Monday, October 14

Monday, October 14

Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show.” ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Come you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) (audience whooping) Thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. How you doin’?
How you doin’? I’m doin okay, let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering) When you were growing up, did you ever remember this song, in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He sailed and sailed, happy Columbus Day. We don’t take off for Columbus Day ’cause you do so that means we got more people watching today. Yeah. That’s, thank you. I’ll tell you about my weekend, it was full of a lot of interesting things. But Monday is when I do the after show, so I figure I’ll save that for the after show. And so you’ll tune in at, if you care, after I do the show and then they’ll probably post it like five hours later or something like that. (audience applauding) It involves an hor d’oeuvres party and the cats and everything. And what they did. When I have company. I wanna shout out to the gymnast Simone Biles. She just. (audience applauding) Nice job! Over the weekend, you know, Simone became the most decorated gymnast in the world. Look at her go. She is really decorated. You know, I wanna give one of those medals, or at least all of them to her grandparents who raised her. Which I did not realize that. Her mother was on drugs and her father, I don’t know where he was, but she and her four siblings went in and out, those are her parents right there, they did show up for this, whatever the festivities. But, you know, she was raised by her grandparents, adopted by them actually, after being in and out of foster care with her siblings for ever. So she calls her grandparents mom and dad, but they’re her parents. They got it together to get out there as she broke the world record for the most decorated medalist in gymnasts, male or female. 25 medals in total she has in her career. Good job, good job. I actually, I would love to see a made for TV Simone Biles movie. Wouldn’t that be great? A real interesting past, you know, the discipline of it all. So last night on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kanye told Kim, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, that he doesn’t want her to be sexy anymore. Like trying to stop her coin. Kim had been stressed out planning her Met Gala dress, remember the Met Gala happened months ago, but they pre-tape. Look at this dress. Like, why are you denying that? Anyway, Kim looks beautiful, she wore it anyway, but here’s how it all went down, take a look. Where from being a rapper, looking at all these girls, and looking at my wife. Like oh, my girl needs to be just like the other girls showing her body off, showing this, showing that, and I didn’t realize that that was affecting like my soul and my spirit as someone that’s married and loved. Last night I was having really bad anxiety and I don’t need any more negative energy for you to now say that you’re not into me wearing a tight dress. You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy. And you built me up to be this like sexy person and confidence and all this stuff, and just because you’re on a journey and you’re on your transformation doesn’t mean that I’m in the same spot with you, so. Okay, all right, so. All right, all right cool. I agree with her. Her journey is not his journey. And furthermore, Kim, he didn’t’ build you up to be sexy, you were sexy all along. And, yeah. Does Kanye even know how you started in this game? Ray J does. (audience shouting) I’m just saying, I’m just saying, I’m just saying, you can’t deny, but yes, she’s turned it into a billion dollar empire, and she’s studying for her law degree and she frees people from jail, but she’s still, the core of it all is the sexy. And you know, I just. And so, then she ended up wearing the dress, they went to the Met Gala together, this is what he wore. And he wore a track suit, and I don’t care how expensive it is, it’s still a track suit, you know. Can you imagine? Let’s take a look at Kim getting her body done right there. Would you look at that? There is no denying, there is no denying. Like don’t let him take that from you, I know he’s not. Don’t, uh-uh. (audience applauding) In life, you gotta going with your strengths, and Kim, we know what your strength is. There it is. And you know, (laughs) and another thing about Kim, like she dresses sexy, but you don’t see her out slutting around with a bunch of men. So, like you picture her going out dressing sexy, maybe tying one on, but then going back to the compound where Kanye’s there and the kids, to me, her sex appeal is not threatening, you know what I mean, or slutty. It’s just Kim riding off of her strengths. Yeah. (audience applauding) On a side note, Courtney’s four year old son, Reign, flipped off the paparazzi. Look at this, look at that, look at that. I mean, I mean, he knows who the paparazzi is, he knows that they’re always around the family, there’s probably a lot of