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  • Watch "ORIGIN OF THE TRUMP, RUSSIA INVESTIGATION: Meet Alex Chalupa, DNC opposition researcher on Ukraine" on YouTube

  • XxLuvverofMusicxX says:

    Everyone who ignore a subpoena issued by congress should be charged with contempt of congress and charged to the fullest extent possible. Either the democrats are serious about protecting the constitution or they are not, and if they are then those showing contempt for congress should be held accountable.

  • That’s the tape they need to show during the open hearings to every witness and ask them is that what they understood was really going on.

  • Watch "UKRAINE MESSAGE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP: How to Frame the Quid Pro Quo Narrative" on YouTube

  • David Schlessinger says:

    Hey Trumpers – eventually, a Democratic President will be elected to the West Wing. Could be 1 year. Could be 4 years. Could be 8 years. Who knows… But when that does happen, don't whine for a single second if he/she violates every angle of the law, makes the White House a laughing stock of the world, sells heroin to children or calls all Republicans pedophiles. Don't think for a single second that your 'demand for decency and honor' will matter. You've just pushed the bar for morality in the trash. You'll get what you give.

  • Mulvaney already admitted to a crime on live tv. A crime there is proof and witnesses for. The testimony is his last chance to not go to jail with trump by doing a "I was just following orders". By not testifying he is saying he is guilty AND doesn't respect the laws. Mulvaney is 100% going to jail. And I don't see that wimp doing well in jail.

  • Domenique Lynch says:

    I agree with Donny about how the Democrats, specifically House Democrats, need to rebrand Dotard as a criminal who will continue to steal from the American people if the senate doesn’t vote to remove him.

  • Ivette Casillas says:

    Then I think he should go straight to jail,why is it ok for these nutjobs to get away with breaking the law and the rest of us would go to jail or get shot just for looking cross eyed at a cop.

  • Laws only apply to ordinary Americans. The elite do whatever they please. What they taught you in grade school is a bunch of BS.

  • I don’t think “kitchen table” arguments could be applied in this impeachment scenario. The reality is that Trump is extorting our allies, the same people who help us fight terrorists. I say make the impeachment process about national security.

  • This is going to be used to show that Republican Senators are not upholding the Constitution. This is about getting control of the Senate so that Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey, and Russian Rand are out of power.

  • Republican'ts put party before country. They do not support the constitution or democracy — they only support the wealthy. All they care about is 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲………………..🤢🤮

  • MrsRobinson0741 says:

    He's cheated & lied & bribed & bullied as a "civilian" ALL his life on his wives, workers & enemies…you don't think as potus he'd do the same?!?! They think after all those years, he's a changed man?!?! HAHAHAH LMAOOOO GTFOH!!!! With all that this GOP is going to believe "him" over these decorated & distinguished diplomats & officials, who served the USA for decades & swore under oath, they'd tell the truth?!?! Some have lost, have given up or will lose their jobs to do the right thing!!! What a feckin f**ked up world we live in right now!!!!

  • The republican representatives don't act according to principles, they just follow the Trump's base who are being brainwashed by the lies and misinformation of right wing media. Therefore instead of being principled leaders are corrupt followers who support a corrupt, inept, incompetent, moron, traitor conman elected with the help of Russia and therefore is an illegitimate president. They will go down in the dustbin of history as the rubbish that they are.

  • Republicans are fools to back Trump because the people are going tp vote them out of power and the republicans will be gone !

  • The Republican senate and house members remind me how a street gang act!! Shame on you Republicans for choosing to SEE the facts and taking the gutter cultish road! Ignoring all the facts and the needsof your constituents!!!

  • Judith Matthews says:

    I’m with Donny I can’t understand how decent people can support this President. The only possible explanation is self interest. That isn’t decent, ethical or plain honest. Yet they call themselves Christian when they are breaking numerous Christian ethics. Can they really believe Jesus would stand up in the Senate and say the President has done nothing wrong? But chickens come home to roost and one day they will have to answer for it.

  • Impeachment is not a failure if trump is not removed from office. The House did it's job! Trump was held accountable. He will be an Impeached President of the United States and an unpopular one at that. A good start to run against the Republikkklan Senators up for reelection in 2020 also.

  • Everybody is corrupt. Everybody is a liar. Except for Donald Trump – who's been involved in 4,000+ lawsuits over the decades.

