Midday News: TVJ Midday News: Major Improvements for Hospitals – October 24 2019

Midday News: TVJ Midday News: Major Improvements for Hospitals – October 24 2019

good afternoon a machine masters with
the midday news a special welcome to viewers on one spot media.com after
years of complaints about the poor state of public health facilities across the
island health minister dr. Christopher Tufton is promising meter improvements
he was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Western Children’s
Hospital in Montego Bay st. James on Wednesday details in the support in July
a rat infestation on Ward 3 of the Spanish town hospital in st. Catherine
caused concerns particularly for patients while on the western end of the
island persons were falling ill at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in st. James
due to poor air quality issues health minister dr. Christopher Tufton says a
100 million u.s. dollar financing agreement will help improve working
conditions at the islands health facilities the government and the
inter-american Development Bank IDB signed the agreement last November dr.
Tufton says 50 million u.s. dollars will be used to carry out work on health
facilities over the next three to five years based on the commitments over the
next three to five years the Boston Mandy hospital for children will see
some 166 million dollar expenditure so we can upgrade and expand for pediatric
here in the in Kingston the Spanish town hospital will be upgraded to the tune of
some 3.1 billion dollars and that is not a promise this is a commitment with
money’s already available in fact we’re going to market for the designs to begin
this year Sinan’s Bay Hospital 463 million may pain hospital 238 million
Kingston public hospital a projection of some 2.3 billion Cornwall Regional
Hospital will see an expenditure of some 3.5 billion dollars he also noted that
about 10 health centers eyelid wide will be upgraded at a cost of 1.8 billion
dollars over the next two to three years another major improvement
the digitisation of hospital records under the IDB window we have some 8
million u.s. dollars are certainly over billion Jamaican dollars for health
information systems which we are now preparing a documentation to go to
market for which will begin before the end of this financial year earns more
TVJ news meanwhile Prime Minister Andrew Holness who was also speaking at the
groundbreaking ceremony described the new facility as a major step forward
this awareness empathized with citizens in st. James who have been complaining
about the displacement caused by the refurbishing of the Cornwall Regional
Hospital he also appeared for patients as the construction of a new Western
children and adolescent hospital takes place if it were within my capacity to
snap my finger and let this building up here I would be the first to do it but
there is a practical consideration it will take between 16 months to 24 months
to build the facility so while that is no comfort in your son suffering but
others who have similar situation parents with young children can take
comfort to know that we are going to get it done the five people who were
yesterday shot and injured on dinner road in st. Andrew are still in stable
condition in hospital a pregnant woman and her child are among the injured they
were shot during an attack at a medical facility 42 year old Clifton Brown of
Jake’s Avenue of Mountain View Avenue was killed in the incident it was
reported at about 10:00 a.m. a man entered the doctor’s office and shot mr.
Brown before escaping mr. Brown was an area leader in Tajiks Road community following reports of an increase in
suspected cases of dengue Nintendo the Northeast Regional Health Authority have
provided additional resources recently three vector control buses were handed
over to the Saint and Public Health Department at a value of 21 point seven
million dollars Regional Director of a Northeast Regional Authority baby alam
says the buses will allow for fucking in more
it is then what currently occurs fucking machine the intent is that it will be a
permanent fixture fixture vehicles so I don’t expect any parishes to be lifting
them out and loading up the backwards DeMint and which torn and gravel or with
workers which is not supposed to be happening the intent is to utilize these
vehicles on your fucking schedule the police are now searching for the taxi
driver involved in an incident yesterday which entered two pedestrians in st.
Andrew the driver has been identified as George Malcolm and he has been asked to
turn himself in to the police immediately
it’s understood that he was fine earlier this year for careless driving the
details in the support okay the police are yet another driver of a taxi which
mow down a man and a woman and half a tree st. Andrew on Wednesday afternoon
the incident was captured by CCTV camera outside an establishment on Eastwood
Park Road the video shows pedestrians walking
along the sidewalk going about their usual business and the traffic slowing
to a crawl then suddenly out of nowhere this the white Toyota probox was saw I
was seen speeding heading towards the sidewalk before hitting the two
pedestrians however for broadcasting regulation
reasons we are unable to show the a moment of impact it’s understood that
the taxi driver fled the scene leaving the vehicle behind the extent of the
injury sustained by the pedestrians could not be ascertained a probe is now
underway into the incident opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips is expressing
outrage at comments made by the government that it will not be
responding to corruption allegations speaking with our news team recently dr.
Philips described the action a gross dereliction of duty
image comment by mrs. Spencer that they are not going
