Mikoy, niyaya na lumabas si Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Mikoy, niyaya na lumabas si Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Scoot. Sure, no problem. Yeah! I don't have a mind. I mean, I don't mind
if you eat with us. I have a question. Do you guys still
follow my socials? – Yes.
– Yeah. You're still our idol. And we still treat you
as our queen. My queen! No, thank you.
I have my own food. Can I ask you something? Where's your squad? Yeah. It's so unlikely
to see you all alone. But, we're very grateful that
you joined us for recess, my queen. Thank goodness. Excuse me. What? Let's meet later… …after school. I have something
to tell you. Fine. It's your fault she got bored! And you gave her a banana
even though she didn't want it! Will you shut up?
She left because of you both! – Thank you.
– Is this TV station so small… …that we have to share
the same dressing room? It's not my call, Daniela. I'm used to living in
a small world because you just
won't stop pestering me. So, your minions are here. Last time I checked,
they're both my employees. And the last time I checked Ate Romina is my sister,
so we're here to support her. And I'm her best friend. We filed a leave of absence
so we can be here today. You can check with the
company if you want, ma'am. Don't you dare hurt them. Unless you want to be seen
on TV with a busted lip? Or do you want a black eye
for your eye shadow? Is that what you want? Go ahead, Dani girl. The glam team here
looks professional. They can cover a black eye. Shut up, Savannah. Let's just go. Let's move to another
dressing room. Daniela's just acting that way
because she's scared. What did you say? I said, you're just scared
that Romina's also a guest here because they'll compare
the two of you! And you're right, Bonita. She's scared that
they'll compare us. She's scared that the
whole country will find out that I'm better than her. Better than me? Come on, Romina.
This isn't about you and me. This is about Camila and your cheap,
good-for-nothing company. And I'm giving you a chance
to save your face here.


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