18 thoughts on “Mike Novogratz Sells Block.One Shares For $71.2M – 123% Return”

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  • Peter Valenčič says:

    Hmm. maybe Novogratz prefer ETH?

  • sidfor911truth says:

    Don't forget where the fud comes from: Bloomberg is part of traditional propaganda system that lives and breathes on fiat fract-reserve shit money. They have every reason to spin such news badly. This is Mike N re-balancing a portfolio. Meanwhile there are several big blows to the almighty fed reserve note and our fraudulent financial markets… mainly: NO WARS yet. Potential financial downturn? Start some WARS!!!! No war in Venezuela (regime change/control sale of oil for dollars is sputtering on Guaido's failed coup) and Iran (fizzled false flags no one is believing: strt of hormuz tanker shenanigans/ katush rockets hitting recently evacuated US embassy in Iraq). Add to all that, SPX500 is triple topping and smart money knows it will either crash, or they hit 'print' on the fed reserve counterfeiting machines, so smart money will look elsewhere soon. This is a great time to be invested in crypto!

  • He maintains close ties in other ways according to the report. I suspect some legal reason to not be heavily invested for his other connections with Block 1 he will have after June. Otherwise, the timing just doesn't make sense.

  • Suspect Novo was presented conflict of interest (or related legal issue), vis a vis B1's announcement. Otherwise, GD's timing for a 'sell the news' event seems pre-mature. On the other hand, we will recall he had made recent, public remarks regarding #B1June, which, to a zealous SEC rep bent on max 'regulation', could be construed as potentially triggering regulatory exposure (ie insider trading). While def a long shot, exposure would be limited by retaining a <nominal stake in B1. But, that's PURE SPECULATION

  • Why would he sell 2 weeks before the big announcements? It just seems odd that he doesn't think he would make a load of money holding on for just another 2 weeks. He said in a recent interview that he thinks Bitcoin will outperform ALL alt coins. Maybe one of the June 1 announcements has something to do with Bitcoin and he thinks Bitcoin will do better than EOS after June 1? I'm not sure, but I'll stick with EOS.

  • Part of their gain is our money. Haha. There are big different between shares investment and Tokens investment. Not so funny

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