Misleading Headlines Dominate Michael Hastings’ Toxicology Reporting

Misleading Headlines Dominate Michael Hastings’ Toxicology Reporting

it’s been about a day since the
coroner’s report was released and in that one day there have been a
number of misleading headlines that we will get to before we get to the headlines I want to
read you directly from the coroner’s report I where indicates that there were some
drugs found in his system however he was not intoxicated at the
time of the crash therefore when you are writing an
article about this and you are writing a headline for the article you
probably shouldn’t lead with there were drugs in his system because
that’s good imply that that’s what led to his car accident no court in the
coroner’s report toxicology shows a small amount them fed
a mean in the blood consistent with possible in take-up methamphetamine many hours before death
unlikely to have intoxicated the fact at the time of the accident marijuana
was present in the blood but mostly in the form of its metabolites indicating
intake hours earlier all other drugs were negative know
should also note you hear the word amphetamine and you
immediately think Oh my god he was smoking math well and fed a mean is found in outer
all its founding riddle and it’s found in nasal spray and some decongestants
that you can buy over the counter so doesn’t matter the media took that and they decided to stretch it make it
seem like oh he’s smoking Breaking Bad style math yea right now
just quick footnote about this is here before you hit the headlines they said a small amount of a very mean
exactly the kind you would find an adderall et cetera and say the words whatever size again
all unlikely to have an intoxicating effect at the time the accident so the corner reports
saying that is not what caused the crash all
right now let’s go to the house and what work well there are a number of
headlines will start off with LA now it says corner family link Michael Hastings to drug use
at the time of death immediately you think he was high at the
time of the crash and that was not the case the coroner’s
report clarifies that may say that that’s not the case fox news dot com of course isn’t
surprising that they would be misleading a journalist Michael Hastings I had
drugs in system when died coroner’s report says mail online which by the way is very
tabloid is so I don’t expect much from them either journalist Michael Hastings had traces
of drugs in his system at the time this fatal car crash another outlet says: autopsy found
traces of drugs after Michael Hastings death Huffington Post even had a headline
similar to that Michael Hastings had relapsed into drug use at the time of his death coroner says
before you keep going lets this recovery two important things these are not send
us is that we picked up in the middle of the story way would be fair to say look among the
different things that happened a notice trace amounts of this of pot et cetera system and maybe
something related to I means amphetamine for whatever its
related right these are the headlines these are this
is what happen and remember that most people only read
the headline they don’t even read the story right so every headline they see is drug
addict drugs it was drugs in his system et cetera and in the a Huffington Post one not the pic
on them as you see they’re all doing wrong they say that he had relapsed into drug
use at the time i visit no no not the specific time of his death so yes there are issues like a family
member saying he’d a done Jones drugs and they were trying
to get a do a intervention et cetera at but it wasn’t what led to his accidentally you write the story about
what happened at the accident and you say well he was doing drugs at
some point in the general vicinity of his life well
you’re giving a misleading headline yes that could those drugs have affected
him is a tire mental state I don’t know does
it change though you know what goes on in your head I
don’t know I don’t take those drugs yet but the implied it that’s what
happened during the accident is the opposite of what the report said there was a family member
who said that it was his brother who said
that I he thought that maybe he was doing dnt
which is a hallucinogen and cocaine neither drug was found in his system
nearly all these articles mention those two drugs and I feel like it’s character
assassination why are you mentioning these things as
they played no role whatsoever in the accident %uh to continue out inches I got to
clarify I don’t know why he in the world his brother said that but
he said I thought I would find cocaine in his room but you didn’t so
why did you mention that analyze every Press article running with
it as if he spoke I mean why don’t even know what you
doing okay it was obviously snorted cocaine or did that drug I’ve never even heard
over there is no evidence to that effect none and look there is a possibility that the
brother gave an interview and the interview I’ll was misinterpreted in some way who
knows what happened on that front but its it’s just a vicious cycle it
continues Fox had another headline journals had
drugs in his system at the time a car crash that I did some more research and I
found more than I feel like we’re even worse than that Michael Hastings family reportedly
planned detox at the time of crash lets Los Angeles Times headline corner family like Michael Hastings to
drug use the time of death Los Angeles Times autopsy journalist Michael Hastings had
PTSD use drugs but the CNN headline Michael Hastings had relapse before
fatal accident the Atlantic wire and this is the reason why I’ve read is
all up and they sound very repetitive is because all you need is the
establishment media to report something in one way and everyone else just consumes it and
they’ve regurgitate it without actually reading the report had i written that story it would start
with drugs did not play a role in Michael
Hastings crash coroner’s report says whatever I want to
serve in different way I would only started that way because
every other media report is talking about it was drugs which are so you’re pretty example when a song
about this morning at los Andes some randomly listening to the radio and I
hear Carson Daly on the radio and he so sought about all you
know I thought maybe there was something fishy with this accident up but then I saw the coroner’s report
when it turns out that Michael paces was a drug addict hours ago for
christ sake and then he says oh my sister so far
there might be something fishy by the way I don’t necessarily think