  • His list of uncooperatives includes John Bolton? Bolton has lawyered up and is probably seeking immunity since he was aware at the time that Giuliani was up to some sharp business (he described it as a "drug deal") in Ukraine but didn't act on the knowledge although how much he knew and what he could have done about it is unclear… indeed perhaps he is one of the people who talked to the whistleblower. But overall I think Bolton has indicated that he is willing to defy the White House and testify once the subpoena is issued and various legal issues are dealt with.

  • Republican argument aids testifying never spoke directly with President. Democrats subpoena Mick “that’s why we didn’t give them the money” Mulvaney. Mulvaney no show for subpoena. Republicans CASE CLOSED 😕

  • What this means is the oath Republicans take to uphold the constitution don't mean sh!t to them. What Trump has showed us is more laws have to be written and the constitution must be revisited and updated.

  • Anwar Crutchfield says:

    Where did they have Mic mulvaney??!!?!? was He in a cave somewhere???? like, he literally spoke like he didn't know what was going. maybe they had all their eggs in the basket of plausible deniability… but that backfired on them.

  • https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2019/08/reminder-dnc-lawyers-to-court-we-do-not-owe-voters-an-impartial-or-evenhanded-primary-election.html

  • I am so honored to say this for the very first time, "I, myself alone…get ready for it…yes, I saw this coming!"….oh wait, my bad….so did the "INNOCENT REPUBLICANS" before me!

  • Trump turned USA in the big joke of the world (its not the biggest because UK is around with brexit), Trump gave Africa to Putin, gave middle east etc etc etc, Trump is bringing back ISIS again, Trump just gave at all the terrorist organizations in middle east one allowance for they do what they want (Putin dont care about them, in the end terrorist groups are doing a favour to Putin, terrorist groups are atacking USA and Europe, why should Putin stop them?), and all the issues in America…is dirty in Biden? The security of USA and some of the allies of USA are in line and what USA does about that? nothing!!! USA are losing all the credit they had in the world and what we see is just a political game being played, soooo i just hope one day (very soon) the USA allies open the eyes and say to them just…F*** OFF!!!!

  • Republicans are about power and will do anything to keep it. That is why they backstab the Kurds. Republicans have no honor. They are destroying America.
    Putin is pulling the strings and Moscow Mitch is in on it. Evangelicals are secretly worshiping the antichrist. Jesus was a liberal and a socialist we should be more Christlike.

  • If these idiots had a defense for Trump, THEY WOULD SHOW UP AND TESTIFY! What is it you tards don't understand. Always remember, History will show how corrupt this administration was, and History will show how dumb you Trump Suckers were. I know I won't forgive any of you. You had three year's, and you still won't budge. He hasn't done anything for you, and you know it. Your only defense is," But he's dumb like me, and I have a red hat" WOW!

  • He's in it all the way to his eye balls , all the guilty ones don't want to show up , just put him in jail , Americans are tired of this corrupt administration.

  • Donny is right. We likely won't get a single republican defector, so use impeachment to expose Trump's disloyalty and corruption with everything. You think Trump was bad in his first term? Imagine him as a lame duck. He will sell out the entire country to line his pockets and the pockets of his billionaire buddies.

  • All these lying MF should be going straight to jail because they are all guilty and since they don't want to tell lies that they will get caught in, they are refusing to testify, they all need to go to jail.

  • Anwar Crutchfield says:

    That man is right.
    you need to stop trying to reduce the crimes that have been committed to that 1 crime, or that 1 instant, or that 1 issue. this is a reverberating combination of everything a Donald Trump stands for.
    if you call yourself an American you'd be big balls, like we are, and get that son of a bit out of office. I don't care who I'm talking to.

  • OccasionalGamer says:

    Mulvaney is heavily implicated in this effort to shake down Ukraine. Both Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Vindmann stated that Mulvaney was the one who was explicit about the quid pro quo. No meeting until a public statement that Ukraine was investigating the Bidens and Clintons, and no military aid either. You know Mulvaney was acting directly in response to Trump's directions.

  • FarceMartyr1229 says:

    Ok so guys, little advice, if you want to appear innocent, having absolutely nobody show up to offer defense isn’t how you do it…

  • Stop calling it a quid pro quo. It's EXTORTION. All these cowards are going to prison or lose their careers for Dump. They've decided that Trump, the wannabe gangster and Russian asset, is the hill they're going to die on. How stupid are they? They've seen Dump throw everyone under the bus eventually, yet they lie down on the pavement and wait to be run over. WTF???

