Mike & Laurens Reveal Heartbreaking News to the Roomies | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Mike & Laurens Reveal Heartbreaking News to the Roomies | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

(hip hop music) ♪ Big house on the hills ♪ ♪ Leather seats on my throne ♪ ♪ Yeah we started from the
bottom but my team we on ♪ – These things right
here are really cool too. – You like them? I was gonna replace them. – No, I like them. I like it when you first
walk in the foyer too – [Lauren] Did you know-
– that they have these- the ones in the foyer
were hanging in the MoMA? – The wha?
– The MoMa. – What is the MoMa? – Are you serious? – There is a learning curve
when moving into a new home and right now I’m pretty much
on the bottom of the curve. Listen, I have no idea how to
work anything in this house but I’m very grateful for
us to have our first home. That’s why I’m so excited to
really bring the roomies here. ♪ Baby can you gaslight gaslight ♪ ♪ Baby when you move it
like that like that ♪ – Make sure to close the door. – [Together] Hi! – You smell good. What is that? – Thank you, it’s Burberry. What’s up man? How’s everything guys? – Good, oh my god, I love this. – Welcome, have a seat. – So me and Chris today are going to meet the DJ for our wedding. The craziest and most hardest
part of wedding planning is it just keeps going. So I just-
– [Michael] What’s going on? – Wanted to come and just like figure out what direction we’re going in- – Okay. – As far as like music, um,
what we’re doing that day. – So as far as DJ packages go, you both tell me what you like. – I like st- – So what’s um-
– I like strippers. – You like strippers, okay, you probably can’t have strippers – Christopher!
– At your wedding. – Oh. – That’s probably not gonna work. – And you’re not having them
at your bachelor party either ’cause I’ll slap the shit out of you. (upbeat hip hop music) – Bro, I can’t believe Mike
got this house, though. – Yo, Mike’s house looks massive, bro. – He went from the big
house to buying a big house. – (laughs) Buying a big house! (upbeat hip hop music) – Oh my god, is he Bill Gates? – Ooooooooh! – [Ronnie] What, is this
a fucking ski lodge? – [Vinny] (laughs) Is that the house? – Glad I brought my ski
jacket (laughs) holy shit! – Mike’s house looks exactly like a ski lodge like The Shining. I pull up and I’m like
“Here’s Ronnie!” (giggles) (Jenni knocking) – This is the biggest door I’ve ever seen. Hello? – [Together] Hello? – [Nicole] Holy shit! – [Deena] Hello! – [Nicole] Is this house real? – Hello? – [Vinny & Ronnie] Hello. – [Mike] We have another,
we have another visitor. (group talking) – Okay, everybody’s here, honey. You wanna lead the tour? – [Mike] We’re gonna go
this way which is, uh, the office wing. This is a kid’s room. This is the office. This is the observatory,
you see the city from here. – [Lauren] Yeah.
– [Vinny] Really? I mean, I don’t even think Mike
knows what an observatory is and now he owns an observatory. – [Lauren] This is the living room. – [Nicole] Oh my god. – You just turned it off, honey. – [Mike] I don’t know
how to operate anything. – Honey, you’re turning it off. – Okay. – It’s already all on. – Honey, how do I do the,
how do I do the lights honey? I don’t know, I don’t know
how to operate anything. Every day that I press a button, I have no idea what
that button’s gonna do. – Show him how all the drapes go. Go push the button. – I don’t even know how
the drapes go, honey. – Mike, it’s over there on the wall. – Oh, those are drapes,
that’s how they go. Okay, hold on, let me see. It really feels awesome to finally properly host to my squad. Unfortunately, I need to let them know that we had sort of a complication
with starting our family. I wanted to tell you that, me and Laurens, we had a little situation. – I- – We got pregnant- – We got pregnant the night he got home. And then it was six
and a half, seven weeks and I miscarried. (dramatic music) – [Vinny & Ronnie] Sorry to hear that. – It was a very difficult
time the day that it happened, the day that my wife miscarried, um. One of my biggest fears was coming true. – I went to the doctor 24
hours before it happened ’cause I had a bad feeling and he’s like, “No, you’re great,
you’re healthy, go home.” – You know, uh, it’s something
I’ve never dealt with before. – I think it’s very…very awesome that you opened up about it, you know. – Yeah, thank you. – [Nicole] I’m proud of you guys. – I give Lauren a lot of credit coming out and, you know, opening up
about it I think will help but, you know, it’s just it’s so sad, like it breaks my heart for them. – It was not easy for us
to take as a young couple. But we picked ourselves up
and I’m so proud of this woman next to me right here for being so strong. – [Ronnie] It has to be hard on Lauren and it’s hard on both sides, you know, especially when you do want a family and you do want to