complaining even though the family wants that, but would you be upset if your four year old son flipped off the paparazzi? I mean, I would be embarrassed, but I would also be laughing, like. All right, throw tomatoes, I thought it was cute. Clap if you think how disgusting. Late to the party, don’t film them, nope. Any who, I didn’t find anything wrong with it, you just have to know who your kids flipping off. Like don’t flip off your principal, don’t flip, you know what I’m saying, don’t flip off me, your grandparents, that whole bit. So Joe is a free man, over in Jersey. I know, I know! I couldn’t tell, is this Joe or Mike the Situation? And Joe is, look! Joe is considerably older than Mike, but just goes to show you, if you work prison right, you can come out and. (audience applauding) good morning prisoners, good morning. So Joe was released from ICE on Friday and flown right back to Italy. Oh yeah, he’s not in Jersey. As a matter of fact, I’m convinced they will never let him back in this country. You know, the judge will say, okay next case, and everybody’s moving on. There he is with his brother Pete, who lives in Italy, so he does have a translator to get new girlfriends, new jobs, and new translation. I don’t picture now Theresa and Joe staying together. You know it’s horrible that a family was broken up like that with him all the way over there but if I was Gia and I’m going to Rutgers, I’m like I’m not going over there. I got my friends, even the little ones, you know, her other three siblings, they go their friends here, nobody speaks Italian like that, we’re staying in Jersey. And I don’t believe Theresa cares about anything at this point but her daughters and how to pay for herself and her daughters. Which, in other words, she’s focused. But, I hope they do plan a trip over there and I hope that they bring the cameras because, listen, they might as well make money off of it, everybody’s going to need money. As far as, you know, the family going privately and wanting no cameras around and everything, go with your strengths. Go to Italy, take the cameras, film Joe, if Joe doesn’t want the cameras, his voice really doesn’t count. Then you know what, the whole episode will be like, Joe doesn’t wanna be in here ’cause he doesn’t want the cameras. All right, and by the way, that’s an episode that I don’t care about. But I don’t care, I was like I don’t care. I’d rather see other people in the Jersey Housewives than them, only because a family has taken such a turn for the bad. It’s not even fun watching anymore, you know? And not one of the daughters better say to Theresa, “I wanna move to Italy to be with Daddy.” Be quiet, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You know, your father’s unemployed, he’s not gonna come back to the U.S., you know, blah blah blah, so if you wanna move over to Italy then you go after you graduate from college. Then go on. (audience applauding) So, this morning I placed a necessary call to Flava Flav. Well, he didn’t answer. I mean, you know, you know. You didn’t answer Flav. But look, I was meeting with my Hot Topics team and Flav’s name came up because he might be a dad again for the eighth time. Okay, well he’s 60 years old. He still looks like Flav though, you know, he’s 60, you can see he moisturizes. And doesn’t push it all the way into his face. Flav’s got that Matthew Knowles shine. Anyway, Flav already has seven kids with three women, so this will be his eighth child, an eighth baby’s mother. Fourth babies mother. Well, according to our friends at, a woman named Kate, there she is. No, now you all are gonna stop. Babies are a blessing. Kate claims that she had his eighth baby two months ago. The baby’s name is Jordan. Okay. I know! What a life he’s going to have. Anyway, Kate wants the courts to make Flav take a DNA test. This is where this is going, right. If he is the father she wants full child support. Now, Flav is denying that he fathered this child which is why I had to pick up my phone and call him and he didn’t answer. And I left him a text so sometime in the next hour, I told him, I said text me before 11 a.m. So I can say something to my people with regard to this, Flav. Anyway, Kate used to be on Flav’s management team, that’s how they know each other. Flav has a daughter who actually went to the baby shower. Uh-huh. So it’s like what do you believe, did you believe that Flav is dodging it or do you believe Flav is the father? I do believe that this DNA test is very, very important. I mean, even if Flav calls us before the show ends today, all he’s going to say probably is it’s not my child. I’ll check my phone during commercials. I don’t like to bring it out here to distract me from doing the show. (audience applauding) Little joke going all the way back to last week. Anyway, so the writer of Rihanna’s new Vogue article is getting attacked by you guys. Well, in the story, first of all, I thought it was a really good article. She looks really great, the whole bit. In the story the writers name is Abby Aguirre, and Abby admits that she was very unprepared for the interview. She