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! says:

    Subpoena all of them and arrest them when the don't show. Too bad that reporter interrupted the Traitor when he was spilling the beans,

  • richard frederkind says:

    Of all the males (not men) on the Republican (Trumpican) side of both the Legislature and the Senate, there does not seem to be a single one who still has his balls intact…sad.

  • Even though i dont know much about politics, i can tell this is the worst president of the millennium not even in million years can find a worst one who worst than him!This freaking big PATHOLOGICAL &  a blatant liar clown create nothing but chaos , crisis & pain. Not only in trade war, economics downturn, human crisis like parent-children separation, blame on both side support KKK etc Only know intimidating, threatening, bullying,  Criticizing his enemy, media who said bad THINGS ABOUT HIM.
    This selfish, immoral, inhuman little old man only think of himself & do not care anyone else but himself. As long as nothing benefit for him, it is none of his business, this clown does not care you die or live, even you lost your car, your boat, your airplane, your house, choose between utilities and food on table, choose between baby food and gasoline during the no pay government shut down showdown. This liar clown yesterday said A, today says B, tomorrow will say he never said A & B, the day after tomorrow will say what he said does not mean what he said. Enough is enough for this jerk.
    Sometime crime/violent does not choose its targets/victims randomly or selectively.As a Nation , country, community shall come together as a unity it does not matter what groups, races, religions. Most of the times, everything anything "ones" say trying to intimidating, threatening, bullying,  Criticizing & demonize a particular person/people/groups/religion/believes like News media fake news (enemy of people), like banning all major Muslim countries from entering a country based on thier religion, faith & belief, trying to divide the country with hate especially racially insensitively rhetoric, those atomsphere & environment which can create a serious & horrify consequences even though he is not the one to flood the gas padel all the way to the floor but only using his mouth with rhetoric language that resonated with hatred & racism . This big liar clown's rhetoric of islamophobia & marginalisation of muslims To ban them & call out "invasion" same too to media commentators like "animal name" News broadcast(take a guess of the animal, whoever got it wrong win a free prize)News broadcast. How "low" a person can  get when Lashes Out & attack a dead person who is not longer be able to speak & defend for himself?? Only a coward will attack a deceased person! It is a dark age for american politics. Greed, corruption, conspiracy has been taken over by the one big liar clown ONLY KNOW how to gaffe himself. This freaking clown only use full of cascade of lies & cheats & untethered of facts to win and praise & be friend with autocrats & dictators & murderer. If Hitler is alive today, this clown must be knee under his feet and praise him & worship him like a god. A big liar clown come with racism, poisonous rhetoric with full of hatred + stirs fear, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. This big liar clown promote  racism, prejudice, hatred, and violence. Remember if you vote for this liar Racism clown in year 2020 election, he will send you back home where you came from even you were born in USA.  This administration has scadal after scandal, corruption after corruption, collusion after collusion. Now you have this three stooges(take a guess who they are) of small liar clowns did the dirty work for this big liar clown. Time for "you" to wake up who did not see it on both eyes, heard it on both ears, smell it on your nose, think about it on your brain, say somehting about it from your mouth. A big liar clown only praise on dictatorship and authoritarian leaders, like North Korea leader, his best buddy Russian, and china. hE BETRAYED the country, lied to nation in any form and sharp. He is indeed a traitor.  Might God bless American!!

  • It always me to hear morning Joe and his cronies talk about trump and his evils, but if a certain Democrat were to win the primary then you and your cronies would vote for trump..talk about hypocrites.

  • If any other normal American person ignored a subpoena they would immediately be held in contempt of court and placed in jail so why is there a double standard

  • Why no jail time? Republicans will lose everywhere, like the person below said. Obscenely corrupt self interested liars, all! Despicable, impeach them all!

  • These Aides not honoring the subpoenas of Congress might be their way of invoking the 25th Amendment without actually invoking it. These refusals are an impeachable act of OBSTRUCTION !!!

  • Of course he will reject the invitation to testify. He has to.His only other options are to either commit perjury or implicate Dirty Donnie in abuse of power.

  • Mulvany needs to be arrested and left in jail to he testified. The Trump administration and the president are the most corrupt administration in US history

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