to answer about the theft of public resources is a gross dereliction of the
duties of any responsible government and to raise this all bogey about Trafigura
is absolute nonsense if mr. Spencer would take the time to read the judgment
of the courts in Jamaica they made it clear that no laws of Jamaica were
reached in the trafficker matter local information technology company geotech
vision enterprises is lashing out at the government as a contract it has with
alluring Jamaica is about to be terminated the eleven-year-old company
was contracted to provide thousands of tablets for students under the tablets
in Schools program however the Technology Ministry issued a notice of
termination citing failure to deliver g8x Management has refuted the claim
saying it has been awaiting delivery instructions from eLearning
at a press briefing on Wednesday giatec visions ICT manager Steven Wedderburn
questioned the government’s commitment to SMEs and
apologize for that clip and it’s time for a break but stay with us more
stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news there
are concerns this afternoon that some of the vision 2030 Development Goals set by
the Jamaican government may not be met on time questions were raised at this
week’s Public Accounts Committee meeting following a report from the Auditor
General’s Department about inadequacies at the statistical institute Statten
which has the committee monitoring the country’s progress in meeting the
targets starting noted that a major challenge is in getting funding to carry
out its work we are no designated upper middle-income country and as such our
access to finance enforce survey and data production is much less than it
used to be so what that know has put in focus is that the government of Jamaica
now has to fund these data collection activities and of course there is always
the trade-off in terms of how do we allocate the very scarce resources and
what is the best way to spend the resources that we have as a country the
deputy director-general also noted that work is being done to address a problem
of how data is collected and stored there is the challenge of the fact that
a lot of the administrative data that we have is paper-based and some of these
indicators come from administrative data sources so there is the need to
modernize the public service to digitize some of the information to give us
greater access to data so these are some of the challenges that we have been
facing what we have been working with our partners through the development of
the National Statistics system to try and improve the availability of data for
decision-making and to monitor or progress towards rules in news from the
region 18 Venezuelan nationals including three children were detained by police
trying to enter into Trinidad and Tobago illegally by boat Wednesday morning
investigators say the Venezuelans were held in near the Smith Hill area in
Carnegie around 5:35 a.m. representatives from the West India
Western Division intercepted the vessel and a teen at the migrants nine mils and
six females among those detained police have since called in immigration
officials who are expected to question the Venezuelan nationals sources say
they are expected to be deported soon in sports the inter secondary school sport
Association is ISA is adamant that no professional will be allowed to play
school sports the issue came to the fore after Claire and college star player
Lamar waka was belatedly ruled ineligible to help his school defend
their DeCosta cup title parent Madden has the support following an inquiry
from Clarendon College the governing body for school sports gave permission
for Walker to play at the start of the decosta Cup season after their checks
did not reveal the existence of a professional contract but speaking on
his 92 FM’s girls Sports Club on Wednesday is the president Keith
Wellington revealed that another school protested Walker’s participation
insisting that he was a professional Wellington said that prompted the
Association to conduct another investigation the responses that we got
indicated that a person would it was indeed a professional can’t play obtain
without sign contract and an affiliation I thought what was there for amateurs
not about the affordable he school communicated with that Wellington was
asked whether ISA was obligated to provide proof of Walker’s professional
status no we are not we are not an in this case in this case those who are
affirmed you know with legal wrangling would recognize that plea we have no
right if there are no third or third party has the right to the concept of to
to other entities so we hope that it would be legally possible forward to to
provide a copy of a contract not we are not a part of and with sports
increasingly becoming an avenue of financial independence
Wellington who is also principal of a st. Elizabeth technical had advice for
youngsters who are approached to sign Jax if you’re lucky enough to be able to
have a fine jacket evening it’s a good start in life I’m not saying that you
should be running on one and you get one that may not be suitable but if you are
good enough and fortunate enough to have to be able to find that GT I would say
that it’s on you could continue your school in your particular mean if you
believe that you want to ensure that you complete your key for your season then
fine go ahead but competing against other youngsters what other cure is not
going to be allowed by HIPAA waka has already played one game this season for
client incarnation but Esau will take no action against that result as he had
been cleared to play Kevin Madden TVJ sports and that’s Ahmadinejad masses
John is at seven for prime time news on behalf of the news sports and production
teams good afternoon