there’s something fishy at all we’ll get to that in a second but I saw what happened with Michael the
character assassination after his death he says hes my sister says there might
be some efficient like oh you’re crazy day how could you be so insane they already
said he’s a drug addict step lesson cuz theres like
I did was I like them but it’s a if it’s official is a drug
addict you drug attic your problem with drugs
in the past he did he wrote about a we know about it but
that’s not what led to the crash they’re driving me crazy yet look mike
was a matched a two-seater mind I’ve talked about that he was poorly educated because they were he was worried that
the government was listening in on reporters goals which they were we don’t know if they
were in Michael’s case but if they’re gonna listen a reporter
whatever Michael so I get why he was agitated by the way CNN that’s wrong
headline to it nobody said that he definitely had
PTSD Michael a season say that they say he
might have and that’s a fair you know question to
ask is he covered the war for so long and so he might have PTSD but you can
say he did have it and put it in the headline right I think asking questions
about his mental health at the time of the crash
is totally legitimate and I think that its a responsible way
reporting on the story but to make it seem like he was
diagnosed with PTSD and then he was doing these hard drugs
at the time of the crash is very irresponsible and it makes me upset because I do see
it is something that you know questions his character it
makes him look like the bad guy he’s not alive today so we can’t defend himself
and it’s terrible but I should note you know yesterday
were very critical LA Weekly there was one article written by Dennis
Romero that I thought was very responsible because it was misleading however LA Weekly came out with this
twelve-page article today and it really detailed Michael Hastings
life and the the mindset that he was in around the
time that the crash happened and I felt like they did a pretty good job at
explaining what had gone through he did deal with some drug abuse when he
was a teenager he was clean for about 10 years and then
recently he started smoking marijuana probably to deal with
you know so the demons that he faced after doing
our war reporting honestly I I thought it was the best
article i’ve seen out right and because it was thorough it was nuance yes they talk
about jobs but they also talk about other things and they give a fuller picture overstate
a minus there first a picture of a state of mind it wasn’t
great as I’ve said before right because he was so worried about the
government was gonna do with cetera the headline is Michael Hastings
dangerous mine journalistic star was logged feared and haunted that spirit that is
what was it the case I’m called an article that’s
not why inthe fact after the war LA Times wrote that yesterday which was
so upset about I was like Oh No what are they gonna right here rate but
she matos I thought that good job and it is not a black-and-white
issue now when you get to the the other side of this equation the
people that it is too says the people that I’ve been frustrated by right the
people saying supper with normal accident and other people say it’s definitely
conspiracy well it turns out 10 those not jobs was actually so-called TV reporter and she’s out in
San Diego and she reported two things that I
thought since they put it on the air were real it turns out that are not real and I’m
livid about yeah I’m upset onto and it tells about sewer name is Kim 24
Oct she’s been following the Michael Hastings crash and she’s been reporting
a lot of misinformation that unfortunately we believed as well so we
want to correct it she had reported that the body was cremated against the
family as well and that is not the truth russ Baker
actually dispel that myth by talking to a family member who confirmed that they didn’t want the body cremated
so right then and there that was false information we want to clarify
that and also she reported that the engine was found behind the car however witnesses and picture evidence
indicates that no the engine was found in front of the car so I’m so mad about
this into a swan so I saw that report knife be that they
did fact checking on it and that the reason I had emphasize that
I was like that doesn’t make any sense so there’s gotta be a different
explanation if the engine was behind the car watchers exit was it behind the comes
over to the car she just made that up and out why San Diego six just let her
go on air and say things that are made up its maddening and I’m so mad at myself for trusting that station to get it
right and then putting it on the air here
livid about it and then at myself to and then it turns out when
you look into our mother jones that a good story on it she’s at believes that Obama’s birth
certificate is a real you like are Mike I why did you put
this woman on air we think that if you put something out
there that you fact-checking a little bit know we can source said because we can’t backcheck every single
article at every single news report ago Kate Atlantic wrote this but I me to
see their sources right and that’s why you got it do a decent
job doing original reporting that we can rely on so but anyway and look and a way back and and
she talked to one other witnesses we look back at that table we did a
translational but he was actually the only witness and he even says the engine was in front
of the car not behind a car he was the only witness who saw the
entire accident from beginning to end I he doesn’t speak English so we had to
find him get his used to translate for us and he did confirm that the engine was
found in front of the car not behind the car so the bottom line on this is it’s still
totally unclear what happened that night we don’t know if it was like a state of
mind and why he was in that state of mind we do know he was not intoxicated okay get that clear and we do know unfortunately the if mainstream media has set the narrative
which will be nearly impossible to break going forward put it in the books michael has cases a
druggy and that’s why he died that’s the narrative through all love
these titles that will be mica said impossible the
committee’s everyone else later but that wasn’t the case once they all
do this and mass its or it’s over and that’s so frustrating that that’s what I don’t
want that to be my clothes legacy and it was a and I know his
legacy is much larger than that they’re not even though so we have like that but that’s the last thing anybody’s
gonna figure them what it wasn’t true and that’s what the report actually


