43 thoughts on “MLM: Are make-up empires exploiting mums? BBC Stories”

  • Frank Simmons says:

    Could anyone tell me anything about doTerra? It's also based in Utah. I'm anxious to know more about it. My girlfriend is getting involved with it and she starts feeling something like a religious enthusiasm. I will try to dissuade her of getting involved but I need to know more about the company. Some gut feeling tells me there is something damn wrong with it.

  • Im confused as to what being apart of an MLM had to with the LDS church. I get the companies started in Utah however the correlation between the two was unclear. They talked to one women who was LDS that chose to participate with a company in the hopes of contributing to her household by working from home. The opportunity obviously did not work well for her however what did that have to do with the Church? Staying home is a choice not a requirement.

  • I live in Utah and MLM is huge. I've got family members who fall for these every time a new one comes around and they waste a lot of money on it. It's just a social status

  • Thanks for speaking for that 90% who lost money/not making income. Oh USA, great marketers, yet often hypocrite and toxic af

  • Gabriel Badwolf says:

    I don’t care what it is you’re in if you realise it’s a bit like a cult it probably is one and you should get out.

  • Karrie J. Butler says:

    Thank you for exposing this. I've noticed that more and more videos on YouTube are made by people with roots in Utah.


    Do your research for due diligence for any company you decide to work for. You’d be blown away to to know many of MLM Company owners Utah and beyond back in the 1990’s when I was a young mom in Colorado,,,
    Many of the popular ones were so popular,,,, until they started getting sued,,, then bam! they closed up shop and started a new MLM Company under a different name,,, same procedures on sales tactics. Thanks for the great video,,, and all your comments, they matter.

  • purple cosmos says:

    How can I watch this in the United States? BBC iPlayer tell me I have to be in the UK….does that mean I just can't? It doesn't seem to be in full form on YouTube that I can find.

  • purple cosmos says:

    How can I watch this in the United States? BBC iPlayer tell me I have to be in the UK….does that mean I just can't? It doesn't seem to be in full form on YouTube that I can find.

  • purple cosmos says:

    How can I watch this in the United States? BBC iPlayer tell me I have to be in the UK….does that mean I just can't? It doesn't seem to be in full form on YouTube that I can find.

  • This is incredibly weak reporting. I am from the UK, living in Utah. I see the problems with MLMs and would never work for one. I’m not sure why she thought she’d be able to walk into the reception and demand a meeting with a CEO. Very naive. This report had potential but is not up to BBC’s standard.

  • So the fakeup MLM targets women. Can anybody name a male targeted MLM? Why are there no male targeted MLMs?

  • Maxwell Silverhammer says:

    LDS christ is a counterfeit to the Biblical Jesus Christ. LDS will use human souls to do their bidding at any cost.

  • I’m really glad that the criticism of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was focused on the culture and not the doctrine. As an active member, I have many problems with “Mormon culture”. I enjoy watching videos talking about different aspects of my religion but most of the criticisms I end up seeing are directed towards the doctrine and not the culture (which is usually the reason for the criticism).

  • Slanus Greenstreet says:

    Stupid is as stupid does! Mormonism is a cult…and has no basis in Jesus teachings!!
    Wake up….Jesus' sermon on the mount has more Christianity than the Mormon church!

  • Nicholas R.M. says:

    Please don't confuse multi-level marketing (wich some legit marketing strategies are) and pyramid selling (wich is morally wrong and fraudulent)!

  • Aaron Norris says:

    Please look up he success rate of Realtors. Taking the training and getting a license doesn’t mean you’ll succeed at a very relationship driven business in a competitive space. I don’t think the failure rate is unique to MLMs. I think I signed up to sell Cutco knives for a day. Not my skill set! I dropped that immediately. Sad to see people are getting duped but not sure if time and money spent is all that different than the stress that any entrepreneur faces. Time away from family, persistence, money spent…its never easy.

  • My question is,if the mormons control everything in utah then why would they allow these "companies" to move in and prey on the congregation?! Its sounds to me like the mormon leadership allows wolves in to feed on the sheeple just as long as the ones at the top get their cut! Just one more reason that shows the scam that is organized religion. I guess 10% of your yearly earnings isnt enough for those setting at the table. They love watching the sheeple scramble for the crumbs that fall from the table cloth.

  • By comparison, the failure rate of MLM's may be quite close to the same percentage of people who start at Grade 1 of public schools, who then complete a college bachelor's degree.

  • Wisdomatwork Whitesides says:

    This was great work. So here's an idea for you. Come back to Utah and expose the connection between Mormonism and why women in this state earn significantly lower then men per capita…

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics is the oldest MLM. I was a consultant for 4 years, trying mightily to make it work. I realized it was a total scam. There is a link between the LDS church and MLMs. I didn’t realize the link until I moved to Salt Lake City. And no, I am not a Mormon.

    The MLMs noted in the video are capitalizing on Mormon doctrine that sees women ONLY as stay at home moms. This is totally unfair. Women can have a sphere outside the home as well. These companies are money losing. No one makes money in MLMs. Anyone who says they are are lying.

  • irmawati febriani says:

    Reminds me of a mormon family on youtube, obviously they are super wealthy. 9 children., Mom and Dad are top leaders in d* ter*a, they were based in utah (already moved recently).

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