had on sweatpants, she was on her way to Trader Joe’s. When she got the telephone call from the Vogue people saying, “Interview Rihanna, now!” So she was notified at the last minute and she had to wing it she says. And people are attacking her for not being prepared. Well, Rihanna is defending Abby saying that she loved the article and she called Abby a badass for doing a good job. Well, yeah. (audience applauding) I mean, you know, good for Rihanna for seeing through the clouds that she was satisfied with the article and everything like that. Abby you shouldn’t have said anything about not being prepared and only because then it makes people squint and look at your work even more. And people get upset with that. Like, I would think that Vogue would have had a bunch of people on staff and any one of them would love to have done this article. So, I don’t know how a Rihanna article gets done at the last minute being the international super sensation that she is, except maybe Rihanna just landed in LA, called up the Vogue people and said, I’m here, I don’t have anything got do for the next two hours, let’s do the article. So they had to call somebody immediately. And they called Abby, I guess she changed her sweatpants, dropped her groceries, and left. But, she shouldn’t have told Rihanna that she winged it. I mean, Rihanna was good for siding with Abby. Here’s my thing, if you’re gonna do an article on Rihanna, first of all, there’s no winging it. You know at least 25 questions off the top of your head. It’s not even like a wing, know what I mean, like when I do interviews here, and they, you know, on the purple couch, you know my producer of that particular segment, whichever one it will be, they always give me questions on the card, mostly ’cause if the prompter breaks then I still have a reference ’cause the questions are also in the prompter. But a lot of times I’m just sitting and talking to people. I look at the questions as being a safety in case you get bored, you know. But it’s not even called an interview, it’s called a conversation. So to me it went off really well and for the people who were bad mouthing Abby, what would you have done? Or could you ever do it? (audience applauding) Rihanna had some sort of big event over the weekend and I know a lot of people who were there and they said, “No, she’s clearly not pregnant, “she’s just healthy and eating and thick.” And she loves it and she looked very beautiful. So, anyway, friend to the show, Bevy Smith, you know Bevy. (audience cheering) So Bevy is claiming that she was denied a cab ride here in New York ’cause she’s black. Well, that happens all the time. Bevy says that she spotted a cab on Friday night and the light was on, meaning in business, after a group of people got out, Bevy got in and the driver said he wasn’t working. Now see, now see now, you see this. Okay, so Bevy took out her phone and put him on blast, take a look. I thought you weren’t working, you don’t want to take a black person. You don’t wanna take a black person, right? You don’t wanna take a black person? Well, now I’m gonna get you. Now you’re on video, got you! (audience applauding) The thing is is that if you’re black and in New York, you know exactly what Bevy was talking about. If you’ve never been to New York and you’re black, just be prepared to have your Uber or your Lyft or car service or something, ’cause cabs aren’t having it. They’re not having it for me, they’re not having it for you if you’re black. They don’t care if you’re old black, female, young black male, they’re not having it. And you know, it’s really, really horrible. I mean, when I catch a cab, and I don’t have any apps on my phone to catch a car or anything like that. I usually call my son and if he’s in class, then he can’t get me a ride. You know, or I have a proper car and driver, but I do take taxis, there’s something so New York about you know, hailing a cab, you know. But, I must tell you that if a white person is around, I do say to that white person, look, can you hail me a cab? No lie, yeah, can you hail me a cab. And if there’s nobody around who’s white and I hail it myself, and I try to look civilized and proper, oh and they pass, they pass, they pass, and then finally, this is generally what happens in my particular case. The doors are still locked, like I flip, and the doors not opening, I’m say, “Can you open the door?” And then he or she will say, “Where are you going?” And then, if you say you’re going to the Bronx, if you say you’re going to Brooklyn, Harlem, lower east side, you know, I don’t live in any of those places, so that they’re all too happy to unlock the door and go. But I see what happened, and if I wasn’t going to my civilized apartment, which I was thrown into, not my fault. You know, anyway, it’s terrible, it’s terrible. And like today, or tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain in New York, so then if you’re black and it’s raining. Forget it, forget it. Norman? I’ve been kicked out. And you’re like high yellow black. I’m light skinned black, right! Right, with black glasses. Right.
