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  • he said he inherited a mess but he will only create a mess and leave it for next guy if he doesn't get away with cancelling elections. lol

  • In actual fact ,what trump is doing he is keeping his promise to the Russians by destroying the USA by dismantling that country just the same way the US ADMINISTRATION when they took down the soviet Union ,and by doing so he is giving putin the sense of revenge and the destruction of the AMERICANS, and ultimately the Russians the Chinese and eastern Asia will form the NEW WORLD ORDER and we will have a man in the Kremlin with a tzar title

  • Shantytown Shipwright says:

    I remember "Blood in the face" If I can remember correctly the title literally suggests that whites are superior because they have the God given ability to show the emotion of blushing and brown people cannot.

  • I'll give Michael Moore this: He has stuck to his principles. He was a liberal back in the 80s, when being a liberal wasn't cool…

  • I would love to see this nation fall. Look around. We deserve nothing more that the fate we long for. Death and destruction must overtake this nation before it's lazy, willfully ignorant citizens wake up. The future does not belong to the U.S. anymore. We are done.

  • How is Donald Trump responsible for this ladies death? How do they manage to spin every story and make it Donald Trumps fault? Lol.

  • Adrian Rodriguez says:

    Donald Trump is constantly paying off neo Nazi members to go down for hate crimes in hopes his doesn't look like a kkk member .

  • Melissa Mosher Hanson says:

    It's sad when the greatest achievement is dismantling the legacy of the black president irregardless of how detrimental it is to the citizens the environment òr our country

  • Your country has been sold or gifted out from under you while you're worrying about the magicians hand waving. By the next election it's going to be too late to get it back…

  • Michael Moore is a loose and an activist. He helped sponsor the event along with others and now tries to pretend he feels sorry for what happened. With all that is going on you are talking to this guy he is a leftest. You people need to look in the mirror.

  • Jolanda Winter says:

    This is a government robbery that is going down by trump and his gang
    members Disguised as the president is TRUMP THE OTHER GANG MEMBERS ARE
    RUNNING ZO CALL THE WHITE HOUSE.They are not there to govern but to rob
    the Country and than leave.Please wake up USA AND STOP GOING AFTER THE

  • Some comforting words from a random European to Americans who despise Trump (and his lackeys of course, let's not forget about those) as much as the rest of the world does: it will get better some day. Worst case scenario Trump is president for 8 years and does terrible damage to the U.S. interior (like Moore says here) and to the world, but just as the U.S. came to the aid of Europe (including Germany!) after WW2, so will the rest of the world help U.S. catch up with the rest of the world regarding clean, green energy demands, new technology. Just get rid of the Orange clown first, and make sure the 'lost souls' (neo-nazi's, alt-right, and basically every Trump voter in general) can never do harm again somehow.

  • Michael Myers's Sis says:

    TRUMP IS RACIST. HE IS OK WITH ALL HAPPENING. His father refused sell/rent state to Black ppl. Trump lauched Birthrism and racism against pres. Obama. 2) White supremacists Bannon, Gorka, Miller, Sessions are in the WH high raked positions. 3) White supremacists campaigned, financed and voted heavily in Trump, are part of the hardcore basis holding him in the WH. 4) Since campaign, Trump recites White Nationalists,Neo Nazis's litany of hatred for minorities and foreigners. NEVER reprimended and EFECTIVELLY acted against many hate crimes happening during his term.

  • Imagine being so low that you use a race riot and the murder of a young woman as a decoy to privatise land. The perfect capitalist; The country is falling apart and he's busy filling his wallet.

  • Floyd Schneider says:

    Poor Poor Maddow. What now->New report claims DNC hack was an inside job — not Russia
    By Bob Fredericks August 15, 2017 | 12:46pm | Updated


    A group of former US intelligence officials contend that the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computers in 2016 was an inside job.

    The group, which calls itself the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS, said there was an insider leak that occurred thanks to someone with access to a DNC computer.

    Their arguments were first reported by the left-wing magazine The Nation, which said that the group claimed to have forensic evidence to back up its contentions.

    The handful of ex-CIA and NSA officials also argued there was no evidence that a Romanian hacker identified as Guccifer 2.0 broke into the DNC system and passed embarrassing information about Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks at the behest of the Russians.

    They said the evidence suggests that Guccifer was invented to distract attention from the revelations, and that someone altered Guccifer’s documents to make them look as if they were Russian.

    The crux of their argument is that the data taken from the DNC was transferred to a USB stick, meaning that someone would have had to have direct access to the committee’s computers.

    They claim the data was transferred at a rate that was far too fast for an internet connection.

    But cybersecurity experts say the report is full of holes.

    “In short, the theory is flawed,” John Hultquist, director of intelligence analysis at FireEye, a firm that provides forensic analysis, told The Hill.