start your life together and, you know, you get that
little bit of taste of hope and then it’s taken from you, you know, it’s probably it’s got
to be a shit feeling. – [Lauren] Like, for me, like
for everybody it’s different but holding it in and
like not telling anybody was so toxic for me but then I think it’s because we’re so
transparent with good and bad – Mhm.
– With what we’ve gone through – Like everything
– Yeah – With court and everything
like with his addiction even when he was at his lowest point like I had to deal with that publicly. – It wasn’t the right time
for myself and my wife but I’m sure in the next couple months and the next year, it
will be the right time to continue to make our family
and have little Situations. But we really appreciate
the support from you guys. – Of course. – And, um, we’re just gonna try again. – That’s the main thing,
you know, we tried last week and tonight we have another
appointment to try, try again. (laughs) – Are we staying for that? – You know-
(laughs) – She’s gonna put my
favorite glasses on tonight and we’re gonna rock. – Glasses? – I have the little roleplay glasses. – [Jenni & Nicole] Yeah oooooh! – [Mike] You know what I’m saying? – They’re actually my real glasses. (laughs) – Let’s go to Seaside, boys. How do I close this trunk? (door bangs) Oh damn! Who needs friends when I
have enemies like this? Is that the phrase? I think I messed my hair up. (swoop out) ♪ Can’t talk to me if
your money ain’t long ♪ ♪ I’m a six figure shorty ♪ – So I just wanted to
come and like figure out what direction we’re going in
– [Michael] Okay. – As far as like music, um,
what we’re doing that day. – We’re pretty much, the
first step is to really build your own wedding package to see what’s good for you guys. – I thought it was just
gonna be easy breezy. Literally planning a wedding, you know, you’re gonna have a wedding planner, they’re gonna just do everything for you and you just gonna sit back like this and be like, “Where’s my piña colada?” Like… fuck, it’s a lot of work. – Oh wow, do we have that too? The flames? – The sparklers?
– Yeah. – You want sparklers?
– I really do want them. – Then you can have sparklers. – Right there, they’re starting the robot. – Oh, oh yeah, that too.
Do you have that? – We have a robot.
It’s about eight feet tall. – Who’s in the robot? Is there a real person in
there or is it like mechanical? – It’s a real person, Chris. – Really? I don’t know.
– [Angelina] Christopher! – Oh my god, who am I marrying? (laughs) – [Michael] You chose him. – Oh god, this actually
chose me by the way, just saying, have to throw it out there. – [Chris] So funny. – Fifteen years later. – [Mike] I had a good idea
about going to the Seaside house to sort of, um, have a
send-off dinner for Angelina before her wedding and
make her feel special like she is part of the
family like she really is but do it right at the Seaside house. – Yes! – [Nicole] Angeliners! – [Mike] The squad has been
together for almost a decade and Angeliners has missed
out on a lot of moments at the Shore house so,
I’m thinking to myself, let’s get the squad back
to Seaside one last night. We give Angeliners a proper send-off. – Now that she’s back like it feels like she was there the whole
time but she really wasn’t. She missed like a lot of shit. – I think we should all separately think of sentimental gifts for
Angeliners of something that she may have missed
over the past ten years. – That’s a good idea. – Yeah, that’s an awesome idea. – Angeliners was my arch nemesis. Fuck, you’re a fucking hater. – I’m all fucking natural,
baby, and I’m hot. – Lose fucking five or ten
pounds and we can talk, okay? – Oh my god, Angelina,
you are fucking drunk. Get in your fucking bed! You are the dirtiest girl I’ve ever met. – Get out of my face. – Yo, shut your mouth,
you dirty little hamster. Now, I’m trying to do
something nice for her. So many crazy things have
happened over the last ten years. It’s insane. I wouldn’t change a thing though. (contemplative music) Even though a lot of
crazy things happened, we wouldn’t be- – I’d change a few. (laughs) – For you to say that- – No! – You might want to
change a couple things. (laughs) – Ron’s like, I would change everything. (laughs) – On the contrary, on the contrary – Start completely over, yeah One regret? Not one? Not one? – How do you put ten years into a gift? – [Mike] I don’t know. – She missed a lot of stuff,
you got to be creative with it. – [Mike] You know, who’s really creative? I think we should call DJ Pauly D up and see if he has any ideas. – Where is he? Asking
for a friend. (laughs) (laughs) – She’s sweating, she’s sweating. – [Nicole] Yeah, she is. Does she have armpit sweat?
– I’m sweating. – She has armpit sweat! – She’s playing with her hair,