Right. You don’t look like a killer. Right, exactly, I got glasses on. You’ve been kicked out of a cab? Yeah, yup. ‘Cause you get in and then you say you’re going to your neighborhood. Uh-huh, and they’re like, or somewhere else maybe that they don’t wanna go to. And they’re like you gotta go. Don’t you just squat and make them take you? You wanna just pee in the cab, but. (laughs) You just wanna tear it all up, like (grunting). But yeah, it happened. (Wendy laughing) So reality star Erica Mena gifted her new husband Safari Samuels a really, really shiny push present. Now, I don’t know where men deserve a push present and I don’t care, no, no. You planted a seed and that’s it. TMZ posted the lavish gift. Okay, here it is, it says Daddy. It’s a $50,000, where does Erica Mena get $50,000? And look, look, I don’t care if she even has it, the point is for somebody like Erica Mena the future with finances is not guaranteed next, as a matter of fact tomorrow, Tuesday. It’s not, like it is a dumbbell who spends $50,000 on a 14 karat gold diamond necklace. It might be nice, Rambo, but that’s still not the wise decision for a reality star. She isn’t meme status in this reality thing. But, and I don’t care how much it is, my thing is that they probably did a trade out with the jeweler, like maybe they got a big discount on her wedding ring. They have some sort of wedding special in the works, so maybe it already came on, I didn’t see it, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. But, back to situation at hand, the bigger thing is that men don’t deserve push presents in my opinion, you know. (audience applauding) You know, a man’s present is supposed to be a successful delivery and I don’t care whether he rubbed your feet, rubbed your belly, made you food, lifted you up, put you on the toilet, and that’s what you’re supposed to do. I’m the one over here pushing and furthermore you better be in the delivery room to see exactly how it’s all going down. Yeah, yeah. Oh, a little louder! We got more great show for you everybody. Up next, the scandal that’s rocking the Jersey Shore. We’ve got the inside scoop so grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat music) A big outlet. I have that, with the pink thimbles. Yeah, that’s on my kitchen counter. Oh good!
Yeah, they’re not real gums though, they’re like pearls. Yup, I had to crazy glue it closed ’cause the cats were hitting it, and yeah, they’d end up. Hi, sorry. Okay, it’s time for the Inside Scoop and here to dish is entertainment journalist, our friend, Devon Simone. Welcome back!
Hi Wendy. Thank you.
Okay, Jersey Shore drama, go ahead. Okay, so Jersey Shore drama, this time it’s our girl JWOWW. So JWOWW just broke up with her boyfriend of eight months, Zach. He’s also 24, so we’ll call him 24. And she’s 33 with two kids and a divorce under her belt. Yes, so Jenny broke up with him after seeing last weeks episode of the Jersey Shore because in it he is getting handsy and flirty with his castmate, her castmate, Angelina that she’s already not that cool with in the first place. So Jenni was there, but she had a little too much to drink so she was a little hammered, passed out in his lap. And all the other cast members were there too, except for Snooki who is pregnant. Except for Snooki was pregnant, right. So Snooki wasn’t there, but all the other cast members were there–
In Vegas. In Vegas, none of them intervened. Vinnie’s sitting there watching like, mm-mm I ain’t getting involved in this. We actually have the video, take a look. All the sudden I just feel this big hand just like right on me. I was surprised because his hands are big, so it was like, on my ass and my side, you know. And Jenni’s right there. Are we friends now? I mean, Jenni is jealous over everything. Like if she knew what was going on, she would kill both of you. I’m just trying to be cool with this kid because I don’t wanna get into it with Jenni again. But then he also grabs my leg like holding me. Whoa! Stop. So here’s the thing, Angelina is engaged also, so her fiance might wanna check that. And what you don’t see in the video is that she’s flirting with him heavily throughout the whole, entire night as well. Really?
Yeah, like big time. So Jenni actually released a statement ’cause here’s where she was really pissed. This was filmed five months ago, you guys, so she didn’t know. No one, Vinnie didn’t tell her anything, nobody told her anything. So if they’ve been together for eight months– This was like three months in.
Three months time. Exactly.
With a 24 year old with no children and free. Mean time, you’re 33 with a divorce under your belt and two kids, where’d you think you were going with this relationship anyway? You know, that’s so true. So Jenni said, “After seeing tonight’s episode, “I’m pretty hurt, I feel disrespected by someone “I called a friend and by someone who stated they loved me. “For five months I was kept in the dark about this. “For five months I was naive, probably laughed at, “and made into a story line that will forever haunt me.” And then 24, he responded with an apology. He said–
That’s his name, 24? No, it’s Zach, but they call him 24 ’cause he’s 24. “I made mistakes that I cannot take back. “Jenni does not deserve an damage from anybody else, “this is on me. “I sincerely apologize to Jenni, “I apologize to Angelina as well. “I love Jenni with everything I have, I will continue to do “everything to make this known to her “and her kids who also have my heart.” Not all, not all! Bye, bye! I mean, yeah. But, she was less than smart for thinking something other than a one night stand was gonna happen with a 24 year old boy with three– Wrestler.
