Mixed Media: Acrylic and Oil Pastels

Mixed Media: Acrylic and Oil Pastels

This beautiful town of Ronda in Andalusia / Spain I will paint in mixed media with acrylic background and oil pastels. I paint the acrylics terracotta, silver and gold with a big spatula onto the canvas. Here, the colors mix irregularly. The whole canvas gets an interesting background, I let it dry completely. A little bit I already think on the motif: the sky is bright and at the bottom is the rock. With Edding marker I draw the motif and now I colorize it with oil pastel pens. That’s easy – I use the Colors in the photo: red roofs, white houses etc. I do not paint all over the acrylic – which makes it more interesting. When it’s done colored, the surprise comes: I wipe the oil pastel colors with my finger downward. This gives the image a special expression. After each stroke I clean the finger with paper so I do not distribute the colors wrong. Anytime I can apply new color and wipe it. A few green bushes and the picture is ready. Thank you for your interest.


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