Monique Villa introducing the Stop Slavery Awards - BBC World News

Monique Villa introducing the Stop Slavery Awards – BBC World News

now illegal profits generated by forced labor amount to a hundred and fifty billion dollars annually today a new anti-slavery award for businesses has been launched to encourage companies around the world to help eradicate the practice but as an award really going to put an end to a practice that most major firms would already condemn me now to discuss this is money villa the CEO of Thomson Reuters foundation who are behind the award Monica thank you very much and that question really you know how much of a difference is this award going to make and practice do you think well I think it can make I mean you never know you launch something you never know but it can make a huge difference in the in the sense that we try to insurance businesses and big corporations in the fight against slavery 40 years ago the the biggest corporation started to outsource their production in the developing world because they were looking for cheap labor and down down down their supply chain contractors and subcontractors you found a lot of slavery and today there is no cooperation we can say I'm totally I'm totally clean from slavery because we don't know the thing is it's so complicated for cooperation to find out until the end what is in the supply chain that they don't know so with the stop slavery award what we try to do and what I really want to do is to start the virtuous cycle that is said to give to the corporation's who are best-in-class in their industry to try to clean their supply chain from false labor how do you assess that I mean how do you well there are many ways so we have been working since now for months with specialist all the specialists in the field plus baker and mckenzie the law firm on what would be the exact questionnaire that they would have to answer so you know they have to monitor what happens in their supply chain they have to look at if they sign a cover for instance there the death suppliers will sign a code of conduct to say yes we will be clean etc but then you have to check that it is effectively done and if not extensions that is changed supplier yeah the other thing was quite interesting this figure that's quoted 150 billion dollars annually how do you reach that figure because if it's an illegal Pratt I only know one's got a file you know our profits from you know from from nice lady indeed I would personally think that it's higher than 150 billion dollars this number is comes from the UN from the ILO at the international labor organization so they think the business is worth that which is three times the earnings of Apple it's huge it could be more nobody knows data about slavery is lacking we don't even know how many slaves they are in the world between 21 million according to ILO 236 million according to walk free so we don't know but the business is certainly very big business and what we know is does 25% of these business come from sex trafficking 75% come from forced labor this is why that is the people who are forced to work and not paid and treated as slaves so it's the biggest violations of human rights you can imagine a lot to pay someone yeah Monique Villa thank you very much in Thomson Reuters foundation thank you thank you


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  • Isnt this the same woman and company who lied and published feminist propaganda about "The most dangerous countries in the world for women" Survey??

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