Oh, wrestler. Right, who’s a 24 year old wrestler. I mean, Jenni obviously doesn’t make the smartest choices with men, she can do better. Apparently she doesn’t know that yet, we hope that she figures out she can. She can, I mean–
I’m surprised that none of the guys from the show didn’t go up to this guy and like pull him off Angelina and even more so, I’m surprised that Angelina, if she’s engaged, that’s what you said, right? Yeah, she’s engaged. Okay, that’s a big fight going on right now. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m surprised that she, as a decent woman, allegedly, wouldn’t get up, put his hand over there, and switch seats with someone else. Absolutely, absolutely. I completely agree. And what’s especially sad about this though, is over the weekend Jenni and 24 were spotted together with the kids, they were out at a theme park, her father was there as well. Her father didn’t beat him up, so apparently everything’s forgiven. There was no PDA, our sources say they didn’t see them all like touchy feely, they were just focused on the kids, the kids seemed happy, everyone’s happy. Her kids!
Yeah, her kids. Not his kids.
At 24 did you even want to be involved with somebody with kids? I mean.
Get out of here with that. By the way, last time I saw you I asked you about your love life and you said that you had a boyfriend, and now I see an engagement ring? You do, Wendy, we’re engaged! Fabulous. It’s sparkly and fabulous. It’s so beautiful, I love it so much and I love him so much. Congratulations.
Thank you! All right, let’s talk about Cuba Gooding Jr. Yeah, okay so Cuba Gooding Jr. Is now facing additional charges in this sex abuse case. All right, so we’ll walk you guys through the story. So in June–
He’s going to jail. Cuba was a NYC, you think he did it? I don’t think he did this, but I think that there’s enough in the history of Cuba he’s going to jail.
That he’ll get in trouble. Okay, so in June he was at a Times Square hotel and a fan came up. He was there with his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, that last name sounds familiar it’s ’cause it is, she’s the ex wife of one of Robert De Niro’s sons, okay. So they were there at this hotel, partying, a fan came up to him and alleged that he groped her breast and touched her inappropriately. She called 911 and pressed charges and he turned himself in shortly thereafter. So there’s the tape, you can see the video, TMZ actually provided video. Cuba obviously saying that he didn’t do it, but when he showed up on Thursday for his trial, they actually delayed it because they’re saying that there’s new charges that have come out. And they’ve moved it from criminal court to the New York Supreme Court. From this woman or other charges from past women? We don’t know if it’s from the same woman or another woman, it’s supposed to be unsealed tomorrow and you know we’ll be all in it. Well wait, Claudine was sitting right there. Claudine was sitting right there in between them. Cuba turned himself in ’cause he’s saying, look, I’ll be exonerated, this did not happen, and I know that she was looking for attention ’cause she came up and said she was a fan of my movie “Snow Dogs.” Now I don’t know if you all saw “Snow Dogs” in 2002, but of all his work, it was not his best. It was, he was a dentist in Miami who inherited some Alaskan sled dogs, he had to go to Alaska and deal with the dogs. I mean, I love dogs, but it wasn’t very good movie. So what’s he saying about all this? So he’s saying that it’s not true, that she was just looking for attention. He admits he did touch her, but he said he was trying– Some people are touchy when they talk. Yeah, like a warm, you know, like a church touch. You know, be like how you doing baby and they touch your thigh or your leg. He wasn’t actually trying to hit on her. We’ll see, the new charges should be released tomorrow when he goes back to court. We’ll find out what happens. I mean. When’s your wedding? September, 2020. Congratulations, again. Thank you.
Thank you for comin. Devon Simone everybody. Trendy @ Wendy is next, don’t go far. (upbeat music) I don’t want that board break there. Hi, it’s time for Trendy @ Wendy, I’m here with some fabulous products at unbelievable discounts is our friend, Ashley Glazer. Thank you, it’s so nice to be back. Ashley, lead me to my paradise please. Yes, so Rue La La has amazing things for us today, starting with our favorite, robes. This is from Linum, this is a leopard print bath robe. So good.
So good. This is what I would do with mine. I’m gonna keep it the length that it is, but then I need two more ’cause I’m gonna get the bottom cut off– So you can connect it.
Connect it, I always do this with the seamstress. I love that.
And then have a train. Yeah, yes.
