Mick Mulvaney walks back quid pro quo comments


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  • Good guy here Man on a mission says:

    I would not trust buying a used car from Mick Mulvaney! Yes I sold you that lemon! We do it all the time! Get over it!

    No I didn’t sell you a lemon! You are using my words against me! I sold it to you before I didn’t sell it to you! 😳😳🤬🤬🤦‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • HaztaLaVista BaBy says:

    Presidente Donald J TRUMP will be known as the real AMERICAN Commander in Chief that successfully Drained the Swamp of AMERICAN Traitors that became the parasites living off the missery of common hard working People in USA & The World.
    Praise God! !!!
    2016~2025 is all TRUMP

  • Michael Springer says:

    Yes, yes, yes we robbed the bank. Yup took all the money. Get over it,' you dumb media people. Hours later! We didn't rob the bank there was no money, you lying media twisted my words. Except, the media has an excellent command of the English language unlike Mulvaney. Also, role the tape. What a bunch of Yahoos.

  • Not giving aid to fun time countries for swampy corruption unless they do something about swampy corruption is now apparently grounds for impeachment.
    Post Obama Democrats are as Neo-con as the never Trump RINO Republicans, no wonder Obama is now G.B Jnr's good ol boy.
    Mulvaney should have pointed out what the mocking bird media have ignored, the G7 was a free offer a negative emolument.

  • Chrissy Wawwace is a Swamp Gate Keeper & Protector. He is BIG part of the problem of what is wrong with America. Did you catch how proud he was when he said @ “news is the only job I’ve ever had”. HE SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED that he is soooooo disconnected from the people … instead he wears it as a badge of honor.

    No wonder he is INCAPABLE of understanding President Trump and all of us “deplorables”.

    Get out of here Chrissy. Go try to play your games on the Mexican people or China !! I hear the Drug Cartels and the CCP pay even better than the Swamp snakes.

  • Looney Leftist Lying Liberals are such Lovely people. Anyone who is not 🙈🙉 can easily see how desperate they ALL are to stop President Trump at any cost. And the cost will be great .. but it will fail.

    What a great time to be alive .. I get to watch 1 man .. stand like David .. endure the wrath of HELL .. and bring down the MACHINE .

    Unbelievable courage, strength, intelligence and will.

    God Bless you President Trump. Before your feet may they all fall and fail.

  • I can see that the Looney Left have swarmed Fox News comments section in a vain attempt to influence and undermine President Trump. It’s too late .. too many have woken up .. and more and more waking up everyday. We see the Government for what it really is. We see 1 man standing against it. And we see what they are doing to him. How desperate they are to stop him from BOTH SIDES.

    We are naive and stupid NO MORE !! We are fueled with COLD ANGER. And we will not go quietly into the night ..

    You are losing .. we the people are winning.

    🇺🇸M🇺🇸A🇺🇸G🇺🇸A🇺🇸 2020 Keep America Great 🇺🇸

  • Mick Mulvaney, just like Giuliani, goes on TV trying defend Trump and ended up caused more damage than help. First, he confirmed the “quid pro quo” at the press conference. Then, on this interview, he was trying to walk back on “quid pro quo” and ended up by saying that Trump is still in his hospitality business.

  • 1. I'm surprised it took this long for anyone, and Fox News of all people, to directly confront someone from this administration with news clips that directly contradict what they're saying.

    2. It's incredible the lengths they'll go to say that they technically didn't say what they said and that journalists are doing their voodoo on them, when clearly the journalists have dumbed it down to so much as to ask directly "Did you do this crime?" And he said "We do it all the time!" And his defense is "I never said the words 'we do the crime' so I'm good."

  • Every day FOX is looking more & more like CNN. Mike Wallace is spinning in his grave. What is sad is the fact that
    lefties are fine with blatant Democrat Party corruption, but object to POTUS and the DOJ trying to root it out.

  • What ever trump is alleged to have done does not come close to what the democrats have done
    It’s a choice
    I’ll pick trump

  • The Left is trying to overthrow an Elected President of these United States using Russia and that does not bother you? The President can do an Investigation on His Own, No Crime, He is not doing it for Political reasons, He Smashed nothing with a Hammer, Biden is Ball deep in all this… How Rich can you get on MY Tax Dollar? And do not forget who We the People elected as Boss.