    “The author of the report didn’t consider a number of scenarios and breezed right past others. It completely ignores all the evidence that contradicts its claims.”

    Another expert, Rich Barger, director of security research at Splunk, told The Hill that the theory that the data was downloaded onto a USB stick was also flawed.

    “This theory assumes that the hacker downloaded the files to a computer and then leaked it from that computer,” he said.

    The files might have been copied multiple times before being released.

    “A hacker might have downloaded it to one computer, then shared it by USB to an air-gapped [off the internet] network for translation, then copied by a different person for analysis, then brought a new USB to an entirely different air-gapped computer to determine a strategy all before it was packaged for Guccifer 2.0 to leak,” said Barger.

    President Trump has repeatedly decried the feds’ probe into Russian meddling in the US election and possible collusion with his campaign as a “hoax” and “fake news.”

    But lawmakers from both parties and current intelligence officials — including the FBI, CIA and NSA — insist there is ample evidence to prove Russian interference.

    The VIPS were formed in 2003 to protest the way the administration of George W. Bush manipulated intelligence to justify the Iraq war, Salon reported.


  • Get everyone talking about the big stuff so they little stuff with big effects go unnoticed. All government dose this but Trump is very good at it. Smart man Michael is.

  • I agree. We are just focusing on the big stuff Trump is doing and saying. I would love for someone (just one would be great) to focus on what his departments are doing. In the background, he is destroying our country,

  • generationofswine says:

    I think a good way to target the alt-right would be anti-gun legislation or a push for it. If the nazis are triggered to shoot at the police, they will be utterly destroyed.

  • Why are the media and public the only one's yelling in outrage. The missing sound you hear is of our representatives creating a ruckus, raising the hue and cry against Fascism. Seems many of them are whispering not shouting, and it's more a discussion of who will be the first to take Trump's tiny hand and follow him down the path of Fascism. Shall we take bets on who will be the first to pick up their Brown Shirts and Jack Boots?

  • T. A. Bernhardt says:

    Nazis were defeated, fascism was defeated, Aryans were defeated. This is their past and that is their future. I applaud those publishing pictures and videos of the despicable domestic terrorists in Charlottesville. Let's turn over the rocks and shine a light on their faces. Let their friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, see who they truly are and the ugly hate they've been festering. The best and only way to deal with evil is to keep the light shining bright. Light every face and dark place they inhabit.


    Moore is right about approval statistics. Michigan and Wisconsin, among a few other states, with large populations, could prove once again fatal if not properly dealt with. The news could start by speaking english once again to the farmers and manufacturers and doctors, mothers, grocers, and so forth. Who has ever sat at the dinner table with their fathers, grandfathers, mothers, etc., and heard them talking about KKK, Nazism, transsexuality, etc., and the like? It might as well be gibberish, madness.

  • YES, YOU'RE right MICHAEL  Trump is distracting us to cheat out of our motherland , Trump and his Administration are cheating Americans people  , he keep us distracting Americans citizens to sale and cooperated with PUTIN to harm this Nation

  • Why is the news today always trying to make a connection with awful things happening in the world to Trump. I've been seeing this happen a lot lately. Maybe this is a witch hunt. Things like this make me go check conservative news networks to get a different opinion.

  • Michael Moore you are Truthful USA PATRIOT thank you Michael and MSNBC .we as Americans citizens have to unite to fight Trump and his Administration they are intend to harm to this Nation we must fight to protect our DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM . MSNBC we need you more than ever before please help your Nation .

  • Remember that it was Abraham Lincoln of the "Republican" party who led the way to end slavery. There will always be differences of opinion (hopefully peaceful) in our diverse country. The fake media are trying to exploit our differences and turn them into something violent. They do this because they didn't get their way in the last election.

  • Republicans: are you happy now….restructuring has brought a stupid leader into the White House. So again
    republicans ARE YOU HAPPY NOW. You have the worst possible leader. Get rid of him or you will all be voted out. We don't need a jerk like Trump in government….we don't need him in America let alone in the Oval Office

  • People tend to attack the far right movements and political parties all over the world but forget the fact that if they were not there, where do you think, the far left would have taken us by now? You need both left and right to stop either one of them from going too far too quick. For every force there must be an opposite force if either one of them wants to exist.   
    The whites in the USA have the same problem the white South Africans had. No matter what they do or say and how noble their struggle, they will be demonised because political correctness will be used as a tool against them.  The whole world will follow suit on the same path because where there is cultural diversity in a country there you will have fertile grounds for stoking uprisings, terror attacks and revolutions and so on. They want diversity so they can rule for ever. Every malty cultured country in the word is open for regime change, any time they like; it is simple to organise if you have money for bribes and control the arms trade to terrorists. 
    When the whites lose political power the blacks or terrorists use brute force to stay in power for ever. Look at Zimbabwe and South Africa. The rest of the world will do nothing because it is not political correct to do something against the so called ‘freedom fighters”.
    America and Europe take a hard look at Africa, especially South Africa, and see your future. What you helped to sow you will reap. Welcome to the third word.

