22 thoughts on “MercyMe – Best News Ever (Official Lyric Video)”

  • Jesus died on the cross hmm Gods son.. hmmm
    Jesus is God and was there in the begging and died for us and rose back to Heaven and is omnipotent and omnipresent!!!!!

  • Scott Merrill says:

    I love this song. Accept the victory He gave us. I put this on my playlist. If you want to hear some other great worship songs, check it out here.

  • Andrea Child of The Most High says:

    There is no once saved always saved that is a lie straight from the pits of hell and the song that you have made that you are feeding everybody this lie through slick cute words with a great beat….. You will have to answer to my Father for leading people astray. Can't really say He's your Father because you are lying to people. there for satan must be your father he is the father of Lies. Yes Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins that does not give us a license to keep on sinning that is what your song is saying keep on sinning.. it doesn't matter Jesus Christ died on the cross for you to sin.. keep on being you, you don't have to change, you don't have to follow the Commandments.
    Tighten Up Buttercup… Fix your lies now while you still have the Breath of God in you.

  • Gospel is the Good News! Not because of what we do but by what He did! Jesus died already for our past, now and future sins and we cannot earn it with works!

  • No controversy🙏🙏🙏 Jesus Christ has paid it all. And He is our Lord and Saviour. Best News Ever💕💕💕

  • Sparky Watts says:

    Should say not just good news, it's the best news ever or something. Otherwise its saying 1st Corinthians ch15 is wrong. Paul refers over and over that God has Good News for mankind! So I guess Paul was either a liar (bc no it's not good news accordingto song) or he didnt care enough to further expand on how remarkable the news is? More importantly since all scripture is Spirit breathed, they're saying what the Almighty Himself wanted to say to mankind wasn't effective enough and ultimately is wrong. Most proclaimants of Christianity dont care bc they think their radical Christians bc they have a bumper sticker, go nuts at a Christian concert, and "play" church few days a month. But they still act like the world and dress like the world and smell like the world. As Bible says they have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. But Jesus said many who call Him Lord and cast out demons and do wonderful things in His name, will spend an eternity in hell.. Lastly, it's not judgemental to speak the truth of Christ. If it offends you, your problem is with Yahweh! This is all part of the falling away. Most the church will be deceived and fall to antiChrist, believing satan to be Jesus. All bc they do NOT know their Fathers Word. Just what Joel osteen says or they're local pastor or bishop. They haven't studied to show themselves approved before a Holy and Mighty SAVIOR!

  • nour fattouh says:

    I am going to be the one to tell you that the war has already been won and remind yourself of that every single second that the devil tries to tell you otherwise. It is the best news ever!

  • Remember when you feel as if you’re nothing, Jesus gave everything just for you. For anyone willing to accept him into their hearts. When you don’t feel like you’re enough lean on Him. His mercy is everlasting and He will never leave you or forsake you. God bless you all!

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