100 thoughts on “Misleading Headlines Dominate Michael Hastings’ Toxicology Reporting”

  • Michael Hastings' death is a clear sign that the Young Turds are GOING DOWN along with the rest of the lamestream libturd media! The Media is GOING TO GET PALINIZED as Sarah Palin ascends to the White House!

  • I smoke regularly and am prescribed ADD meds, so i know the effects of both, taken together and separately. the likely hood of either playing a role in that crash is damn near nothing. Though you do have a very fair point about the bud, it's not likely that it had any effect due to the fact that it seemed to be taken so far in advance.
    i agree fully it may not be a conspiracy but taken in context it does have the makings of one. my greatest fear is just as you said though, the paranoia to come.

  • If drugs played no part, why lie! His broke ass brother, did it for the money! So sad when you think you know the outcome of a sibling's death ad be totally fucking wrong! The man was a straight path and someone utilized his more than likely drug using brother to besmirch the poor man's name! My brother is addicted to heroin and I bet if someone offered him money to fuck up my name, while in his addiction, the answer would be yes! Addict's are never rational!

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  • oh like tyt have any room to talk about doing half assed research. I lost count how many times Anna did misleading stories so she has no credibility at all.

  • He had problems that were caused by the government's illegal activity, just like every other whistle-blower. Hmm see any trend here?

  • Marijuana? Lmao that doesn't even affect your driving that much, a study was done to prove it. And if he had a med card in his wallet, then what are you implying exactly "he had a drug issue"?

  • no story is complete without mentioning xyz drug use. i'm sure there are statistics showing drug-related headlines get more clicks/views etc. there is no good objective mainstream reporting. it's total crap out there. are we just noticing this? everything is just a piss poor paraphrase of someone else's made up bullshit 'journalism'.

  • sic semper tyrannus says:

    @mecher3k: really, no evidence to suggest foul play? Tell me, are you stupid or do you really believe that an engine can blow out in the opposite direction 50'? You've got to be the most ignorant fuck to believe that. Only an explosive could do that to an engine. You know anything about physics? You might as well believe in magic, Lol.

  • Brit-Flick Reviews says:

    The Mail online is an international embarrassment… Not only to the UK. But to Conservatism as a whole. Sure, I'm not conservative. But the Daily Fail blatantly makes it clear that the goal of conservatism is to be wilfully ignorant.

  • Brit-Flick Reviews says:

    Oh look! TYT admitting giving out wrong information… Yep. JUST like fox news would do… I can see why they're called the fox news of the left…

    ¬_¬ Immense sarcasm.

  • TYT….. Can you really blame these reporters when the fact is the ONLY thing they know about this crash is that there were drugs in his system, he had post traumatic issues, and that he used to have a serious drug problem?

    "TYT Court" has passed judgment with far fewer facts…. The ONLY REASON you are being so sensitive about this story is because he was YOUR FRIEND.

