Michoacan’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin: Mexico’s Hot Land (Dispatch 1)

Michoacan’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin: Mexico’s Hot Land (Dispatch 1)

Quería mostrarte la
cantidad de armas que hay por aquí que
este grupo vigilante ha obtenido. El gobierno los ha
respaldado, pero es una práctica sin
lugar a dudas muy excepcional. Acabamos de llegar
a Morelia, la capital del
estado de Michoacán. Un de los
camellos más importantes de Mexico fue capturado hace
unos días, y queremos ver lo que va a pasar ahora
que el líder se ha ido. Mucha gente dice, como
sabes que el narcotráfico es
como una bestia con muchas cabezas. Cada vez que cortas una
una de las cabezas, hay otra
que va a emerger. Y queremos ver
desde el terreno cómo esto está afectando a Michoacán. Viajar por estas carreteras
en las zonas rurales de estos estados puede ser
bastante incierto, por eso hemos alquilado
una furgoneta familiar, porque nos aconsejaron
no alquilar un todoterreno o un Toyota u otro coche
ostentoso, ya que son los que los
traficantes usan. Obviamente, no queremos
llamar mucho la atención, o ser parados por la policia
o por bandas de drogas. Eso aún sería peor. Hay muchos
grupos vigilantes, y algunos de ellos, se han convertido
en sus propios traficantes. Otros son simplemente ciudadanos
que llevan armas porque no confiaban en la
policia, y esa es la gente
que vamos a ver ahora. Están armados y están patrullando
las calles ellos mismos vamos a ver si podemos
ir en una patrulla con ellos. Hay mucha gente aquí
que está armada. No todos ellos
visten uniforme, nos dice, pero todos ellos están
supervisando el evento. Estos chicos que ves
aquí, son bastante fuertes Quiero decir, los ves
riendo, y en cierto modo relajados, pero
ellos tienen algunas de las armas de
Los Caballeros Templarios. Se las robaron,
eso te muestra un poco cómo son y cómo
es su comportamiento quería mostrarte
la cantidad de armas que hay por aquí y que
el grupo vigilante ha obtenido. El gobierno los ha
respaldado, pero es una práctica
muy excepcional sin lugar a dudas. Estos hombres están patrullando
24 horas al día, así que claramente, ya ves,
las cosas aún están tensas, y ellos básicamente están alerta
a a cualquier persona sospechosa,
o cualquier persona que no
reconozcan, y pudiera estar quizás, trabajando
aún para los Caballeros Templarios. Creo que están muy dispuestos
a enseñarnos que las cosas están bajo control en el pueblo
y que todo está calmado, pero es muy difícil decir cuando las cosas están calmadas en
Mexico o cuando está a punto de estallar
la violencia de nuevo. En otros países, como
Colombia por ejemplo, con gran tráfico de
drogas, cada vez que los ciudadanos
se han armado y constituido en este tipo
de grupos de defensa, ha supuesto una receta
para el desastre porque
se ha perdido el control. Y esa es la cuestión, si van a llegar a ser demasiado
poderosos o no.


100 thoughts on “Michoacan’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin: Mexico’s Hot Land (Dispatch 1)”

  • There is a reason why war on drugs will never get anywhere and as long as there are users there will always be a new seller/leader.

  • Turning Wrenches Auto Repair & Maintenance says:

    the people fighting for there land. Seems right to me. That's why it is important for citizens to own firearms and yes, ar15's. Good video for sure !!!

  • I would have been born there if it weren’t for my parents moving to the US. Scary having people like these around.

  • Jaime Chavez says:

    Tepalcatepec aka Tepeque is in the roots of my Family. My father was Born and raised there. I was in Mexico for a year in 2002 and I spent Alot of time there. I always went in the day time from the Little town I lived in Via Micro bus. It's a beautiful town but the Cartels run it and it's very evident. I've seen dudes hand cops 100$ bills while drinking a beer in there truck at roadblocks and get let go. It's a Trip out there.

  • Christian Irizarry says:

    He gave you 20 dollars. I gave you 10.
    You thought he was better since he gave you more.

    But he had 100 dollars, And all I had was 10.

  • It’s actually really impressive how they fought off a cartel out of their home and now they live peaceful my respect for them

  • When both your parents originate from two states that suffer from cartel violence, Sahuayo, Michoacan x Iguala, Guerrero. Gotta pray for Mexico as the violence increases every year. 🙏

  • Bats Savador says:

    If all biblebelievingamericanjunkies just got a nosejob like mike or Bruce Jenner this would still be a peacefull country.

  • For all those mouths out there that hate police,.THIS is what society would quickly become without them. The ‘Thin Blue Line’ between a civilized society and this

  • Senorita Cumbia says:

    My beautiful Michoacan. I lived in Morelia after HS for about a year to learn Spanish. It breaks my heart to see what has happened to this beautiful colonial city.