she’s playing with her hair. – You guys going to slow
dance at the wedding? Can you guys slow dance? – Who the fuck slow dances? – At a wedding? Everyone. (laughs) – You and P-Woww, or P-Woww, that’s you. – Team P-Woww. – [Nicole] P-Woww! – I hate all of you. – She’s so nervous. – All right guys. – [Vinny] All right, call Pauly. Jenni! – Jenni! Jenni!
– What? – [Vinny] Fix your hair, fix your hair. – Your boyfriend. – Will you just leave me alone? – Pauly, look it’s Jenni! – Pauly!
– What up, bro? – [Pauly] You guys sound lit over there! – P-Woww! – It’s lit as fuck! Man,
we miss you! Where you at? – Yeah, I miss you too! I
wish I could see the house. – Pauly! – [Pauly] Yo. – So the reason why we’re calling you is obviously you’re very missed here but we need your help
in trying to brainstorm about gifts for Angeliners. – Okay, okay. Imma say get her some luggage. – Oh damn, some luggage. – That’s a good idea. – All right.
– No more garbage bags. – That’s a good, that’s
a good idea right there. – Luggage is good because you could put stuff in the luggage. – It’s always something with
Angelina and her luggage so this is perfect (laughs) (mumbles) I wanna be there! – All right, dope brother,
can’t wait to see you man. – See you in a couple days. – [Ronnie] See you in a couple days. – See you, Paul. – [Jenni] I have not seen Pauly since Angelina’s bachelorette. This makes me nervous. It’s like high school. I’m just, I’m turning red. – All right guys. – [Nicole] I’m excited. Why don’t the girls go down together. – All right.
– All right. – We can drive in my van. – [Deena] All right, so
you guys bring the food, we’ll bring Angeliners.
– Cool. – [Vinny] Sounds good. This’ll be great. – All right. – All right, let’s go.
– [Mike] Let’s go. – Thanks for showing us your house. – Mike, I want to stay. (laughs)
– [Jenni] Same. ♪ You ain’t got a problem with me ♪ ♪ I can tell you want my company ♪ ♪ Girl you know you’re ♪ (swoop out) ♪ Watch the money fold,
watch the money fold ♪ ♪ Watch the money fold like it’s origami ♪ ♪ Money fold, watch the money fold ♪ ♪ Watch the money fold like it’s origami ♪ ♪ Money fold, watch the money fold ♪ ♪ Watch the money fold, 10-4 ♪ ♪ 10-4, watch the money
fold, watch the money fold ♪ (car honking) – Me and Ronnie are picking up Mike so we can all head down to Seaside, get dinner ready and then have the girls meet us there later. (car honking) – [Ronnie] With a house so
big, he’d probably get lost. – I don’t know if he can hear the horn. Second time pulling up to Mike’s house, I’m like, “Damn, did
this house get bigger? Did he build an extension on it?” Like, it gets bigger
every time you like at it. Can’t hear the horn from
the back of the house. – Can’t hear the horn from the kitchen. – Can’t hear the horn
from the observatory. (laughs) – Probably takes him an hour to get down. – Oh my gosh, oh Mosey.
I got to go, Mosey. – You think he saw us
coming from the observatory? – He saw me coming from Staten Island. (laughs) Crossing the Outerbridge. – [Mike] I got to go, buddy. – Beep. (car honking) – Oh my goodness. Going back to the Jersey Shore, Mosey. (car honking) – Sit, paw, good man. I’m out. – Oh, he’s here. – Come bearing foods. – It’s happening boys, it’s happening. Oh damns, all right. How do I close this trunk? – I got it. I got it. (door bangs) – [Mike] Oh damn. (laughs) – Yo. – Yo, I got it. (swear bleep) – Why y’all treating me like that, son? – Was that your head? – BDS’s head. How do I close this trunk? (trunk bangs) What the fuck is this? – Was that your head? – I’m thinking to myself who needs friends when I have enemies like this? Is that the phrase? I think I messed my hair up. Damn, son. (laughs) Dang, trying to take me out
before the next wedding. Did I say it correctly? Let’s go to Seaside, boys. (laughs) – [Vinny] Straight to Jersey! Something is about to happen. First of all, we’re all
going to the Shore house. Angelina’s wedding is coming up. (upbeat music) – [Jenni] Hi. – Hi, happy wedding party. – I’m so sorry. – No, you’re fine. – So, who would’ve known 8 years ago we were all going to
be together like this? Especially all the crazy times we’ve had. – [Vinny] Look, I want to say that there’s going to be no drama. – I’m, like, nervous. – We’re late. – It’s happening.
– It’s happening, bitch. – [Minsiter] I now declare
you both husband and wife. (crowd cheers) – [Vinny] But it’s us
you’re talking about here. – I would like to call up
Nicole, Deena, and Jenni. – Oh my god. (crowd boos) – That was so fucked up. – Are you fucking kidding me? – Take your camera crew
out of my fucking face. Get out of my face, please. Please just turn around and just go. – She’s happy her entire
fucking crowd booed us. – That’s fucking gross. – I will never film with her again. – [Man] That was rough. – I’m so fucking mortified. (swoop out)


