(upbeat music) – This is the first
Mercedes ever, the 35 PS. In 1901, this baby won
race after race after race vaulting Mercedes to the
top of the automotive world. (upbeat music) For the rest of the century Mercedes maintained their status
as a top tier brand, continuously pushing the limits of quality performance and safety. So with Tesla leading the
way in the luxury EV market and the unveiling of
the truck of the future; how does Mercedes respond? They wait ten years and then introduce the car of the future
according to 120 years ago. But I have to wonder
is Mercedes blowing it? This is the Vision Mercedes Simplex, a concept car cooked up by
Mercedes to boldly announce its foray into eclectic
vehicle manufacturing. Look how cool it is right? In order to understand how and why the Simplex exists though,
we must go back in time. In 1901, a rich guy named
Emil Jellinek realized, “Hey we have better technology
than horses now right? We need to start from the ground up and redesign the automobile.” He commissioned Daimler the inventor of the gasoline engine
to reinvent the car. They lengthened and widened
the wheel base or stability, installed a cutting
edge four stroke engine low over the front axle for
better center of gravity and put it all on a
lightweight steel frame. The result was the Mercedes PS 35 named after Emil’s daughter Mercedes. The PS 35 means pferdestärke. (laughs) The PS 35 means pferdestärke
35 or 35 horsepower. How many horses you want? This was not only the first Mercedes but it was still considered
the first modern car. Mercedes went on the make luxury cars for the richest, most
powerful people in the world. Their 770 series was
popular with Hitler, oh no. After inventing the gasoline engine Daimler and Mercedes never looked back, developing the hell out of the
internal combustion engine. Constantly reshaping
heads, adding cylinders, experimenting with different materials and look where they are now. The AMG GT R and the
G-Class SUV’s both feature a twin turbo V8 that
gives you 577 horsepower. How many horses do you want
now? Oh, I got you, 577. But the internal combustion
engine is falling out of vogue. And it seems like every manufacture has at least one EV offering. (upbeat music) Cheaper EV’s like the
Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have been around since 2011. Ford just unveiled their new electric Mustang crossover thing. All indicators show but the auto industry is going electric with half of all new vehicles to be electric by 2040. 20 years, wow. For a company that’s usually
ahead of trends though, Mercedes has been slow
to enter this market like a normal luxury
brand. And they realize it. In 2019, Mercedes finally came out with their first electric vehicle, the EQC SUV. But their not just dipping
their toes in the pool here, they also announced that they
will halt development of the internal combustion engine to
focus on electric vehicles. (dramatic music) I’ll say that again, Mercedes, the inventor of the gas engine, is fazing out gas engines
and going all in on electric. They’ll still improve their
ICE’s for the next few years but they’ll have no new models. Daimler and by extension
Mercedes says by 2030 half of all new cars sold
will be hybrid or electric. I understand that they will need a change but damn that’s pretty short notice. Mercedes plans to introduce 10
new electric models by 2022, including an all electric G-Wagon. That’s how I know they’re serious, that thing is going to
print money, in LA at least. (upbeat rock music) I can’t wait to see vanity
plates on these things like E-Wagon and not Elon and I’ve
always been richer than you but now I’m morally
superior as well. Oh great. Mercedes is takin gon a huge commitment and they’re the late comer. How does a late comer to the market establish themselves as a leader? Answer, make a bold entrance while showing off your innovation. The conditions are perfect
