Look at David Icke, we will be here in 50 years, this global warming is a swindle. Google are EVIL, they even said it when they started up "do no evil" LOL, they got rid of that real fast. Don't use or update face book, get rid of Alexia and such devices, use alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo, use Brave browser, use encrypted email, turn location services off on devices, use Linux (elementary, pop, mint etc…) as a desktop, tape up over cameras and microphones. Basically take control of what YOU can do and tell others and help others do the same.

  • Much like the atomic bomb regret, scientists and profit (which will usurp as always) and gov't should not be trusted with life processes rudimentary (which it will always be and always missing key undectable factors) as their theories and ensuring impact will end up.

  • Our dreams should be trusted as doing what they need to do. A person themselves can decide for themselves to dream a certain way etc. Let a human be, you'll end up (metaphorically) making a vax that saves normals and kills Irish poem fueled telepath empaths and dreamers. Oh wait, that was intentional. $

  • animal abuse is animal abuse. terrible and horrific. no other label will change that. humans are the ones that are the most unevolved on this planet. animals would never be so cruel to us.

  • Funny idea: lets say you take the Blue Pill without knowing what is inside the pill. And lets say this microscopic mind tool binds its self to your brain via the blood stream via this Blue Pill. Now lets say some outside actor can manipulate your thoughts before you have your thoughts or even over ride a thought. Lets say you want to get a health checkup but every time you find a reason to not get an MRI scan. You maybe even develop a phobia to small spaces or to anything that uses radiation in any way, or lets say you have a thought to pick at 'random' a doctor that does MRI scans, and this doctor is all the while the same outside actor. This maybe could be one way for this mind tool to remain secret from its host brain.
    Would the brain know that it is being usurped?
    Lets say this mind tool used plausible deniability to keep the mind from discovering its existence. Similarly to the way the US cracked the Nazi code and the Japanese code and used math to generally win while loosing some intentionally altho also in a generally way as to not give away it had cracked the axis codes.
    Now lets say this individual with a hostile mind tool controlled by some outside actor does a very bad thing and a mind tool is discovered. What is to be done? Can this possible future be preempted?

  • Funny Idea: if our minds work in pictures, then maybe other creatures on earth do as well. Could this technology enable Octopi to talk to cats or whales or people or even perhaps we all have a conversation in picture form about a very simple idea like eating a fish? As a first step this could lead to a beginning or genesis of interspecies philosophy. Could this technology or type of thinking be applied to fungus, because i would love to interact with a fungi!

  • “With animals we can off course look at their brain directly” at 14.55 scares me and makes me worried about everything he is researching. Why “ off course”? Animals don’t feel? Yes they do but you have more power over them = you seem to think that that means you can abuse them. Scary !!!!

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