Mixed Media Art Gel Print Transfers

Mixed Media Art Gel Print Transfers

Joanna Grant Mixed Media Art www.facebook.com/JoannaGrantArt We’re using photocopies of our gelli prints And transferring them onto another surface. These are color photocopies of my original gelli prints. I scanned my gelli prints and created JPG files. Then had them printed at my local Staples store. I wanted to be able to re-use my gelli prints to create new art on other surfaces. Other supplies needed: I’m using a cradled wood panel 8X10, gel medium (or white glue watered down with water, You’ll need a brush and water too. We’re going to apply the gel print color side down to the wood panel. Cover the panel generously and smoothly with a coat of gel medium or watered down white glue. Don’t worry about getting perfect results. That’s not what mixed media art is about. Burnish it well with your hands or a brayer. Don’t worry about little imperfections, ridges, etc. Set aside overnight to dry This one has set up overnight. Wet the surface generously with water and rub off the paper, revealing your print on the panel. This step takes a while and you’ll have to keep coming back with water and rubbing off residual paper. The fact that it’s an imperfect transfer, makes it really interesting for mixed media work. Experiment with the amount of pressure you use to rub off the paper. This one has had the water & rubbing treatment at least six times to remove most of the paper. Notice where I have rubbed off the print and the wood is showing through. I love this effect! I’ll end up filling these spots with paint or inks or other mixed media techniques later on. Spritzing with water reveals how bright the piece will be if it is finished with gloss sealer later on. Now, I can start building a collage or mixed media piece using this as my background. This technique allows you to start a new piece with a base that has a lot of depth already. You can continue to build more layers on top of the gelli print, creating a whole new original piece! Hope this inspires you to use your gelli prints in new and interesting ways. Thanks for watching! Visit me at: www.facebook.com/JoannaGrantArt Visit my store: www.JoannaGrantArt.Etsy.com


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