for a sweet concept car that can beat the model S at the Autobahn. And baby that’s what we got. (sensual music) The EQ Arrow. Inspired
by what would happen if the 1937 W125 Silver Era
had sex with the T-1000. This sleek bastard can take one passenger to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds thanks to its 750 electronic horses. Awesome concept car Mercedes. This is boundary pushing,
bold and arguably more futuristic than Tesla’s Cybertruck. I’m not going to make any
jokes about that thing, you’ve heard them all. This is how you launch
an electric car line. Go futuristic as hell for
concept then work in the practicality until you
have something that sells. Let’s see the next EV
concept from Mercedes. (screams) Whoa! To far back! We
were expecting something we might be able drive this century. Design aside, Mercedes didn’t even roll this baby out the right way. Normally you introduce a
concept car at an auto show where people expect to see the
latest designs and concepts. Tesla just did their livestream spectacle where they took a sledgehammer
to their new spaceship. So, how does Mercedes roll
out their EV of the future? In the year 2019 at the exclusive Mercedes advanced design
center in Nice, France. In this private high
class (mumbles) surrounded by a bunch of rich Europeans
and company T-shirts, 200 euro pants and 400 euro sneakers, Mercedes unveiled the
vision Mercedes Simplex. And old style car
introduced in the place that use to be center of the
auto world 120 years ago. Presented by the only people
rich enough to afford it. Look, I know I’m being tough on Mercedes for everything surrounding the Simplex, which is a shame because for what it is, the car is extraordinarily fun. So, where do we even
start with the Simplex? The front I guess. The
grill is a 3D display with the old Mercedes logo and
vehicle status animations. Animations on your grill. The body is obviously based on the PS 35, but with a bold new color scheme. White in the front,
pitch black in the back, the bright blue interior and
rose gold trim on the grill and the wheels. Mercedes was never going
to mass produce the Simplex or really any car with no headlights, but that’s really not the point. The point is if you are
faxing out the gas engine you should have a hit EV already. In the world where the Cybertruck is breaking ground and
about to change ship, I think Mercedes went the wrong direction. Instead of going to the future they hearkened back to the past. Not sure that’s the right move. You know those articles
written in the 1900’s, that imagine what the world
would be like in the year 2000, that’s kind of what the Simplex is. But, electric cars aren’t some far off, vague concept anymore.
They market exists already and we want Mercedes in that marketplace. I love Mercedes and I know
that Mercedes can do it. They’re the only company that makes super cars and garbage trucks. If they focus their novation on marketable electric vehicles they’ll be making sweet electric cars for generations
of people and Popes. Hey guys, we have a ton
of new merch in our store with some returning favorites. The Remove Before Flight
key chain is back. That was a huge seller, we
got that back for you guys. Just in time for winter
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design for your car. And we have all the old favorites like this old shirt right here. Go check it out at,
get yourself some merch. It’s very comfortable, I will say that. Hey guys, the remove
before flight key chain- I have to sneeze now. (bleeped) Salute. As far as the Cybertruck goes I actually really like
how different it is. It’s ridiculous looking, I know, I’m not saying it’s a good
looking car but it’s fun. It is hilarious how they
broke both windows though. Be nice, I’ll see you next time.


