MIT Media Lab Medical Mirror

MIT Media Lab Medical Mirror

My name is Ming-Zher Poh, I’m a PhD candidate at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, and I work at the Media Lab. We have developed a new technology that enables remote, non-contact measurement of vital signs, such as heart rate and respiration rate, using a basic digital camera like a webcam. This technology provides a very simple and convenient method for keeping track of your health, For example, using this technology we have built a medical mirror that can measure your heart rate. This is a two-way mirror, and there is a computer monitor with a built-in camera behind it, so when you stand in front of the mirror, the camera detects your face and starts to track it over time. And the video information is then processed to compute your vital signs, which is displayed back to you on the mirror. So you can imagine every day, when you look into the mirror, not only do you see a physical appearance, you’ll also get a snapshot of your health or physiological information. And this data can also be transferred, through the Internet, to your health-care providers and when you start to keep track of these health indicators over longer duration of time, such as days or weeks, you can learn about the patterns and trends in the data and spot any deviations.


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