    Otherwise… lets keep it real…. you wouldn't give a shit and that's the truth.

  • Seriously? It doesn't take a deep investigation to know the engine was in front of the car… It was obvious from the pictures and the initial reports.

    It was also obvious since it's not uncommon for an engine/transmission to fly out in a crash. You can find many videos of it on YouTube.

    The only reason why you are even entertaining the possibility of a "conspiracy" is because he was YOUR FRIEND. Which has sadly COMPLETELY CLOUDED your reporting, judgment, & commentary on this issue.

  • smartmusicfreak says:

    Meth is a form of amphetamine, but not all amphetamines are meth. Amphetamines are a class of stimulants, so it would be normal for Ritalin (a stimulant) to contain them.

  • TELLING THE TRUTH GETS YOU DEAD IN THIS COUNTRY…AND THEN THEY LIE ABOUT YOU…LOOK AT THE NEW BRADLEY MANNING BULL TODAY…so we are talking about sex changes being paid for prisoners by tax dollars instead of talking about torture and murder by our own government…

  • Your contradictory response stands alone as the perfect rebuttal to your original argument. How quickly "couldn't be more neutral" shifts to "if you get your information from headlines…" Well played.

  • Vonsputen Hindenburg says:

    I hate how saying someone smoked weed is worse than drinking alcohol, which everyone does, yet going for beers is worse than weed.

  • Attention: NO ONE CARES. If someone wanted to see a Rihanna sex tape, they would Google a Rihanna sex tape.
    Plus, there are 3 ads basically saying the same thing on this comment page.

  • have you seen TyT support the left lately? They keep on attacking the "left" as much as they attack the "right", which is good, because "left" and "right" are both cut from the same corrupted cloth.
    TyT is among the most independant reporters I have seen, they do make misstakes, but they are also quick to correct their misstakes if it's factual. Also they are very clear on when they report on the facts and when they report on their own opinions, which other reporters could learn a lot from!

  • dreaminginnoother says:

    hey journalists! Can't wait to see what you write. BTW, you hear about that journalist who mysteriously died in a fishy car accident? He would have written a very honest investigative story about this I'm sure… anyway, goodluck with your articles!…

  • I was equally unaware that reading the information sheet with prescriptions medications made one a pharmacological expert.

  • Shannon Jacobs says:

    Boy, there sure are a lot of sock puppets trying to destroy Michael Hastings. Makes me wonder why his car was hacked to disable the brakes and step on the gas. Did you notice the bit in the coroner's report about him stomping on the brakes really hard? Can't check now since he was cremated and the car has disappeared, too.

  • TYT hasn't mentioned whether Michael Hastings contacted a friend before his death to ask to borrow a car.

  • This isn't a surprise i don't believe anything the Media says anymore the Government controls the media nobody is surprised anymore we all know the Government will go above and beyond t discredit someone this is clearly a cover up i mean how could you cremate someones body without asking the Family first unless you wr trying t hide something im not saying it doesn't happen im just saying in this case it's pretty odd with everything going on

  • fightforyourrights9 says:

    The media purposefully sucks at their jobs, led by the nose by corporate America, and we expect them to say anything of value concerning anything? Yeah… That being said, TYT often has misleading titles on their videos so they're being a bit hypocritical here.

  • Cenk's going a little too crazy with this story.

    I mean come on, what were those outlets supposed to say about the information that was released on the report? "He was a really cool guy and we really really loved him. Oh, just so you know, the coroner says he had smoked some pot the day before, but he was a reaaaally nice guy ok?" ?

  • 16bitFromSega16 says:

    Shitty journalism, they didn't even read the coroners reports.

    No one is going to apologize for this, no one is going to correct themselves, no one is going to do the right thing. God damn it.

  • That's the mainstream media. They glorify liars, cheaters, and even the disgusting groups of people in our military that go out there to,"murder the Arabs." Meanwhile true heroes like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are attacked and convicted and great reporters like Michael Hastings are murdered. I guess Osama Bin Laden won, damn his soul.

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  • freelandwhippet says:

    The reason they dont give a shit about reporting FACTUAL information is because putting out incorrect information, just like during republican primaries = gets you 10 times the views and printing a retraction can be done on page 12 between the coverage of the 3rd place homecoming queen who is now a king with a 111 inch dick and i

  • nope sry if you didn't know this, meth and speed are not the same thing, and meth is not a type of speed. The only thing you got right was that there are many types of amphetamines.
    Such as the 4 in adderall.