100 thoughts on “Mercedes is ABSOLUTELY BLOWING IT”

  • Super Saiyan Drawing says:

    The Simplex is just a tool for connecting the past of mercedes (and the combustion engine) with the new technology of this day and age. It's a modern interpretation of a classic and more of a showcar or art than a concept car for future vehicles. A guy that designed part of the simplex is studying the same thing as me and told us during a presentation that this is a design concept and just that. It is not showing the direction in wich mercedes will go with it's electric vehicles. This video is a bit strange considering that information. Mercedes has been one of the top players in the EV development, they are just really slow at getting their electric stuff produced. We've seen several EV concepts from mercedes, almost none of em ever coming close to production. They simply weren't made for that, they were made for publicity and polishing the image of the brand. They've got their EQ line that is getting produced and this will probably be it for the next few years. In my opinion they should get back to hydrogen again…. shit the whole world except for korea and japan is sleeping on this. Electric vehicles are not green enough to be tolerated forever!

  • Having Mercedes electric vechicles is just a matter of time. Its powertrain. Making yet another Tesla-beater, just like Nissan, Audi, VW, BMW are doing, perhaps is going to result in early oversaturation of a speculative segment.

    Perhaps they just wanted to focus on putting out "halo" cars that are more about luxury and passion than everyday staidness.

  • Paszczak Ziołomistrz says:

    "PFFFEFTESHTARKE" and "MYSHYSHMIT" (Messerschmitt)… I love when the Americans try to speak German…

    PS What about to speak HUNGARIAN like this:

    Greetings from Poland 😉

  • Kuxo Gaming & Racing says:

    i like the ideas and concepts behind the EV movement but, and this is a big but, they're novelty and not very practical at this point in time for travel, towing, and off-roading. the best example of this would be the Cybertruck with its stealthy, DeLorean styling, under all that what do you get? You might say you get some good power and torque but how much range are you gonna get while pulling a 4000lb trailer on 1 charge? From some figures and speculation, ~80 miles. Or what happens when you're dead on the side of the highway or worse in the middle of nowhere like in the forrest while off-roading where you could of just dumped 5gal of fuel in the tank from a jerrycan on the side of your jeep? Did any one think about towing a generator that possibly runs on diesel or gas? Kinda ruins the whole EV thing if you ask me. All in all, its cool, its new, and its mostly just a flex on the Jeffersons next door for now.

  • I can imagine a Eqtos from Mercedes with a giant display on the front where anything can be displayed. Imagine being told to piss off by a truck haha

  • Mercedes got lots of electric cars and helped tesla xd without mercedes tesla wasnt even able to build the first roadster LOL. Love your show but dont think you’re smarter than mercedes 🙂

  • As a mercedes fan boy, I appreciate the criticism. I don't fully agree with you, but you make some very good points.

    Also does this mean we're finally getting an UTS on M-B? Or even the 190 (w201) maybe? wink wink

    The story of the 91-92 DTM Rivalry between BMW and M-B makes a good episode of Pas Gas.

  • Fuck that bullshit! Gimme a V8 that's a car not those RC ass bullshit! Environnemently friendly??? With electricity from nuclear reactors yeah sure 🤮

  • Those retro style EV Mercs are really cool tho. I don't mind them launching them as limited run models to drum up hype for their other EVs.

  • Whoever came up with the design for the Simplex should be fired. Completely stupid and missed the mark. The silver arrow was pretty ridiculous in the best way possible and set the stage for them to follow up with a REAL car for market. But they fucked up hardcore with this stupid ass thing. Morons.

  • "Remove before flight" was on my fmf muffler plug…. Kinda made sense for a mx bike, dont quite understand for a car. Whatever tickles ur fancy tho

  • Still don’t think they’re blowing it. Pretty sure next year with all the new stipulations… supposedly being made to go slower… and all to make passing easier.

  • How about Sunoco, Shell, and all these fuel companies invest in production of BioFuels instead of Automakers investing in electric cars? I need my V8

  • Elon musk hung out with Epstein
    So is the cyber truck the new pedo van it's quite and has a completely enclosed bed.🤔🤔🤔
    Just saying

  • The future is hydrogen, the most abundant substance in the universe. I wish manufacturers would focus more on that frontier rather than joining the EV hype just to make a few sales. Also can you guys do an up to speed on ABARTH? Thanks

  • Electric cars still aren’t all that viable and the technology isn’t as good as it can be. Let Mercedes focus on what they do best, luxury and performance. They will develop their hybrid platform and then go electric.

