Mood Swings Ft. Evvarikee Cheppoddu | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Mood Swings Ft. Evvarikee Cheppoddu | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Jones, do you think
atleast this psychiatrist will be of help? Hello. Ever heard of chameleon?
You know, that reptile which changes colour? Isn’t that a God created wonder?
– Along with wonders God even made a few blunders. Chameleons change colours, likewise girls change their moods.
And to top it, there is no reason for their change of moods. Why generalise all girls?
He is talking about one particular girl named Jaythri. Happy birthday, Jaythri!
– Thanks! We brought your favorite.
– Black Forest? – Yes. You love it, don’t you? I thought you’d get Red Velvet.
– Why’d we get Red Velvet if Black Forest is your favorite? Shobhan looked everywhere to get this cake.
– Did I ask him to? Why are you blaming me? No one blamed you here.
– He is. Did I ask you to look everywhere? – N-No.. What did I even say?
– You said he looked everywhere for it. I’m sorry for that. You needn’t apologize for anything.
– Cut it! I’m out of here. Kiran, let’s go, bro.
– What is wrong with that lady? – She has such mood swings. I’m in no mood to celebrate her birthday. I’ll leave.
– Let it be, bro. It’ll be alright. She seems upset with me. I’ll rather leave.
– Jones! – I better leave. – Oh, come on! Kiran, where have you been? Come, dig into this.
– But how? – We don’t know. Jones, I want to have biryani.
– But you brought your lunch today. I have, but it is a very boring lunch I brought.
– Fine, I’ll place an order. Here is the biryani.
– I’m in no mood for biryani. I want prawns. – Is this a joke? I placed this order for you and now you say you don’t want it?
– Why are you yelling? I said I don’t want it. Are you worried about money? I’ll return it to you.
– It isn’t about money but why to waste food? Biryani? Shall we share it?
– No, you can have it all. – Really? Cool! What about prawns?
– Please, spare me. Jaythri, you and Shobhan come to my cabin.
– Yes, sir. Jaythri, like you know, the client will be here.
Is the project ready? – Yes, sir. Like you know, this is a very crucial project.
– Boss, just sit back and relax. I’ll make sure my presentation
will divert all his concentration on to our firm. This is why I like you, Jaythri.
If the rest of the employees had half.. No, had about 100gms of your enthusiasm,
we’d have been the best company by now. Anyways, all the best.
– Thank you, sir. ‘You’re trusting her too much, kiddo.’ Perfect! I can do this.
Jaythri, you can do this. Where do I connect this?
– You see that button there? Press that button.
Now wrap that cable around it. Jaythri, are we ready?
– Sorry, sir. I can’t do this anymore. What happened?
– I don’t know. “I didn’t ask for cupid to strike me when I saw you.
But since it struck me, I can’t ever stop loving you.” Won’t you guys sing?
– Yes, we will. – Then begin. “I didn’t ask for cupid to strike me when I saw you.
But since it struck me, I can’t ever stop loving you.” “Now that your image got etched in my heart,
I can’t stay without seeing you.” Why isn’t she singing? What’s the matter?
– Nothing. A while ago you were singing like Arjit Singh
and now you’ve become mum like Manmohan Singh? I’m in no mood.
– That we can see, but why? – I don’t know. You say there is no reason for you to be upset?
– I told you I’m in no mood. Stop bugging me! Jones, could you turn up the volume?
That is a cool song. So, that is the problem.
– I can understand your problem. But, understanding girls is so tough.
Even scientists can’t figure it out. Few scientists tried doing a research on women’s mind.
Now, other scientists are researching their minds. Is there nothing you can do?
– Maybe I can, provided I see her mood swings in person. She is right here. – Here?
– Yeah. – Ask her to come in. – Sure. Hi.
– Hi.. – Just give me a minute. If you caste freaks ever bombard me
with calls, I’ll kill you. Hang up! Hi, I’m Rakesh.
– I’m Jaythri. You know why you were called here?
– My friends came to meet you. They say you want to talk to me. What about?
– Oh! So, you don’t even know. What happened? – Nothing.
– You’ve become upset all of a sudden. What’s the matter? Your face looks so pissed.
– My face looks always like that. You know why I called you here?
For many days, I held a secret with me. I was told not to share it with anyone.
But I feel like sharing it with someone. I feel like sharing it with you.
– Secret! Tell me! – Promise me not to share it with anyone. I promise! Are you sure you won’t share it
with anyone? Thank you. Since you shared a secret, I want to share one too.
– Sure, go ahead. Did you tell her any secret? She is sharing it everyone.
– I knew she would. Girls love sharing secrets.
Nothing excites them more than that. So, keep coming up with new secrets
to keep her occupied and excited. There is not much cure to this.
– For her mood swings, we’ll have to tell her one every 10 minutes. I know. Mood swings might be irritating,
but mood swings is what makes girls interesting. Let them be that way. Understand that there are no major reasons
for her mood to swing. Minor ones would do like, buying her a different flavour of cake,
or cracking a joke on her or being reminded of something from the past.
Reason can be anything. So, let her be herself. Okay?
– Okay. What happened to the movie date you planned?
– You said you won’t come. But now I want to go.
– I cancelled the tickets. – I said I want to go now. We understand. You guys carry on.
– The same problem everywhere. You too must be knowing girls like them.
– You too must have seen their mood swings. I you liked this video, let us know in the comments.
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