  • Mientras no caycagan los carteles de estados unidos que son los que. Compran toda la droga nunca se acabaran los carteles de México llaque las armas y el dinero viene de usa

  • The cocainee whore who poisons children in a Mexican hospital Leah I Alexandrovich, testified against cartel members to get out of her charges.now she's changed her name5 time's and lives with her mother Gayle Carpenter in Helena Montana😁👍👁️👁️😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Emotionally Challenged Subordinate says:

    Wrong, it was NOT the citizens that got "out of control". it was the jealous government when they realized the citizens did a better job… -_-

  • VICE is fake news. Pathetic. They should start putting “For Entertainment purposes” because this shits getting out of hand. We know they’re videos are all fake. They’re part of the reason the media is all fucked

  • bring back michoacan weed. the best. thai sticks/maui wowee/afghani not even close. a 2gm brownie made me lmao for hours.

  • that stumpy mexican lady who is a vigilante knows her guns. There a reason why the US military switch to Beretta. they just well made guns for their price.

  • I've probably watched a dozen or so of these Vice videos on the Mexican cartels this week. I have too many thoughts to put into one post, but one unexpected thing that has happened. I'm currently a big proponent of gun control. I never felt that taking guns away is necessary, but I did not see the need for citizens to have AR-15s and numerous, stockpiles of weapons. One 9 mm & a shotgun should be sufficient for a household… But, I can see here in Mexico their gun laws now work against them in many ways… That said, I don't think it's as simple as a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. The underlying problem is Mexico has become a Narco-state. When the government is corrupt to that level, the citizens are in clear & present danger without the weapons they need to defend themselves… I think my stance on gun control may soften the more I learn about this… All of that said, we still have a very serious problem in America with school shootings, and I don't think we have a lot of great answers for how to stop it. I also can't just ignore the fact that selling more guns is good for the NRA who is funded by gun manufacturers. It became cliche during the 2016 presidential campaign, but follow the money is a great way to start any investigation.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if this reporter ends up dead cartel don't like people being nosy so all reporters have to be careful with dealing with cartels


  • Unfortunately these people probably are the cartels themselves or work directly for them because what happens is instead of extorting everyone in that area illegally for their money, they create these so called vigilante groups saying they are protecting the people and now they vigilante group goes home to home or business to business collecting “donations” of any sort to “help” keep the people safe. It’s just a front and a smarter way for them to extort the people in that area for money and goods.

  • Bullshit! Armed citizens means less crime. You can’t trust the Mexican government so let the people arm themselves and take care of business.

  • I was born in Morelia but my mom brought me to the states when I was still a new born basically ( I was 2 months old , born in early June came to the states in the late days of August )

  • Even they are armed and gun laws in Mexico are way more strict than the ones here like literally, they only have 1 gun store in the whole country.

  • This women tinges everything these people do with something bad …She said they stole weapons but they did not they confiscated and repurposed them…
     She said in Columbia the citizens got out of control after fighting the drug gangs but wasn't it out of control when the gangs were raping the young girls and murdering their fathers anyways….
    Always a negative from her about what and how they are trying to save their communities …Doing the job that the government was failing to do ….
    I applaud these people and say to them do not get to close to the government for many of them are the problem or you would not have had to start your own law enforcement if they were doing it right…

  • Patrick Gragg says:

    Isn't that ironic that the United States government is ran by Knights Templar AKA Freemasons, and Vigilantes are killing Knights Templar in Mexico thank you Mexicans for taking up the fight!

  • Javier Gonzalez says:

    Total cost to tax payers per year to maintain illegal immigration $116 billion
    The law has been in effect for years and all past presidents agree . It is against the law to be in the usa illegally . Tax payers pay for there school and food via wic and welfare and prison time not to mention the drugs coming into to the usa . If were ok with paying higher taxes and letting the mexican goverment ignore the issue and let the cartels get richer . Lets knock the wall down . .

  • Christs Revenge says:

    Don’t use SUV’s or Toyota’s they are for the war against terror on the Middle East you anti Semite scum bags.

  • The government is working with cartel , only reason they were “ endorsed “ by the government is because they now have to register and listen to the government unlike when they weren’t “ endorsed and running around actually scaring off the cartel . Now it’s just the cartel telling the government what to do and the government telling these men to stay away from areas or let cartel do what they want . That’s how the corrupt system works over there . So when she was in fact riding with cartel the full time

  • The truth is that power corrupts and these people are technically the cartel themselves. Even the Knights Templars were a vigilante before they went rogue.

    The solution is not more guns or even a group, its a social problem. The majority of consumers are from the United States and Western Europe.

    First either tackle it as a social problem or sell it on pharmacy shelves. You cannot stop people taking them and you can't stop people selling them either.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson says:

    97% of Mexicans have inbred in there family blood! 99% of all mexican men have raped a child! These are pig vomits! Slaughter them at sighr

  • Fucking Vice loser hipsters look at beat up pistols and semi auto rifles like they are nukes with a timer counting down. Stay in Brooklyn you commie morons. Vice is a joke now beyond your profile with teens who buy your shit and still think you are cool like when you left your socialist worldview out of it while the owners profit. (Shane)

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