  • theyve been on electric for a minute. SLS electric, b class, and even concept eqs coming soon.. not to mention the plugin hybrids they have available for almost every model

  • Grew up watching Top Gear, loving fast cars and motorcycles. And now that I'm old enough to start seriously considering buying my dream vehicles, everyone starts going electric 😭🙅👎

  • Juan Jose Peña Quevedo says:

    That is a stupid video.
    I can alredy feel all the people hating on my comment, but let me remind you that mercedes has been flirting with EV's for a while now, and the fact that they are going this serious into Electric vehicles is a clear indicator that they are still pioneers.
    Yes, tesla guys i can alredy hear you, and probably agree as well.
    But the simplex is just a salute to their history, and a publicity stunt to make EV's what they need to be in order to take the market. Cool machines.
    Don't forget about the maybach 6 concept. Or the sls EV.
    I think this is a stupid video because you are saying something that makes no sense.
    Mercedes builds things because they can. James has said it, and we all know it.
    Mercedes is a company that respects its heritage massively, and is always finding new ways to stay on top when it comes to making responsible choices for the future. They have an openly feminist policy because of theyr heritage. Because of bertha benz.
    Not saying they are perfect though.
    Call me a fanboy, but i deeply respect mercedes benz.
    And i think that the EQC is the best EV in the market alongside the model 3, and the BMW I3.
    If you took the time to read all of this, just comment respectfully. I would love to know your opinion.

  • TTR: World of Cars says:

    Man you guys really gotta do your research. EQC, EQS, Maybach Vision, and there's already all electric versions in production… Don't forget that Daimler was a huge part of Tesla's early days when the Model S was developed. That's why there's so many items pulled from the parts bin in the current Tesla models.

  • I thought you were going to talk about Mercedes' electronic brakes failing…. they blew that pretty badly… just because it CAN be electronic and software controlled doesn't mean it SHOULD.

  • PrettyMuchTheApexOfHumanEvolution says:

    I hate electric cars. Everyone's acting like they're gonna change everything. All while we have been talking about renewable energy for over a decade in Germany. Yet there are still coal-fired power plants and other completely unnecessary power generation methods, which could have been easily replaced by nuclear and renewable energy (while I do understand that radiation is also not beneficial for the planet, I'm pretty sure that atomic waste deep inside empty salt mines is going to be less of a concern, if done right).
    In 2018 around 42% of all greenhouse-gas emissions originate from electricity and heat production, while transportation (cars AND planes AND boats) was almost half that with 22%. Another HUGE part of global warming is industrial live stock farming. As much as I hate to say this as a friend of meat, it's not only morally questionable, but also extremely destructive for our planet. And let's face it. It's not the modern cars, even if they have V12s. If at all it's the old cars. Modern diesels literally blow out cleaner air (of course they still burn fuel so they still produce greenhouse-gasses, but the air itself is cleaner when it comes back out) than the air they sucked in for combustion, because it is filtered so much.
    This is something that annoys me soooo much. People always take a jab at the car. Our politicians always do the same every year: the people say they want to save the environment. The politicians make up some, for the most part completely unnecessary restrictions when it comes to cars and act like it's going to change everything. Of course nothing changes, because the real problems never get taken seriously. So the next time the people have enough time to cry for the environment, they do the same, make up new, completely unnecessary restrictions.
    I like to think of it as "small solutions for a huge problem". Back in 2009-10 there was a huge demand for renewable energy. Everyone supported it. A year later nobody cared anymore. 10 years later, the 2010 decade is about to end, and things that could have been changed multiple times over the last few years, were never changed. Because no one actually cares. It's so annoying, when you're talking to someone, and they either have no clue, outdated info etc., but they always act like they are saving the world single handedly on social media or in conversations. I'm sick of it. There are a huge amount of things that are extremely bad for the environment. But the main reason, the boogeyman of the co2 emission isn't the modern car.

    Of course, as a car guy, I'm biased somewhat. So if you think you could make me change my mind, please do try and leave your sources, so I can see for myself.

  • didnt they release the SLS as an all electric, in lime green, shown kicking an SLS black's ass on top gear in like 2014, whats this 2019 nonsense

  • Mercedes 2019: already an unreliable car brand

    Mercedes 2040: lets make shit even more unreliable by even shoving ELECTRIC motors in our cars 👎👎👎😂

  • Still think Ford messed up more with a electric suv piggy backing off the mustang name essentially ruining their electric line and most popular sports car.

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