Mitch McConnell Outlines Next Steps Upon Senate Receiving Impeachment Articles | NBC News


46 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Outlines Next Steps Upon Senate Receiving Impeachment Articles | NBC News”

  • Sock it to them Mitch !!! Impeachment shame is what this is. And if you snowflakes have a problem with that Canada is to the north be gone we don’t need you bye

  • Republicans will not achieve the outcome they hope for — exonerating Trump — unless they introduce documents and call witnesses whose relevance is already known and which cannot remain under wraps. “The Senate leader and the president are afraid of more facts coming to light. … The American people want a fair trial.”

  • What's a trial without witnesses and evidence?  It's called a farce and a cover-up. Trump, along with his republican sycophants, have repeatedly raised a middle finger to the American people, our democratic institutions, and to the Constitution. If they continue to rage against the Constitution in their ongoing war with our democratic republic, by trying to pull off the biggest cover-up in American history, the American people will definitely be watching, and there will be consequences for all of them in the next elections.

  • Voice of the Friend says:

    Who cares about the turtle?!?!? The ENTIRE INTERNET is ablaze with the NEWS about Bernie Sanders' campaign officials saying openly that they want INTERNMENT camps for dissidents once Boshevik Bernie is elected and that both Democrats AND Republicans will have to be elimnated by the millions who don't go along with their extremist plan. Commies did this to hundreds of MILLIONS of innocent people worldwide and now this?!?!?!?! They are planning it here too?!?!?! WHY IS NBC NEWS NOT REPORTING ON THIS? NBC NEWS IS WORSE THAN A JOKE! I'll NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN! NBC news is part of this because by NOT covering this they are covering it up!! Sick piles of garbage! You should lose your broadcasting license!

  • LOL the house just gave Mitch a Lot of work he didn't want to do, serves him right for not working on all the paperwork currently on his desk prior to receiving the articles.

  • Trump is committing crimes and misdemeanors right in front of the cameras because the Senate is insulating him, which makes the GOP every bit as guilty. It's the ONLY reason he's operating that way, and what he had in mind in 2016, upon launching his ongoing shuffle of appointments. Plant stooges all around him, and he's Mob boss. Trump is a stupid human being but well-practiced as a con trickster (keep in mind, his old man was a con artist, too, so Trump had lots of early tutoring).

  • Moscow mitch is the window licker in the back of the gop clown bus they need to drive that bus back in the swamp they crawled out of

  • McConnell and Graham need to recuse themselves. They have both already violated their oath to be fair and impartial. They have been very public about their unwillingness to be impartial.

  • What a wonderful president the United States has. But how APPALLINGLY the Dems are treating him. He'll come through and win the next election and many will realise that he is one of the greatest leaders the world has ever had.

  • If the GOP Senators don't do their jobs, and convict Trump then they will be voted out. Will the GOP Senators lie about not knowing the evidence?
    Will the GOP Senators vote for treason and Russia? Something that will be there forever on them.
    Vote the GOP out if they vote for Russia and not the USA.

  • Mitch has already said he will work in coordination with the White House. If I was being interviewed to sit on a jury and said I was ready to vote, before the trial even started, I'd be dismissed right then and there. Why isn't Mitch held to the same standard?

  • I cannot understand his mumble garbage. This man does this intentionally to probe for how people lie about understanding him.

  • How many of you love number coincidence's Trumps first full day in office Jan 21 2017 was 70 years 7 months and 7 days from his birth

  • Now you will see how the constitution works…trump will win and will show how partisan the Democrats are and why they will lose the next 3 elections .Trump2020

  • I think Mitch better brace himself for a good pegging from MS Pelosi. Really enjoying the twists and turns of Trumpy the Clown's demise! Thank you soooo much GOP'ers!

  • It's so funny and subtle how Massacre Mitch throws in, at the end of his readings, how Trump accomplished a huge deal with China (really nothing but a distraction, a carrot on a stick-and a half uncertain deal-still Americans will continue to feel the punch). The next tariff agreement close to 2021? Then, he pats himself on the back and says " the Senate will follow The Constitution"-oh really M.M.

  • big dog Big dog says:

    Hay Mitch your as big moron as that mindless trump .are you two brothers??? Twins in fact Dam there is a resemblance. Both of you are a danger to the country.👎 rot un he'll both of you!!!!!!😠

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