Mixed Media – Print/Cut Heat Transfer Film with Reflective

Mixed Media – Print/Cut Heat Transfer Film with Reflective

(music) (music) (music) You’ve just watched one part of our design
print on the Roland VersaCAMM printer cutter with the Eco Solvent Max Inks. I’m Josh Ellsworth, General Manager with Stahls’
CAD-CUT direct. Mixing and matching different techniques in
different media make for a very unique result, an out of the box design for your customer. This is the first step of the process. We’re going to weed this and prepare it for
application. Then we’re going to come back and add a whole
other dimension, so keep watching. To prepare the printed and cut design for
application take the following steps. First weed away the excess material. Then take the compatible mask and apply it
to the top of the design. Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles. And then lift up your design. Lastly place the masked design back onto the
mask backing until you are ready to heat apply. Now you can load the reflective material into
the printer cutter or just a standard vinyl cutter, that’s up to you. The reflective material really brings a whole
new dimension to the design. Layering this special effect on top of the
solvent printed image really creates extra pop. Now I’ll prepare the reflective pieces for
application. (music) (music) And now the heat application. Position your garment onto the press. Preheat to remove moisture and wrinkles It’s very important to follow the application
for each material. For the Cad-Color Solution Opaque I’m going
to apply the first step for 5 seconds. Cover with a cover sheet. And remove the backing while warm. Then I’m going to grab my design from the
3M Scotchlite Reflective and position it right over top. It may take a little time, but it should register
in perfectly. And press them both together for the full
15 seconds. And remove the backing. We have a completed garment. Now here’s our finished result…the 3M Scotchlite
Reflective all the silver areas here including the striping on the pants and then the full
color design in the background. Now mixed media really helped me here so I
didn’t have to cut and weed all of this detail in the bull logo. So I was able to use that for the majority
of my design and the overlay the 3M Reflective. So I can really get some pop. And you can mix and match all different types
of materials that’s up to you. So get creative and show your customers something
outside (music) (music)


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