  • Mr Moore is correct regarding the distraction but you could level the same charge at Obama: his lofty rhetoric disguised that he added a trillion dollars per year to US national debt, he bombed 8 countries and inaction on N.K. led to the mess Trump is having to deal with.

  • This is the perfect storm for trump enabling him to raise a false flag operation aimed at distancing himself from his Russian overlords in the face of increasing public and congressional scrutiny in regards to malfeasance and the 2016 elections. That it's absoluting lethal stuff he's recklessly playing with doesn't  concern him one bit. Everything trump does is a stunt with a very calculated eventual outcome. His actions are not 'normal' or benevolent in any way. He's an evil, manipulative man.

  • WolfmansCavemansNews says:

    Michael Moore is responsible for global warming, every time I look at that socialist buffoon my temperature goes up almost as high as reading some of the stupid comments people write that listen to him. Take a bath and close your mouth you're sucking the oxygen out of the world Michael with your communist BS.

  • Donald Trump will never get the TRUTH because he suffers from MORAL DEFICIT and does not KNOW RIGHT FROM FROM WRONG !

  • There social workers and police officers and socal Social Security workers and Tech workers there all the people who have power over others

  • MSNBC is wall-to-wall coverage of this weekend's events, but their coverage of the day-to-day event is greatly lacking. The rules and regulations being eliminated and changed will effect us much more than the daily moronic tweets and sandals that get all the coverage.

  • The federal government is allowing a racist, admitted pedophile to scream across the skies of America – she is bribing members of Congress, sexting for them, beating adults and having others beaten – and telling us that there is nothing we can do about it — this has been going on throughout Obama's administration too

  • He must be using the white-supremacist to distract the American people, while he and his evil cronies are destroying the American Institutions.

  • i remember joel mchale making fun of a girl for precisely this reason. michael moore says "times" instead of "multiply."

  • I certainly hope Trump is dismantling the fking corrupt Leftist government trash leftover from the obama regime of corruption and incompetence….

  • "the neo-nazi movement came into Michagan, uh, to essentially recruit people who were angry at the system for the cards it had dealt them."

    that's what Gangs do.
    it's also what terrorists do.

    so, Neo-nazi's are no different. they are a gang. they are terrorists.

  • Remember folks what Trump said he wanted to do…dismantle our government! He thinks the Constitution is "outdated". What freedoms are you willing to give up?

  • It's like Trump has opened the door to racism. There were so many who kept their beliefs on the down low because they knew that they would have been rightly shamed. Now, it's OK to wave Nazi flags? My smart American friends are literally aghast at what's happening to their country.

  • Hahaha that fat clown is desperate to become relevant again. Keep fighting the power from your 100% white gated community you hypocrite.

  • The Sentencing Project, Washington, D.C. (In 2017) The United States is the world’s leader in incarceration. There are 2.2 million people in the nation’s prisons and jails — a 500% increase over the last 40 years. Changes in law and policy, not changes in crime rates, explain most of this increase. The results are overcrowding in prisons and fiscal burdens on states, despite increasing evidence that large-scale incarceration is not an effective means of achieving public safety.

  • Moore is my favorite republican that says he's a democrat wink, wink; Moore is like Warren Buffett I'm willing to pay more taxes but those darn republicans will not let me and my secretary pays more than me, then Warren Buffett laughs at the stupid democrats.

  • So the clown is just a distraction. No wonder the Republicans still back him. Thank you Michael for shedding a little more light on this horrendous situation.

  • It's the idea that fascism & Nazism are on the Right while in reality they are–historically, ideologically & tactically–on the Left.

  • earthminus10 says:

    The Chinese Expulsion Act was a horrifying time in America late 1800's – 1952? We will get through this Trump and will be stronger.

  • What's going on has already been predicted and written about. We also see it in our worldwide storms. It's time to unite, not fight.

  • I am sorry but this system am a victim rap is basudo.
    Is the problem I was born better form hate on my tongue to overcome bs. Basudo.
    U breathe u can make it, u live u have the chance to make a penny,quarter,dollar,million u get to decide.
    Decide greatness and bestow it upon others.
    Although we are surrounded by government, I see hard-working people of north America going bout their daily business, can't tell a republican from a Democrat …
    I do see North Americans.
    Wake up one Continent one planet Earth one…

  • This is the result of a Earl y sexchange.
    Bowling before Columbine , making money from a sick hoax.
    TRAITORS like this should be rounded up and put up against the wall
    All who make money from false flag hoaxes , must be executed.

  • The relevant word her is, 'men'. Of course there are some stupid women, not many, but name five women who have started a war. Name five men who have.

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