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  • Only in JLP time Jamaica have money 💵 fi spend so,
    Ina pnp time if Jamaica nuh borrow money from IMF dem cnt do basic 😂…..

  • Now you talking! But I wonder how much money we left by then. I look forward to see this happen because the hospital are in poor condition. Rat using the hospital as daycare play ground.
    I didn't hear any money for Savannah Mar. The closest to Negril area. A big facility but poor condition. I was shock to visit a Dr resident to witness the residence house conditions. Those residences haven't had any repairs it decades. Jamaica gov't really treat their most prize workers poorly. The Police stations the same. These two sets of people that is suppose to work to save lives.
    The minister being talking a lot about taking people to court, for leaving their love ones in hospital. What nonsense! You should be advocating to build old age home for your citizens. This is what other Countries do. Then those with some form of property is taken by the government for the individual care.
    This is where your problem comes in now. The lazy governments Title office over the years refuse to issue land title or offer affordable rates for citizens to probate on properties, so this make it impossible for anyone to track who owns what!
    You are creator of your own problem.
    News flash, most of the people in hospital are very poor people, many of those families can barely feed themselves ; much less to render the love and care a sick person requires. The % of people in hospital with able family to care for them is minute.
    Your court cases will never come to fruition. Instead use the law fees to bill nursing homes, better than the present poor houses.

    This is what any responsible Minister who cares about his aging citizens should be talking about. Besides it will not scare anyone, because they cannot afford to keep them and you cannot force them, certainly you are not thinking About elder abuse. It seem all of you are in la la land and you don't seems to understand the desperate poverty conditions your citizens are in.
    Of course none of you wouldn't because they are visited once every 4 to 5 years for vote. You don't have to pay for your food because your ministerial office probably pays for it. Please Go to the grocery store and shop even with tax payers dollar, you will see what I mean. Then tell me how people who works for 7 to 10k can feed themselves and children? I can't even mention school or clothe.
    You ministers are too far removed from your citizens conditions. This is why you can go on world stage to talk RUBBISH!!!!! And steal money that could benefit and up lift your people poor condition. This will continue if they refuse to change their politics🤐🤐🤐.
    Didn't grounds brake for at Regional Children Montego Bay already. I am sure ,I read it before.

  • Take the money from kanye west that he sells our Jamaica symbol online that is what the government needs to do and stop love too much sweet

  • Elders still can't get bed to sleep on .have to be sleeping on benches etc . System is a joke stop stealing our hard work money

  • CARD LABORITE A DRAW! U know they are always holding press conference, always and nothing follow it! Listen to all these money tufton talk about, bet at no time in the future while they are in power Jamaica Don't see that improvement! Shooting or robbery, security minister and his crew police commissioner comes out again walk street camera crew behind, baaaaaay chatting! NOTHING get done! Same ting health minister a do!

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