Oh, okay. All right, I love that. And for the price, all of you guys can do that too. You can customize your robe. So this retails for $149 and we’re getting it 77% off at just 34.99. It’s so cozy. I’ll take three. Three.
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I’ll take both colors. Yeah, it’s a good one.
For fall. All right, so next up, these are from Body Glove. These are waterproof and activity trackers. So I have mine on, it does 24 hour calorie count, walking, your heart rate. I feel like now if you could see mine– This is driving me crazy. It’s probably so high. But I like to keep in touch– It’s really lightweight–
the body. You really don’t even feel it. I can’t even feel it on my wrist, I forget it’s on, comes in six different colors. And it retails for 89.99. We are getting it 65% off at just 35.99. Perfect, perfect. Okay, now.
Luxury. Jackie used to be an intern at Wendy, but now she’s our main receptionist. And she looks gorgeous in this Avec Les Filles coat, this is a single breasted, faux fur coat. Comes in tan, like Jackie’s wearing, and black. It’s incredibly soft, it’s so luxurious. The length is perfect for, Jackie’s in jeans and a white tee, Wendy, you can wear it with a dress, you can do it dressed up or dressed down. I love the inside has the hounds tooth. You know, when you take it off you wanna feel a little bit glamorous. Yes, I love the inner, a nice one, yeah. Me too, when it gets thrown around. So it’s so gorgeous. The buttons are nice too. It’s beautiful.
But you could always go to the trim shop and buy new buttons. I do that too with the seamstress and the robe and all my stuff. I like all your customizations today. Yeah, I customization the situation. How much is this? So this retails for $450, we are getting it 71% off at just 129.99 There you go. This is Vahdam Tea World, it’s private reserve. It’s loose herbal tea. It smells incredible, you can choose from the two different sets. It’s one of Oprah’s favorites from 2018. I love a good cup of tea– Look what it looks like. There’s a tea drawer for everything. It looks beautiful.
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This is really nice. And they just smell good to keep open. So next up, this is from the Manuka Doctor, it’s the Holy Grail of their skin care set. So Manuka honey is one of the most potent ingredients with bee venom, so it’s good for brightening, tightening, acne scars, refines lines. These are four award winning products, so we have the moisturizer, the primer, which I used today when I was getting ready. There’s an oil and there’s a targeted wrinkle filler. Wrinkle filler, where? Yes, this one.
Perfect. Although you don’t need it. You look amazing. So the retail set, it goes for, did you put it in there, I didn’t even see. So it retails for $161.80 and we are getting it 69% off– Even that’s very inexpensive. It is.
‘Cause this is a renowned–
And they’re award winning. Exactly, but how much are we paying? So we’re only paying 49.99. You gotta get all of this stuff before they sell out. Thank you to our friends at Rue La La for these amazing deals. is where you go if you wanna get something. Uh-oh, hey! (upbeat music) Okay, it’s time for Hot Topics Sound Off. This is where my co-hosts have opinions about today’s hot topics. So you’re number one, come on over, how you doin’? How you doin’?
What’s your name, where you from? My name’s Shirley Diakis, I’m from Orange County, California. What do you do? I am in the hospitality industry, yeah. Okay Shirley, well welcome to the show. Who are you sounding off about? I am sounding off on Kim and Kanye. Okay.
Okay, I think that he brought her from mid-fashion to high fashion, so he should listen to her. You know, like he cleaned out her closet for her, she is where she is, in fashion, because of him. He opened doors for her. I think that she’s also– So she should sex it down? Yes.
‘Cause that was his point. Yes, she’s a mom, of four, she’s not 24– Sit down!
okay. Get out, no I understand your opinion. I just don’t go along with it. She’s gonna be a lawyer soon. She’s not gonna be a lawyer soon. She helps fight cases. She is studying. I mean, she’s gonna help fight cases, but she does that in the civilized clothes, but when she’s not doing that, get naked. Get naked.
yeah. No, okay first, I don’t think she should forget her roots. Remember your roots. We won’t let her forget her roots. But she needs to evolve, she is a business woman force to be reckoned with. That’s what I think. Okay, thank you, all right. Hi, come on over. How are you?
I’m fine, how you doin’?
How you doin’? I’m Tiffany from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I’m a registered nurse. Okay.