  • well then tell me what was wrong about what i said, i mean your last comment just said meth=speed and hate to break it to you, but that's false.

  • "that drug I never even heard of" DMT is the most widely found substance in the world, found in more than half of everything on earth. DMT is the most important thing in the universe in my opinion.

  • You know what. TYT doesn't get to complain about misleading headlines. Ana, in the previous video, you just said the the GZ trial was all about Stand Your Ground. It was not, at all!!! Idiot.

    You're a terrible "journalist". I think I''ve had it with you guys. I mean, you don't really do any of your own investigation. You read Salon and the Guardian and regurgitate what they say, often with terrible analysis and commentary. Fuck TYT.

  • You know, The anger you guys feel over this is more or less what I feel every time you irresponsibly misreport something or offer wrongheaded, idiotic analysis. Shame about Michael Hastings, but you know what, I'm glad the reporting is bothering you so much.

  • Chalchihuitl Tochtli says:


  • um…. as a "news/media" shows isn't it their job to fact check stories. That's like saying "I'm a chief but I don't have time to cook every meal I get." Just saying if its your job that's pretty essential to it. The people that watched the other stories will have been mislead is they missed this one. This seems to be a trend here. I'm not talking shit but seriously you shouldn't have to go back and research their stories for them to fill in what they miss. Just some constructive criticism.

  • mossad/jewSA did it. All they needed was a Mexican witness and tyt to interview him.The car was traveling at 200 miles an hour, ..case closed.Cars crash all the time ..Lady Di being a very good example another "depressed"irresponsible driver on drugs.

  • You shouldn't trust ANY news blindly friend. Anyone can be bought and used as a tool to drive an agenda. Keep your eyes open all the time. Cheers.

  • ABC News President Ben Sherwood, is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, a top national-security adviser to President Obama.
    CBS, news division president David Rhodes, is the brother of Benjamin Rhodes, an Obama key foreign-policy specialist.
    White House press secretary Jay Carney’s wife, Claire Shipman, is a veteran reporter for ABC.

  • NPR’s White House correspondent, Ari Shapiro, is married to lawyer, Michael Gottlieb, who joined the White House counsel’s office.
    CNN’s deputy Washington bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Tom Nides who until earlier this year was deputy secretary of state for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • AsifIcarebear3 says:

    Oh please. TYT often misconstrue stories, misinterpret, misrepresent and use many sleazy moves to make the opposition look as bad as possible.
    That being said, they seem to be a bit better than many.

  • Does anybody know the legal status of that witness? I ain't trying to be mean. I'm just afraid for him. The government might pay him a visit/deport him.

  • Its so fascinating that all those "news sites" are owned by just a few big corporations! It just so happens that everyone is saying he is a drug addict… God the propaganda here is so obvious!

  • When they say drugs they mean illegal drugs that he would be taking to get high. He was not trying to get high. What is your point?

  • Conscious Designer says:

    even if he was not trying to get high you can still get high from prescription drugs, my point is the headlines were not misleading

  • It's sad that one of the last true journalists of our time has been smeared as a drug addict who crashed his own car.  Mainstream media is now just navel gazing.  

  • Cenk,, Dude I like you but no way can I High Five some of the shit you come up with.. Once in a while you blow it… Like the Ferguson deal,,   way wrong on that.  Your passion to appear non racist makes me wonder if you are a racist?  I mean,, Dude.. Get real!  You're smart, I know,, and I believe you're honest. But I think sometimes you play to the crowd!  Stop it!  You guys blew it by not covering the Cleveland Killing way more and staying on Michael Brown way to long..  The folks in Saint Louis are so unified that they had that covered. But Cleveland,, well,, we needed help there and you blew us off.. Sort of… The killing of that kid was so way wrong,.. Please keep on it?   And no one thinks you are a bigot, stop worrying about that.. Just do the do!

  • From the outside it seems that the American freedom of speech and freedom of the press means you can say anything at all even if not based on fact. This is showen many times but this report is the most revealing example. To have a report that states one thing but to print the exact opposite shows that the American press 1) doesn't care for truth and 2) practices plagiarism. One media out let prints it and the rest just copy.

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