Money Minute: Thursday 12 December

Money Minute: Thursday 12 December

Good morning and welcome to Money Minute,
where we preview the day’s biggest financial stories. There’s only one story in the UK this morning
– it’s the day Britain goes to the polls. It’s no exaggeration to say that this election
is probably the most important of the century so far. If the ruling Conservative party wins a clear
majority, then some form of Brexit is almost certain to go ahead. If the Conservatives fail to win a majority,
then, depending on the final makeup of any government, Brexit will likely be delayed
or even derailed, with a second referendum or even outright cancellation on the cards. In the run up to this election, polls have
so far suggested that a majority for the Conservative party is the most likely outcome. But if the last four years or so have taught
us anything at all, it’s that the “most likely” outcome is not always the one that
wins out on the day. The polls open at 7am and close at 10pm, at
which point we will get an exit poll, which could be market moving. See you next time!


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