  • If there is no There, There, Then what is the Complaint? It's Not like President Trump is going to Adam Schiff the report and put his spin on it. So what would the problem be to get all intel? Mueller did, Hillary bought it, Obama openly influenced Israels election. Obama hot mic telling Russia adviser tell Puton I will have more flexibility when sworn in. Chris is a Never Trumper bought and paid by Disney.

  • Mulvaney is a HERO! and you Wallace, you are a great journalist one of the best! (journalist do not make history people do, sorry to say you guys think you can twist people mind… no way that is fifth element dream about it..)

  • Reporter: "But to be clear, what you just described is a quid pro quo?"
    Mulvaney: "We do that all the time with foreign policy"
    Also Mulvaney: "I nEvEr SaiD tHeRe WaS a QuiD PrO qUo"

  • Wow! A republican dare say something he didn’t mean??? How dare he!!! Only democrats are allowed to say things like that out loud without a care.

    Ron Johnson already had all this officially written down in May. Trump never tied anything to quid pro quo.

  • Democrats- "the 2016 election HAS to be investigated for foreign influence in United States elections!!!" Trump-"Let's investigate the DNC server in regards to corruption in the 2016 election" Democrats- "Impeach Him!!!!"

  • We saw the video sir!! And you answered it again when the guy gave you a second time to catch what you had said then you say that it happens all the time!!

  • SpiralArchitech says:

    Mick Mulvaney —- TRYING very very hard to LIE about the TRUTH….Unbelievable!!
    Mickey, u better start lookin for a new job 'coz your owner, Trump, an even bigger LIAR, is lookin for a NEW tool to replace you. Sad.

  • I've got good news for you Chris and all you Trump haters out there Trump will be in office for 5 more years get used to it losers 😵 go cry to your mom I'm tired of listening to you left-wing socialist do nothing assholes crying

  • Reason 1: corruption.
    Reason 3: investigation of corruption. They actually are the same as rationales. The US shouldn't send aid to Ukraine if they interfered in our election. Period.

  • Reason 1: corruption.
    Reason 3: investigation of corruption. They actually are the same as rationales. The US shouldn't send aid to Ukraine if they interfered in our election. Period.

  • Angrage Macmuffins says:

    If the Republicans don't step up and stop this circus, I'm going to assume they want Trump Impeached as much as the Dems (just not brave enough to admit it)

    Republicans better back Trump! Now!!!! Or I will vote them out!

    The Rep. are all phonies! We have a Kangaroo Government!

    It's Trump (on team people) vs. Rep. & Dems. (on team Government)

    Trump was not supposed to win. We have a Tyrannical Government. (When Trump is gone, we are in trouble) vote these bastards out!

    The Republicans have such disdain for the voters they don't even both pretending like they're trying to stop this circus, their silence and inaction is deafening.

  • Schiff lied!! Every American heard or had the opportunity to hear him lie!! Now please,, I want to see the media ask him to walk that back!! Im an ( I ),, Didnt vote for Pres Trump or Hillary,, lets try " TRUTH"! LETS ROOT OUT ALL LIARS!!

  • This guy mis spoke,, mis understood,, or is lying!! There is no other posibility. I heard the call transcript read in full,, this guy totally twisted the words. Schiff just lied, I'd like to hear both own their words and be reprimanded. I'm not for party line morality either.

  • Mulvaney talks about the "language", and says he never said quid pro quo. Semantics. In other words: he didn't use Latin.

  • Boy! Does Chris want it to be a quid pro quo! I mean, does he? Or is he just giving Mike Mulvaney a chance to make everything clear?

  • I honestly don't understand why people complain about troops around the world. We stop the problem where it's at and soldiers get a handsome pay for our troubles. News flash, troops go overseas for 9 months most do nothing but we don't want to come home us infantrymen like doing what we signed up for. Bad things happen but we can chose to reenlist reclass or get out. If we only had the military defending the border you will have far less people volunteering.

  • …quid pro quo is in the case of Biden!… you want to force the left foot on the right shoe, typical wallace style, not reality!!

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