I am sounding off on Erica Mena and Safari. I feel like Erica is doing way too much, as always. Seriously, like we’re the ones who are bodies changes, we’re sick, we have to miss work, we have to go to doctors appointments, they’re not obligated to do all that. So why should he get a push present? If anything–
And the $50,000, where you think that came from? If anything, they could have put that toward her college fund or anything like that. That’s how I feel. Thank you, I agree. Come on over, we got time. Oh, oh a jumpsuit. Wow, this is really cute. It’s a two-piece.
Oh is it? Those are slacks? Who are you, where you from? I’m Elaina, I’m from lower Maryland. Okay, what do you do for a living, come on out. Actually I’m a hair stylist. Okay, oh okay. Who are you talking about? So I’m talking a JWOWW and her boyfriend. So I’m married and I feel like if my husband disrespected me, especially on the world wide, we would definitely have a problem. So I feel like even if it was a month ago, five months ago, whenever, he definitely didn’t have enough respect for her. Well, he’s 24, he’s still learning respect while she’s got two kids and a divorce under her belt, she shouldn’t’ have been with him to begin with. How bout that?
How bout that. Ask Wendy is next, don’t go far. (upbeat music) Yeah, welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy, everybody have a seat except for you, come on over. Oh, I like this jacket. Thank you, hi.
On the cheap. How you doin’?
How you doin’? This is on the cheap. It’s 120. It’s good.
Oh thank you. Who are you, were are you from? My name is Jamice, I live in Washington, D.C. but from the Bronx, New York. Faux leather.
Yes. This is a good one. And what do you do? I’m a retail store manager. Okay, you got this with the discount at the store? I did. How can I help you? So, I’ve been dating a guy, Wendy, for a year and a half now, things were going great to the point I moved in my clothes, shoes, makeup, everything to his house. Where do you live, you live by yourself? I have a roommate right now. So she even thought I was like moving out the house and moving in with him. Six months ago he had a furnace fire, packed up all my stuff and told me that, you know, my house is disheveled, so here’s your pieces. So since then we haven’t’ been hanging out that much. What is a furnace fire? Exactly, what is a furnace fire? I don’t know. So since then I see him now like once a week versus every single day. So is he hiding something, somebody else? Like was his house torn up and burned up? I actually haven’t been there since he told me about the fire. And how long ago was the fire? Six months ago. You haven’t’ been to your boyfriend of a year and a halfs house in six months? Mm-hmm.
Why not? He said it was a fire. But, then why didn’t you insist even trying, even if you suspect him, act like you’re gonna help him– I offered, I offered different things to come over to his house, he told me no, it’s fine. He’s staying at his friends house. This friend I don’t know the name or anything. But he returned all your stuff. Yes. Did it smell smoky, was your lipstick melted? No, not smoky, not melted, no water damage. So what’s your question to me? Should I keep on in this relationship? No, no. No, something smells burnt. And it’s not his apartment, good luck. Oh my gosh, when the double doors opened I said, “Look how cute she looks.” Look how cute she looks. Oh thank you so much! How you doin’?
Hey Wendy, how you doin’? I’m Lorena, I’m from Georgia. I just transferred to NYU this semester. I’ve been dating my boyfriend since we were 12 years old. Oh boy.
Yeah. And all my new roommates roll their eyes every time I talk about him, and you know, all our great memories and everything. So I wanna know, how do I get them to stop hating on my long distance relationship? Stop talking about it. Stop, you know, that’s between you and your boyfriend. Now, how long is this relationship gonna last do you predict? The rest of my life. All right. Sit down, girl. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) This is the big week, I am finally going out to LA to get my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! On Thursday. If you’re in LA, please come be part of the circus. We’re celebrating the star this week, or well today. How are you?
I’m great. Who are you?
My name’s Abigail, I’m from Orange County, California. How you doin’?
How you doin’? What do you do? I work in PR. Okay, in celebration of the star, Abigail, I have a question for you about a celebrity, who did not attend her own star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiling. Unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine.
No. Please, I’m changing my clothes like 5000 times. I got a whole thing going on. But this celebrity did not attend. Is it Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, or Madonna, go. Madonna.
No! (buzzer buzzing) Barbra Streisand.
Oh my gosh! Well, here you go with your prize anyway, dinner for two at American Whiskey, great food there. We’ll be right back. Tomorrow on the show, Kathy Griffin. Also, we got a performance from Wale and Jeremei. So, I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (upbeat music) (audience whooping) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Nice! (upbeat music)


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