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  • My wife and I lost babies, all after the first trimester. It’s hard. Keep trying. I have a perfect and beautiful son now.

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    I feel like the psychic sense the miscarriage. She said Lauren might feel like she has to take medication to be pregnant but that it will happened, also when they asked that Hollywood medium guy about having babies he did like a really long pause. But I do hope they make baby situations.. 👶

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  • So Viacom / MTV probably had a contract with this guy to not pay taxes purposely then reported it and he gets hits with a sweet 8 month white collar club house jail sentence, so it’s in the news and looks legit, otherwise this show is over. Upon release dude received undisclosed amount of $ and a home. Also been part of a miscarriage 4 months in and besides her mom. We are still the only people that know to this day. We deserve covoid-19

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    Aww I love them together and Lauren is soo strong. I’m hoping and praying that they may start they’re family soon.

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    I know exactly how she feels because I was supposed to have a twin sister but she came out of the room first and then I came out second we're both of the Day Q or 24 hours they already had our death certificates already read now for us the only thing that was not written down was the time of death 24 hours later my supposed to be twin sister died and I was the only one that made it that's why I never take life for granted with my mom told me that story I was very shocked and I asked her why didn't she tell me this sooner or when I was little she said she did not want me missing somebody what didn't you even know this happened because we were both born premature I was supposed to be born on July 4th 2003 but instead I was born on May 7th 2003

  • That house was a mock house rented by MTV. Mike’s net worth after prison and taxes is just about $300K. Which isn’t enough income combined with assets, which he has none, to afford that house.

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  • Loosing a child hurts a lot… today is my sons 4th year of passing away. So I understand how emotional and how much pain it comes with

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    So happy to see The Situation back on top of his game. The house is beautiful. Not many people get a second chance on this level, he was careless the first time around when he put his trust in the wrong people. He won’t be making the same mistake twice, particularly now his heads on straight. He should have been able to trust his family though but it was a valuable lesson learnt. To lose it all & be able to gain it all back & then some, despite a stretch behind the wall is quite an achievement. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, his turnaround & comeback is heartwarming, humbling he deserves it all. The family will happen for the two of them when the time is right. Sadly their story isn’t uncommon, it happens to a lot of couples. I remember that feeling well, when the excitement & your new born belief in your pregnancy, where you’d just come to terms with it actually being real, is suddenly cut short. You’re so angry & hurt which in time becomes what did I do wrong? The emotions are so powerful you don’t know where you are from one minute to the next. Women feel the pregnancy leaving their body, often slowly over time so it makes more sense as there’s something to mourn physically. For the men it’s a period of confusion & sadness because they don’t carry the baby & they don’t feel the pregnancy happening to them physically, the loss is different. Nothing more than a feeling, an emotion. They battle with themselves internally for feeling sad over a thought because it doesn’t feel logical, they can’t validate how they’re feeling. It’s difficult to explain that’s why when you’re in it you have to lean on one another. Those who are in the know on the outside can’t fully appreciate the loss your experiencing because it wasn’t a reality to them yet either. It’s really a time for just the two of you. That’s what I’d tell anyone, where possible take time out where the two of you can really be alone to grieve & pick one another up. I’m glad they were open about what they’ve suffered as seeing someone else go through it helps to normalise the situation & relieve feelings of shame & failure. They’re a strong, supportive & loving couple given what they’ve endured together over the years & shared with an audience. I’d imagine Mike was great with Lauren, to finally be there for her in her hour of need would of been a comfort to him too. I wish for many blessings in their future ❤️

  • It is so unfortunate that they miscarried. I cant imagine the sadness that comes along with that. But sometimes I feel like when "reveals" like this come out on tv they are viewed as opportunistic. More than likely MTV's choice. I'm not trying to throw any shade or be insensitive it just comes across as really scripted. I am sorry for their loss and can't imagine. They are pretty much my favorite couple on the show and she is ride or die. It just comes across as bad taste, why air this? That's just my opinion. I could be wrong and have been on many occasions. I wish them all the luck in the future and not to be cheesy but if it's meant to be it will be.

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    I am so sorry to hear that. I have had a miscarriage before and a year later I was pregnant with my son. Now he is three years old and I am going through a situation.

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