‘Mistake’ To Let Women Vote? Fox News Guest Disgusted By Jesse Lee Peterson

‘Mistake’ To Let Women Vote? Fox News Guest Disgusted By Jesse Lee Peterson

preference and foxnews contributor jesse
believe pearson uh… was on fox news recently on the hot penny shell
any basically reiterated the notion that one of america’s biggest problems or
mistakes was allowing women to vote now back in march as he was giving a
sermon and during that survey he first talked about why it’s such a
horrible idea for women to be given the right to vote let’s watch a few other uh… logic for women promising but most cannot women can i have a problem is not meant to handle power in the
right way minimum so we means the winter maybe may be a lot and when did you get one
while is will be written one of the greatest mysteries that
american me within our women incompetent he involved wherever women taking over ual women who know that all right you that if the problem but the film response but that was so much like to have some
else gets a mean that i can’t help but just lock that was amazing how it was
ridiculous thing i’ve ever hearing things like the white house and ruin
that acecomm radhika running concocting uplift has been that really got me out
of the running wild right now that’s an entirely at what was in that room at
others like is there anyone going to have sounds right yet women he’s like which will be shopping nancy was named and was insane and what else did he say
he he said a and this is probably the reason they didn’t allow women to vote
when men were men macbook which may be the worst part but that is
what it meant no but men must be women and that’s the worst thing has horrible hit but i think i am so this guy is what led by
the way item on the program before so glad that you might see attorneys i need
to be checking out because he says than asinine things about african-americans
as well by the way uh… however fewer assuming that
someone as questionable as reverend jesse jesse the
pearson would be a contributor to any news
network cars he’s a contributor for fox news because that’s what box in those
buildings you see i one of the contributor to my light
because when i get bored i’ll be there to say something pairing that car this guy crazy uncle the jesse over the
president of the estate applied for house but late more sexist every act
absolutely so and she was actually recently on
haiti so shot any regardless of what jesse lee peterson is set in the past decides they continue having him on the
show as a contributor there was a woman on the panel and where do you see it let’s watch i mean if more people most american auto
noble women unusual and and and and a hidden the inside and had him on sunday feel
when vital when their democratic plan right after this sporting god’s word behind any when contract purposes one when you think women understand louima
woman alone in charge of a family and she story but we have only allow uh…
national organization of women who hate me and to come in the years and i am
trying to recruit real and eternal all international real estate billable all
makers activity in the day before the july and
and and and put them in their preliminary polity what bad for family
and i have a rebound on medicaid and a half or meredith it does it is like the smell like the
papers here they think i can take a break we’ll do this again in like two
minutes now i’ve got to pay point and another
thing is if you guys be close attention in the
first video he just says women like blanket statement but now is on fox news
so he has to make sure he emphasizes liberal women right so these liberal if they’re running why
they’re running wild file of i didn’t realize that it was that it was the
national art is as follows as nationalization of women peres the full name was nationalization
of women who hate him and he’s it’s a great realization although i
would have this article from ross are you gave me that says these empty party activists and friend
of sean hannity yeah some key is friends with sean hannity which is very
interesting about probably one of the reasons why he’s on
as a contributor and also here’s an interesting fact
about china handy so justly repeaters and has an
organization known as the brotherhood organization of a new destiny right sees
a tea party activist misogynist racist like every bad thing you can possibly
imagine um… and sean hannity serves as uh… an advisor on bond support okay something you provided as part of
that organization so it’s just it’s incredible to me howell anyone can look at foxnews as a
reliable news source i love the agata spouse as these things
the name of his organization’s brotherhood organization oven new destiny e first of all that’s insane it’s brothers but there’s
nothing in there about how women are stupid i guess brotherhood and insisted it’s not ok eyes don’t know what it takes to be sean
hannity sf friends what’s the screening process that you
have to go through but you have to make sure you hate women out those liberal women make sure you
emphasize liberal women oka as we’re going to show up at his house and you
like thank you for having me and he’s like you’re being polite joined easy to get
out of here uh… coming here a man who stabbed someone


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